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Internet Services Complaints | Page 2

Gameloft / march of empires

Scott Croly on May 19, 2018

GameloftScott Croly = player name IP*MAN* -Realm 158 - 15877389 (ticket number) please help me sort this issue, this is my lvl 28 account on march of empires. when i re installed after a service issue i was taken to a lvl 1 castle that opens up when i try to play MOE, i have previously asked MOE...

Shaw Communications / pricing

jimmyidesk on May 19, 2018

First CSR: Currently paying $133.00 including taxes and contract expired in two months so I thought I do something, I phoned CSR and after speaking her for almost an hour and I thought she is helping me so I am extra patient but she came back with a quote of $188.00, more instead of le...

Digi Telecommunications / complaint about your staff attitude

fiqhz on May 19, 2018

Hi there, As per subject hope you can take an action! I come to your centre in bukit bintang at 12:25PM 19/05/2018 and this is my walk-in details to your store at bukit bintang (Digi Store Bukit Bintang. Ticket no. 2001. We are ready to serve you now. Please proceed to table 1.) Your staff wa... / cyberbullying

HG2 on May 18, 2018

Read this guys posts! 350 words? So if I dont put 350 words on here have you looked at this guy trolling your complaint site? He is a cyberbully and needs ip banned.. I really think you should look into people like this.. or are you using him to get traffic from the comedy? Seriously look...

AVG Technologies / avg

Barry Long on May 18, 2018

On 17 May 2018 I received a notice from my bank of a payment to your group (AVG eCommerce CY Ltd) of $53.99. I have no idea what this is for and as I am no longer using AVG I feel that it should not have been made. I do not recall making a Direct Debit with your company - it certainly i...

Ticketmaster / I want a solution to the problem

Italo Andrade on May 18, 2018

TicketmasterI bought an early ticket for the sector of 208 S lines for $ 258.00 order 751791LA1 as it was the last master ticket in the industry, and now just a few days before the show the ticket offers several tickets from sector 208 and 209 with best seats for a price of $ 230.00 with the rate...

Just Answer / unethical behavior

Norman Huffmaster on May 18, 2018

I was working with one of your techs trying to solve an email problem I had that suddenly happened. The tech's name on the discussion sheet is Uranmail. It became obvious to me that he couldn't solve my problem and at the end of the discussion he came back with a very unethical response...

Hughes Network Systems / hughesnet service

Grtmklein on May 18, 2018

I have had Hughesnet for at least two years now and every month I "run out of data", and when I do I call to complain. when I call I am told that my system is running fine, they see no problems. I have no internet option except my week cellphone signal, which is also quite inconsistent...

Wonderbra / wonderbra appalling customer service. unable to contact to find out where my refund is!

G_86 on May 18, 2018

I have sent 3 emails and spent over a week calling the contact number for wonderbra that is completely useless-no one answers and it just cuts you off. I returned my parcels recorded delivery over 1 week ago yet no money has been refunded to me. The order total is £84! Order number WU0084900...

Couchsurfing International / couchsurfing's flawed reference system

jimdownunder on May 17, 2018

Couchsurfing has a seriously flawed reference system. The website says guests/hosts have 14 days to provide feedback, yet even after this time period has elapsed, the other user can post retaliatory negative feedback after seeing an honest negative feedback. How can the site expect people...

Globe Telecom / internet

Nyvel Heartnet on May 17, 2018

Nakakainis lang kase i am supposed to have 3days unlimited all day internet. Just for clarification, hindi ito Gosurf 50. 1st day lang nagamit ng matino. Nakakainis lang pagdating ng 2nd day wala ng internet. Para lang akong nagpaload for go surf 50. I loaded 100pesos. And i didn't even...

Tapjoy / rewards

Littlegem1512 on May 17, 2018

I'm playing cooking dash & I did the final fantasy reward to receive gold, I completed the task. I opened up a case as I didn't receive gold. They asked for proof so I sent screenshots, they then marked it as resolved but it was still held in the 'not rewarded' section & I still did not...

Telkom SA SOC / installation and moving of line

francois8609 on May 17, 2018

We phoned on 16 April 2018 and notify that we are moving and request that the line must be moved to our new premises. we were told that this will take an estimate of 3 weeks for them to arrange the installation. At the time we were ok with it as we only moved on the 26th. They did hesitate...

Hughes Network Systems / internet

aspence1967 on May 17, 2018

My first call to technical support was on May 9, 2018. They had me troubleshoot the problem with slow internet over the phone. The conclusion was that an engineer would have to call me back within 24 hours. I never received that call. I was given a case # of 112306122. When I called back...

Telkom / line installation

Gr on May 17, 2018

TelkomGood day. A technician contacted me for the line installation last week Friday he come out to do the installation but after he cut the wires he said that he needs to go and fetch wire to do the installation first question how do you go and do a installation and you don't bring everything with to do...

Cogeco Hamilton / install of cable internet

Sbeduk on May 17, 2018

We have an appointment for install of cable and internet yesterday between 5-8. We have email confirmation. When they didn't come by 8 I called number provided in email, only to wait one hour for someone to answer. When they picked up finally the last indicated that their system shuts down...

Digi Telecommunications / poor connection

Nashriq Musa on May 16, 2018

When i am using internet for social media by day, its looks fine.but when by night, 8 o clock and above.the internet connection very poor. Infact is, i cant use my phone because of the internet cant be use at all. What is the purpose to subscribe internet for the month and just end up can...

Pandaje Group / fraud payment gateway

Ariina on May 16, 2018

Those who are looking to work with Pandaje Group I am warning you. I took payment gateway from them they never pay out and if you sales your target will increase by them until you reach that target, your payment will never release. never ever trust this fraud company. They still have to...

Afrihost / cancellation of service

E-dakkie on May 15, 2018

Afrihost sent me a modem after a 2 week delay, knowingly that there is no service in my area. More than 80 emails later I returned the modem in person. They refunded me. The debit order is still not cancelled and its an issue every month. They dont answer emails or respond to queries. Just a...

Hughes Network Systems / satellite internet service cancellation due to the service not working

Bts4242 on May 15, 2018

Hi, I am emailing you to help me resolve a very serious issue. As you can see below, the service that was installed less than 3 months ago is still not working causing me to cancel the service. I have called since day 1 and weekly thereafter trying to get the service to work. I have spent...