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Jumeirah / wrong information

Feb 20, 2019

JumeirahYour skyscanner website has been showing ticket from Istanbul sabiha to Bishkek on 10th June 2019 at 21.05, I bought all other tickets which is matching for that time, but when we went to agencies to buy by cash same ticket there was only 20. 20. We've been in 6 agencies nobody could find...

Mobilink 3G/4G / mobilink 4g

Feb 20, 2019

from;[sarai naurang lakki marwat kpk] sir! idhar baghair bijle ke 4g on nahi karte halanke idhar 4g available hai lekin baghair bijle ke 4g available nahi hoti ye masla shuru se hai network mai kharabi ki koi baat nahi hai please aap jald az jald in ke khilaf action lain aur kuch maloomat...

TSOHOST/Paragon Internet Group / not honoring my website also changing what I purchased

Feb 19, 2019

TSOHOST/Paragon Internet GroupOn the 8/8/2018 I purchased a website on ebay it was purchased for our bird club for me to build a website for us I have built a few of theys before I currently have 1 going for myself. So I know what I am buying on the 8/09/2018 I went to register it there was lots of problems so I had to...

Together Network Holdings Ltd / dating service

Feb 6, 2019

I never knowingly signed up to or started an account with this service. On at least 2 occasions I have attempted to cancel the constant bombardment from "Milfy" or "Milfberries", with accompanying requests to open an account. I am using the complaints option in order to bring thi... / scammers, cons, false "academics"

Feb 3, 2019

Lumen is a Cambridge/MA based phony SCAM group of Internet TROLLS who hope to generate and amplify a business that no one understands what is about. They cooperate with the most evil and criminal enterprise in the universe (Google Inc) and destroy lives, destinies, by publishing fake court... / suspected scam site

Jan 31, 2019

This is a relatively new people search site. I found it through a pop-up ad. Since I abhor such sites that post one's personal info without prior knowledge or consent, I gave it a look. They have me both related to and confused with somebody who has a similar name, but whom I have never...

1an1/ionos / they suspended our account with no reason.

Jan 16, 2019

1an1/ionosAlmost a year ago, we transferred 2 of our domains and hosting to this 'great' company. To validate our identity, they asked us to send our national ID and credit card pictures. We sent them.They verified our account and our site has been launched. A while later, we began to have an awful...

Ganesh Kunapareddy / website not complete extortion

Jan 15, 2019

Hello I hired the Scumbag Ganesh Kunapareddy 5 years ago. I had him do several websites for me and I thought he had potential. The problem with Ganesh is he never quite finishes a website. He can get it to about 80% the way you want then comes up with all of these excuses why it can't be...

PCH Publishing House and or Walmart vRd / online link purchases

Jan 10, 2019

PCH Publishing House and or Walmart vRdHello Usa rewards dividion, I have continoudly filled out survey information, to never access the completion. This time I stayed the process and the application eould not allow me to complete. I have purchased videos, access and account and belueve I was finished. Your link did not link the...

Energy Smart / not paying for invoices

Jan 4, 2019

Energy SmartJarrad Van De Laarschot From Energy Smart scammed me over $20.000 Used to push traffic for him and got invoices up to $20.000+ Lost count after multiple failed promises. It goes back to 6 months when i sent tons of traffic where he agreed to pay, and then problems started, Multiple failed one...

Dreal / certificats de conformités

Jan 4, 2019

Bonjour, Afin de pouvoir immatriculer un véhicule d'occasion en France, j'ai fait une demande de certificat Européen (coc) au près de la société "DREAL", pour un somme de 175€ à la date du 07 Décembre 2018. Il s'avère que le document que j'ai reçu de la part de cette société est un faux...

WOW Internet/Cable/Phone / internet/cable

Dec 21, 2018

I started a two year contract for internet and cable. I was told that the price was locked in for two years and that I would have to keep their services for two years. After one year they raised the price. This was a phone sale and I was told this repeatedly by the salesman. When I complained...

Xuemin Jin and Li Yuan / software developers

Dec 18, 2018

Be wary of software developers using well known sites such as Upwork and similar forums by the names of Xuemin Jin and Li Yuan. Other names they use are - Xuemin Jin Xuemin Jin Li Yuan Christopher Li Chris Email addresses are - [protected] z.[protected] They use PayPal to receive funds to... / online established scammer

Dec 17, 2018 since changed name from They have many scam websites online for sale offering fake sales records. The guy behind this is a criminal. The statements are untrue. Here are some of the websites they are trying to peddle for...

Tammy Thompson / internet service billing

Dec 7, 2018

I am writing you because I am a very upset customer. I filed bankruptcy but not on Hughes net I kept my internet service. I have a case number but they cut me off any way after I received the letter. I called to keep my service instead of having I suspended. I got one customer rep and a...

Conceptol / e-commerce

Nov 30, 2018

Well, we have given a project to time, however, turns not out not at all worthy, they are too shabby...everytime you go with a request they have their excuses ready... At times they are very annoying..project execution is extremely poor.. We have paid in advance not got delivery even 60...

Desjardins Insurance / fibre optics tv & internet

Nov 26, 2018

I was told that my services would provide me with TV programming more geared to my likes my watching preferences and that the internet service would be fiber optics that are much faster. That the new building I live at was built with the fiber optics service availability. Bell set up a date...

Premium Techie Support / internet services and antivirus software

Nov 20, 2018

On Oct 12, 2018 I was having issues with my printer. While online with HP, a box popped up to help me. I thought it was HP support. It turned out it was Premuim Techie Support. They said I had several issues with my computer and they could help. They charged a fee of $499. to put on an... / online downloading service

Nov 14, 2018

I was looking for a book online and I got directed to Mediabridge to download the content I needed and they offered a free trial. I signed up for a free trial not knowing that they would charge me 50 dollars every month until I discovered a charge on my bank statement in...

USA Rewards Spot / offered 1000 amazon gift card - paying for nothing received

Nov 10, 2018

USA Rewards SpotThis advertisement came up through the Drudge Report website and has I would scrilll back from one headline it would automatically connect to amazon website site, possibly not the same but within seconds it promoted me to complete questions and survey of things like America having average... / birth certificate

Nov 8, 2018

Was trying to help a friend that had revived string of 9 repetitive emails, first indicating that this company had received all necessary information and was processing application, then would ask again for same notarized form to be sent via email or fax. After sending as as attachment...

USA Reward Spot / $1000 visa

Nov 7, 2018

I was sent a text to get $1000 visa card from usa reward spot, just fill out survey and free gifts. I did survey and purchased the I can read book club, a credit report company, graze food snacks and highlights puzzle. I kept getting messages to try one more gift. I sent an email to...

Horizon Advertising and Email Lists / mass email list service

Oct 31, 2018, a seller of mass email lists of personal consumer email addresses appears very likely to be is internet scam, please see the evidence below and investigate this organization. * I purchased an idaho state list of 353, 813 consumer email addresses. After sending the first...

Your Mailing List Provider / urgent missing accounts

Oct 29, 2018

Hello, I have sent numerous emails and tickets in to try to retrieve these lost accounts. Some were paying ones that just disappeared. I have had no responses to the last requests I have made. This is one of the best email campaign companies, easy to use, reasonably priced, but it is all...

Webtracker / webtracking

Oct 26, 2018

I have come across this name in emails, when I am able to get into my emails forr literally a second or two. I have no clue how what or who has been spying on me and my own accounts! It has been driving me crazy for sometime now and have been unsuccessful in getting google, yahoo, or...

Rankingbyseo Review Scam / inerent seo scam

Oct 26, 2018

Rankingbyseo is a scam. Rankingbyseo is owned and operated by Ethane technologies. This company along with other is owned by Lalit Sharma. Lalit Sharma is a fraud and will threaten you if you and your business. Saurabh Sharma also works for rankingbyseo. Upon doing research on Ethane Web...

Hulu / Walt Disney Company / online streaming

Oct 24, 2018

I signed up for a free months internet steaming from Hulu. I had to give them my credit card. Right away someone at Hulu tried to buy over $5000. worth of airline tickets from Emirates Airlines. I contacted Hulu and they could care less and refused to investigate. I contacted my bank and...

LTE / download speed worse than adsl

Oct 22, 2018

Router was delivered 15/10/2018 after being convinced by salesperson the LTE deal was far better than the ADSL service I had. He also stated I use far less data than with the ADSL service, for that reason I decided to go for this deal. From the start the download speed is terrible. Within... / plastic surgery donation site

Oct 21, 2018

Scam site. After posting my ad, I was immediately harassed by an obvious scammer trying to bilk me out of hundreds of dollars. I contacted this site repeatedly thinking they might want to know about the shady element present on their site and they ignored me. Customer service i...

Entertainment Networks Incorporated / tampa florida

Oct 21, 2018

I was treated like hell by many of its employees and they wonder they don't exist anymore when you don't listen things happen. They existed between [protected]. Specifically one employee named ronnie and also another named mike and one of the coowners just complained to me about me what a...

British American Tobacco / service inquiry

Oct 12, 2018

Dear Sir, I have sit for the online exam step 2 and passed as Operations Communication Officer, 3245 in Bangladesh. But sorry to say that they have not yet contact with me for any telephone interview since it passed 1 and half month from now. Could you please suggest me what to do? Thank...

East (Shenzhen) Technology CO. / batteries

Oct 8, 2018

Finally get a response from company rep!!! Took 2 weeks to receive it. Wanted 3stack pack ag3 batteries. Text message showed 951 number, which showed as 2 different dog breeders in nc, tx and ny??!!! When googled showed up in CA. When i called the number, an oriental speaking man answered...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company / slow internet speed

Oct 4, 2018

It's been weeks since Typhoon Ompong but still our internet didn't improve a bit. We've been compromising that if it's raining, then the net speed is slow. We've been compromising all this time but it's not even raining and yet the speed we got here at home doesn't even reach half of the...

WYL Complete Save UK / savings membership

Oct 3, 2018

I bought a rail ticket and unfortunately ticked a box for "saving on rail tickets". It seems having ticked the box for any savings it authorises this company access to you card details. They then start taking a payment each month. Unfortunately for me I hadn't noticed and they...

DSL Extreme / internet

Sep 29, 2018

I called to renew my contract, the customer service asked me if you upgrade you will have double speed just for paying $5 more. I repeated only $5? Yes "the agent said". Next month I was charged $17 more when I called they gave more explanation like taxes and other charges. Do they charge tax...

Dawn Duncan Artist / boost unlimited data and phone family plan

Sep 14, 2018

Hi. We had a storm here in Central Michigan which apparently damaged one of the cell towers your company rents. I am sitting on a metal rail, by a highway in order to have service to write this. It has been since Sept. 2nd. Today is the 14th. I have been completely without service in my...

Zeta Global / Disqus / chat platform

Sep 13, 2018

Disqus ignores problems with its channel site. Disqus has delisted channels for personal reasons even the channel owner has not violated ToS. Disqus employees have taken sides in personal disputes between Disqus users. Disqus has ignored valid complaints concerning their channel site. A...

تي اي داتا / طلب تعويض

Sep 12, 2018

كان في مشكلة عندي في النت من يوم 2/7 بخصوص سرعة النت ودة رقم الشكوى [protected] وبعد محاولات مع الشركة عشان حد يشوفلي المشكلة دي وبعد مكالمات ملهاش عدد جالي حد من السنترال قالي أن الحرارة عندك مقطوعة من بوم 26/7 لحد 14/8 قسم الأعطال حل الشكوى بعد المدة دي ودة رقم الشكوى [protected] وبعد كدة تم التواصل معايا...

KESCO Kanpur / up bill deposit; internet payment system

Sep 12, 2018

Dear sir, This is to inform you that on 11/09/2018 a have deposited a bill of RS. 28038/- to KESCO Kanpur through SBI debit card. The debit card is in the name of Divya Tripathi. Her account had been debited with RS. 28038/- immediately and the bill is still outstanding. The message received...

Sachs Solutions / software and internet problems

Sep 8, 2018

BEWARE of this company!!! They are the worst! Don't have anything to do with them. They're a rip-off! If you've dealt with them, then you'd know this. If you signed a contract with them every time you have a problem they'll fix it, but not before insisting on MORE money! If you' have...