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Dear Customers and Prospects, If you wish to register a domain name or book web space online - DON'T GO TO SPACE2LET.COM. Here is an account of my emotional trauma at the hands of these online cons. I am the domain contact for a website registered with

Wildblue / WildBlue software corrupted my new $1600.00 computer!


After a couple of weeks with Wildblue my computer kept crashing. Tech. (non)supt. suggested my computer was too slow, so I ordered a new Dell XPS710. Their tech came out and loaded all the software on for me and couldn't get it to work....said my computer was busy downloading new... / Complex cancellation procedure designed to steal money from customers

Co is an online Internet service provider which has a complex cancellation procedure designed to steal money from customers. To cancel one must call to receive a special number which cannot be used because the website does not allow logins.

Aqua Guard / No maintenance for Hi Flo water purifier


Our company has purchased a Aqua Guard Hi Flo water purifier On 16/1/2006 from Your Cochin agency (Door No. 43/2268 SRM Road, Ernakulam). The system has developed some problem and not working properly for last so many days. When contacted the supplier, for one reason or other he i...

eGold / Money disappeared from my eGold account


Good day, yesterday I was checking my egold account and was surprised at what I saw: I had almost 200 ounces of gold (USD 100,177.90). I never had so much money, (I only had USD177.90 in my account at he time of this transaction) I don’t know how did they get there. I clicked on...

IrCQNet / Ignored by representatives


A copy of letter to IrCQNet: Dear ICQ. I am emailing you to complain about the current state of your IRC servers ( This complaint has been triggered due to the mounting over kill on security placed on your server, which is now, more then ever, simple affecting users getting... / Internet SW & Digital Media


Like many other unsuspecting consumers posting complaints on this site about I registered for a one time IQ valuation service last July. Being extremely busy I do not check my credit card statements as often as I should. To my disgust I found out today that they have been...

Innovative Minds / Do not provide service they promise


For several years, this web hosting company has hosted my website. I am a loyal customer when not cheated. But this company cannot keep my site "up" for more than a few days at a time. It has been several months now since my website worked. In fact, even the company's site...

SkyView / Running away with excuses and ignoring customers


I am based in Bhubaneswar. I have taken a broadband 24hr connection from an ISP called SKYVIEW They are shutting down my services everynight besides my emails to all key persons in that organisation , i have no response from them I have enclosed a copy of emails below Regards, Sumeet I...

Surplus Alert / These people are scam ###!


Surplus, funny they have the word alert in there name, everyone should be alerted these people are scam ###, they are robbing me of 29.95 a month for nothing! Beware!

Optusnet / Dial-up Internet service


This is a copy of an email I sent to Optus which is supposed to be a reputable Australian telecommunications business. I followed the instructions for complaints on their website which was to send this email to the Optus support team to which I received an return email to contact them via...

Sisna DSL / Service and billing


I have had DSL Service for over a year with Sisna DSL. The actual DSL Service was pretty good, but I found another DSL ISP for much cheaper. I called Sisna DSL to inquire about canceling service and that I was going to cancel service when I fulfilled my 1 year obligation. They gave me the...

Internet Speedway and Auction Advisor / Both have poor business practices


I purchased Internet Speedway in the spring of 2005 and began actively working on my website in July of 2005. By the fall of 2005, I was selling a few items on EBay using the AuctionBlast feature that comes with the Internet Speedway software. At that point, I was happy with the software...