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FreeLogoServices / online products and accessibility for service delivery

May 4, 2018

I went online to get business cards. I designed one, and thought I was buying cards. It turned out that after I put my credit card information, it quickly processed my order. Clearly, somehow, I got some vague "template". The problem started when I attempted to look up contact details for...

Computer Solutions / spam calls

May 3, 2018

This company has called me many many times, they are saying my computer is corrupting other computers and said I can fix it my self but want a fee. it is a live person not a robot. I have traced the number to Sprint carrier mcc 722 mnc 310 iso ar Argentina Republic country code...

Marcus Camper / steals refunds

Apr 30, 2018

Marcus CamperMarcus Camper and Elizabeth Cross, of and are cheating people out of their refunds. The two companies are afiliated with one another. People call or email and never hear back from the companies! One person has reached out to the state Attorney... / steals customer refunds

Apr 28, 2018 used to be Both companies have cheated me and my friends out of our refunds. We email or call but never get any answers. Marcus Camper and Elizabeth Cross won't return calls or emails. The Better Business Bureau gave them an F! They even use false... / refunds not returned!

Apr 28, 2018

RentBuyQuick.comFour of us are complaining about They have not returned our refunds! They have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, have 7 complaints against them, and aren't accredited with them! They became who breaks laws like using fake Social Security...

Suspended my account again after we talked just last week / Internet and phone

Apr 28, 2018

You suspended me again after we just talked last week but nope do it anyways right it even states on my account i'm on disability and can't walk very well so don't cut my phone off but nope do it anyways reconnect my internet and phone thank u so I can go home and finish talking to you...

City Walk of Tarlac City / wrong address was imputed on my parcel. it takes delayed

Apr 26, 2018

verry inconvinoent teller 3x na nag kamali sa location ng items ko .. waste of time and days .. expected time must be arrived but for the mistake of the teller it will be arrived delayed.. pinag mamalakihan pa ko na sagot nya handle fee .. customer pay for the right fee bakit parang...

Best Western Amsterdam Airport Hotel / no internet and double charge for taxes

Apr 26, 2018

I checked in on April 24, 2018 at 9.15 pm and was looking forward to going online and taking care of some critical business issues and also social media. After I checked in I attempted to use your Wifi which you advertised and I paid to use. I followed your instructions and after 10...

WKhohli / kindly come and collect your router

Apr 24, 2018

I do not have an access to the Internet, I called MWEB thinking that they gonna help me have an Internet on my computers and they promised me that their service was quick and easy. Only to find out that all what they said was a big lies last week on Wednesday on the 18th April 2018 they...

Joseph Riedel / mail delivery

Apr 21, 2018

Why is this happening to two of my groups This is happening to my [Humoroussoundsandanimations and Dodropin groups. this is the first time I had any problems with Yahoo. Please correct of fix rhis problem There was a temporary problem delivering your message to [protected]

Ibaset India Software Pvt Ltd / most notorious and unethical company in the world

Apr 21, 2018

This is most notorious company in ahmadabad. Where every employee treat as criminal. Because hr and indian director having same dirty mentality. They created very frustrated and dirty environment for just save their jobs. Recently they have created a concocted story that some from ibaset...

nextdoor Social media / new home owner

Apr 20, 2018

Tried to join next door 5 months ago. I live in a new neighborhood and the address can not be found by google or next door. I emailed nextdoor to explain the situation. I got a reference number and nothing else. After reading these complaints about what members are experiencing with...

Direct Placement LLC / seo and site advertising

Apr 9, 2018

They automaticlly signed me back up this year and charged me for a month of nothing!! None of my rankings changed They a re rip-off artists after free money. They say they are selling you keywords or phrases You actually get nothing more than your organic rankings You should be very... / another scammer that sells ebay accounts. stay away from this so called man! robs you and takes your money

Apr 5, 2018 is owned by Jordan James Snell and some of his business friends who help him scam customers. They are fraud I paid him $4200 for a unlimited eBay seller account with no limits and also a account. Since paying the money I have not heard a thing. I have phoned the...

KG Sounds / vendorlockhosting website issues

Apr 10, 2018

I have the website and I have placed PayPal codes on my website for orders and only the code will show not the button, I have submitted tickets to http://www.Vendorlockhosting to fix the problem and they will not answer. Their chat for support also does not work. I have...

Farmville / pay monthly direct debit for subscription, not receiving my 30 fv dollar for last 3 weeks.

Apr 2, 2018

I have been paying monthly subscriptions for years now, but for the past 3 weeks I have not been receiving my 30 FV MONEY, total of 90FV. I have tried re registering but it comes up that I am already registered, can this be resolved as soon as possible as I am disabled and this farmville...

Branch Sunway Carnival / bad service

Apr 2, 2018

I have tried to make a payment at maxis Sunway Carnival branch. I arrived at 6.05pm on 2nd April 2018. Then I'll be informed their server was down. Need to wait maybe until 7.00pm only can come to online. I just wondering how come a company who provide a 4G services don't have back up at all... / anonymous vpn scammers beware do not buy torguard vpn services

Mar 31, 2018 Ripp off vpn service beware Torguard scammers anonymous vpn scammers, proxy & anonymous proxy services scammers | torguard scammers Ripp off vpn service beware Torguard scammers anonymous vpn scammers, proxy & anonymous proxy services scammers |...

Internet On The Go / hotspot service

Mar 27, 2018

10/10/2017 and 2/5/2018 Internet on the Go overcharged me for internet usage. I bought a unit and some data in Oct 2017, started it up played with it for a short time 20 -30 minuets it quit working and it said I was out of data. I shut it off and put on shelf. about 4 months later I wa...

Coin Dozer / never receiving dozer dollars from downloading suggested apps to receive

Mar 22, 2018

Twice now I have downloaded suggested apps they promote for free Dozer coins or Dozer dollars the first time I never got my coins I made it to level five like they asked received nothing now this last time I did it for Dozer dollars supposed to receive 381 on the game pop slots you must... / social groups/meetups

Mar 22, 2018

This site is a rather strange one. It is supposed to be a place where people of like minds are brought together, ie certain types of music, walking groups and things like that. After trying it, i found that these groups were being abused by people who had no common ground and were trying...

Josh Black Agency / done for you shopify service

Mar 22, 2018

57 Frogmore Street NP7 5AT [protected] I purchased a Done For You Shopify service offered by Josh Black Agency. This was on November 7th last year. This service was to build the store, provide an online course, which I do have but it is not good. The store was to have a custom theme...

Talk Fair, Now Ice. Comms / phone & broadband service for a business

Mar 21, 2018

I was talked into signing for a phone and broadband service who are now known as ice.comms. First they said they were part of BT which they are not!, I was tricked out of staying with BT. I never had any working Internet which as a business is not good. After numerous phone calls and them...

Mindy Krejci / way too nice a person

Mar 21, 2018

Mindy KrejciMindy Krejci, aka Melinda P Krejci, is way too nice a lady to be doing business with a scam artist like Randi Dorante and her scam company, American Cosigners. She is too polite, too kind, too patient, and too giving to work with people who are planning to cheat her out of her $2296.00...

Posting / this site

Mar 19, 2018

This site anyone mad about anything post item without who they are so a lie can be told and left here. Someone is going to get in trouble over letting such things go unchecked since there is address and full names. So when people throw rocks break windows and attack people family and kid...

TE-Data / pathetic internet services

Mar 14, 2018

We have used TE Data in more than one capacity; as hardware suppliers and as ISP. They do stink in both capacities. The fact that TE Data is given a monopoly of Internet connections in Egypt is a disgrace. And it is the Ministry of Telecommunications that is allowing this to happen. And...

Luna Mods / scam

Mar 8, 2018

I paid 40$ to get a modded GTA account, I never got an email with any instructions and so I tried contacting his discord to ask for help, no answer, I can get a refund cause my uncle works for Amazon pay, along with that I'm going to have his Amazon pay account banned thanks to my uncle, I...

Buy Adsense Account / website traffic plan

Mar 8, 2018

Buy Adsense AccountCaution: reminder for everyone who like to buy service from this guy, this seller is a scammer, after you've make the payment to him, he never give you any service, you have to wait for long time to get his feedback, he will gives you many reason like his father died, mother died..., no...

The Digital Agenda / website development

Mar 7, 2018

Buyer beware, Richard (Rick) Gravine is a THIEF he stole $3000.00 from us, we hired him to duplicate our vendors website he quoted us $4500.00 the Contract was signed Jan 29, 2017 and he said it would take 4 months that it would be finished by May 29, 2017 we paid him $3000.00 in advance...

Ineffective Customer Service and Slow Plan Installation / plan 1299

Mar 5, 2018

Dear PLDT management, Please kindly train your senior staff at PLDT Gapan branch. I applied for a DSL account last January 2018 and up until now they were not able to install. What makes me upset is that I came to this branch for follow-up countless of times and I'm getting too many...

Sky Plan (One Sky Internet Plan 1599) / internet connection

Feb 28, 2018

Good Afternoon, I would like to complain about our lost internet connection. We are paying 1599 per month for the internet and cable. The Cable is working fine but the internet keeps on loosing it's connection. It gets loss when it rains, this one's understandable since there is an excuse... / unauthorized pop ups

Feb 27, 2018

Jennyperuzen.comI want the unauthorized pop ups from a google supported survey and advertisement and solicitation to purchase TO STOP IMMEDIATELY!!! This company called pops up while I'm on the internet and licks up my phone to where I have to completely shut down my phone. It promise...

Telkom Secunda / service

Feb 23, 2018

ADSL September 2017 I applied for an adsl line. I received an sms a few weeks later I have to pay the deposit. I payd the deposit 13th of October 2017. Up untill the 22nd of December 2017 and numerous of phone calls to the call centre I still had no installation. So I cancelled the line on...

Moumita / refunds

Feb 20, 2018

This is about a company called Moumita at There is a balance on my account with them for $559 US. It has been there since March 2017. They refuse to pay me the balance even though I told them I am not interested in their website traffic services anymore. Their... / george groves boxing match live stream £16.95 and unwatchable

Feb 20, 2018

Hi there I'm here to warn others not to pay for any streaming services from On Saturday night I ordered the George Groves fight at £16.95 and couldn't watch it due to a black screen and constant buffering on my iPad. It ruined my night I will never waste money with these...

BLS*RMG18888443886 / suscripción desconocida

Feb 16, 2018

Solicito tomen nota de la cancelación del servicio que mantengo actualmente con ustedes. Aprovecho para comunicarles que ya he dado orden de suspensión de pago de sus cuotas. Quedo a la espera de su confirmación para la cancelación de este servicio. Gracias, un saludo. Please cancel my... — Peeps eyeglass cleaners / no status update on items ordered not received and no tracking#/no responses to emails or phone calls

Feb 9, 2018

On 02-5-18 I ordered some Peeps eyeglass cleaners from This company/product was featured on your website — under a "sponsored" article, with the caption stating something about gifts for techies. My order on 02-5-18 was for three eyeglass cleaners for approximately $42.88...

Crypto Moneymaker / they won't stop calling you

Feb 9, 2018

This company is nothing, but a scam! Beware of them and never register your real phone number on their website. This [censor] won't stop calling you. It seems like the guy on the phone is drunk or high, sounds like a Russian. Looks like the only solution to the problem is to blacklist...

Dudley MBC / confetti pop lol dolls

Feb 8, 2018

Dudley MBCI ordered some confetti pop lol doll and they came the other day. My daughter has just opened one and i'm so cross. She has series 2 inside what looked like a series 3 ball. There was no confetti and the doll is half black and half white. She is so upset and so am i. This is supposed to be...

Perry Bakst Lying Fraud Thief / marketing services

Feb 6, 2018

Perry Bakst Lying Fraud ThiefPerry Bakst is a slimy salesperson who claims to have worked for Google but the joke is that he knows nothing about computers and only has a Google Adwords certification from the early 2000s. This guy is a total and complete [censor]. Do not ever trust one word he says. Perry Bakst...