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Croma / Expressing deep unsatisfication over Croma service

Jan 05, 2015

With this I want to express my deepest anger over the way Croma has treated me .Background is I purchased Croma refridgerator with extended warrenty .Now when I still have 2 years of warrenty cover with me, My fridge developed some serious technical faults .On 22 Dec 2014, I lodged a... / Scam and Ripoff

Dec 31, 2014

Company operates under and I received a quote for two iPhones which I was interested in selling to them. iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5. The quote totaled $296.00. After two weeks or so the bottom line price they emailed to me was $15.00 and $16.00. I replied...

Phone Ipad Trade Co Ltc / No delivery and fake promises about order

Dec 27, 2014

I ordered iPad from the company Phone Ipad Trade Co Ltc. I didn’t get any confirmation info, so I went to their website and sent several emails. I asked about the order and the rep replied. He provided the tracking number. I checked it, and it was shown that the order was sent. After... / Tricky seller

Dec 25, 2014

I ordered from this guy four times...mainly because he carries some things that are hard to find in the US and at reasonable prices (cheaper than EBAY). One of the seller's tricks is to leave items out of your order on purpose. If you order 4 items, he'll ship 2 items to you or... / Description of the product doesn't match with the product in reality at all

Dec 24, 2014

I bought laptop from the scamming company I got completely different laptop. Everything: size, memory and functions were completely different as it was mentioned in the description on the website. I argued with the seller, but this jerk refused to change the order... / Deceptive Marketing

Dec 17, 2014

I sold an item on ebay and tried to drop ship. Don't do business with them. Address Verification doesn't work(you can get your address verified). You cannot change your shipping address at checkout and the website says free drop shipping. That's a lie. They tell you to go to... / Order on Hold

Dec 11, 2014

BE CAREFUL On Nov 28 2014 I purchase thru PAYPAL an order for $145.00Us of different items, they put my order on hold for 3 days, left message on their board TO ship the order to my shipping address or Cancel the order but they didnt answer for a day, THEN I told them I will open a...

Easy T Printer / I heard only blah-blah from this company

Dec 11, 2014

I purchased printer from the company Easy T Printer. I paid them money and after that the trash started. I was listening for their promises within several weeks. I was sick of them, but these jerks didn’t return my money and again and again they provided promises that they would send... / Bait & Switch crooks

Dec 10, 2014

This company advertizes TV at discounted prices. I was told that the TV I purchassed did not come with essental equipment because it was a "comercial unit". The advertisement was for the same part number that is commonly found in stores but that I would have to pay a $350.00 upgrade to get...

Dish To Home / Star plus network abandon and takes full payment

Dec 08, 2014

Dear concern authorities please take action on such type of cable operators we pay them for full Chanel's bit receive few only and now from last a week there star plus all activities are abandon when ever we contact them they say it will take 2-3 days so please ask them to benefit the consumers

intel xolo / Touch screen for xolo 900

Dec 05, 2014

Dear Gentlemen, In regards to buy a touch screen - I had made 100% online payment of Rs. 1834/- to shopperclue( phone no. +[protected] for Original Digitizer touch screen of Xolo 900 mobile on 03/11/2014, the payment was done through Axis Bank online-the...

Radar.Remote /Customer / Undelivered Merchandise

Dec 03, 2014

Purchased 4 Radar Remote Sets of Deluxe w/longer range units... Paid Total $170.48 on June 24, 2014. Had received message of a delay in shipping, but now cannot contact company... I have an order number and confirmation number for this purchase. Customer Status . com used to show an order...

LED TVs / Smart Phones / Laptops / Scammer

Dec 01, 2014

We ordered and paid for some products that came from an inquiry on Global Source. Their website shows fake Samsung, Apple and other logo and claimed to be authorized reseller. After selecting and arranging for the products, everything fell apart. How did we start to know it was a scam? Hint #1...

Linon Home Décor Products Inc / I got defective desk and seller turned to be liar

Nov 29, 2014

I bought laptop desk from the company Linon Home Décor Products Inc, but it arrived defective. I decided to change it and contacted the customer services. The rep agreed and asked to prepare the defective one. He told me that the courier would come with the new desk and would take... / Horrible services and no delivery – avoid them

Nov 16, 2014

I bought memory cards from the company It was horrible experience, ‘coz the seller provided fake tracking number. When I found out about it, the seller told me that he would change it, but he did nothing. It was simply lie and nothing more. I told him to provide...

Shenzhen Vivi Technology Limited / No info about order

Nov 15, 2014

Don’t trust and deal with the seller from the company Shenzhen Vivi Technology Limited. I paid money for the laptop and the rep provided the wrong info. When I found out about it, I contacted her again and asked to tell me about the order. She started to diddle-dalddle and... / late delivery

Nov 13, 2014

Ordered product on 11/10/14 and paid $78.72 for 2 day delivery. Salesperson assured would ship same day or next, in time for product install on Friday AM. Product was not shipped till 11/13 and arrives 11/14. Called company to ask for refund for 2 day shipping which I did not get. Wa... / ONLINE PURCHASE SCAM

Nov 13, 2014

DBGadgetstore.comOnline shopping crimes should also be treated as House break-ins or Cyber Terrorists and should be pursued under criminal law jurisdiction than under as civil law jurisdiction. I’m a victim of the Online retailer ( and lost SGD900/- hard earned money easily... / No support and I got the damaged laptop

Nov 10, 2014

I bought laptop for my job from the website The rep told me that they were the best and promised support and warranty. Everything seemed to be really good, but these ### provided the damaged laptop and I started to cal them, but these ### only promised to help me...

Laptop - Ac - Adapters. Co. Uk / Seller lied and stopped to reply

Nov 09, 2014

I ordered laptop adapter from the website I got the confirmation email from the seller, but it was total crap. After that the seller told me to wait 3 weeks, but after this time, I got completely nothing from the seller. Also he ignored all my emails and I got... / Problems with the delivery

Nov 09, 2014

I don’t advise you to buy from the website I placed the order 2 months ago, but these jerks still haven’t delivered my order. They charged me within couple of minutes, but after that no info, no communication and they delivered nothing. I wonder if... / Seller fooled me and told that my order was unavailable

Nov 09, 2014

I ordered battery for my laptop from the website. On the next day, I got email from the rep, and he told me that the order was unavailable. He advised me to buy another battery, which was similar, but the price was a little bit higher. I agreed and paid the necessary sum. After that the... / Fails to return calls, sells faulty goods

Nov 04, 2014

seLLCalculators.comThey are associated with Cash4Calcs and Justin Supak, they have a bad reputation, sold us a calc that had a bad charging pack, it will not hold a charge or take a charge. Will not return calls or respond. Same person as for cash4calcs in complaints there. AVOID THESE PEOPLE. And THIS COMPANY! You will be better off.

Yiwu Reasons Electronics Co / The seller got my money and vanished somewhere

Oct 27, 2014

Scam, scam, scam. I ordered smartphone from the company Yiwu Reasons Electronics Co Ltd. I spoke with the rep, who provided all necessary info, but after this ### got my payment through Western Union, he stopped to communicate. I have no idea how to reach this jerk, but I want to get my... / Seller ignores me and hasn't provided refund

Oct 27, 2014

I bought sewing machine from the website I placed order on October, 5th. After 4 days I got the email and it was mentioned that my order was out of stock. I immediately asked to return money back, but the seller suddenly stopped to reply. I have no idea what to do now... / The rep asked to pay more, but I have already paid the whole sum

Oct 19, 2014

I bought phone from the website I paid the last payment 2 weeks ago, but the rep recently informed me that I owed them about $200. I have no idea how it was possible. I sent them the proof from my bank, but the rep continued to send me fake emails and asked for money... / They didn't provide full order and services were the worst

Oct 18, 2014

I bought laptop and digital camera from the company I wasn’t happy with the provided services, ‘coz these jerks took money and delivered only laptop. I waited one week more, but I haven’t received ordered camera. Ok, I called to the customer services and...

Exide SF Sonic third class battries / Exide SF Sonic third class battries

Oct 03, 2014

Hi All, Just to update you that there is third class Battery in market, that is Exide SF Sonic. These both are different companies. Don’t be fool to Purchase the Exide SF Sonic battery because both companies are different and cheating to customers. SF Sonic is third class battery and...

Shenzhen Youjia Electronic Co., Ltd. / no delivery

Sep 29, 2014

We have ordered 70 pieces of EKEN A90 9.7'' tablet PC. We have sent fee via WesternUnion, however, they jus only explain; ''the customs are strict, we have sent them by another cargo firm.'' In addition to this, the tracking numbers that they have given alway...

WI-FI Touchscreen Prog Thermostat / Rude Tec support ( Men Mostly )

Sep 26, 2014

These Tec support people try to rush you and they get upset when you cannot do things fast enough. You try to explain to them and they do not want to here it. You try to tell them that they have to slow down but they interrupt you and get very sarcastic. This company is Honeywell WI-FI help to connect your thermostat .

Stoamigo / Cloudlocker - Software

Sep 24, 2014

StoamigoThis is a real scam. You sign up for a free service then are railroaded into buying a cheesy storage bay that never works with the supposedly free software. Once you complain about it they block your access then steal all of your files. They aren't even being held hostage they just...

Digital Outlet / Never shipped merchandise

Sep 22, 2014

I ordered online a Go Pro. The company sent me multiple e-mails and spoke to me on several occasions after I called them. First, although the site said it accepted American Express, I learned that they had not shipped the product because they would no longer accept American Express. The...

Shenzhen Linke Electronics Co / Company is scam and they only want your money

Sep 21, 2014

People, be careful and avoid the company Shenzhen Linke Electronics Co Limited. I spoke with the rep about my order and she provided a lot of info, but after she got my money, they stopped to reply. As well as the rep didn’t provide any info regarding my order. I have no idea what...

appliance repairs / Fraudulent repair

Sep 17, 2014

My wife found a webpage for appliance repairs at, giving contact details as Percy Glad telephone [protected]. He looked at and quoted R2700.00 for a repair to a speed queen washing machine, came back and appeared to repair...

Renuen Corporation / Anthony Pascucci, CFO of Renuen Corporation Caught in Ponzi Scheme & Class Action Lawsuit OOOP!

Sep 13, 2014

Renuen CorporationWhether you've bought energy efficiency solutions for your home or stock in the open market it is important to realize one very important thing, YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. Not only have you been scam but you, unknowingly participated in one of the most blatent and hostile PONZI...

Silver Bullet Cutter / Broken Product & No Refund

Aug 31, 2014

My family & I recently pitched in to purchase the Silver Bullet cutter for our ill mother. She LOVES to scrapbook and create. She was very excited and could not wait to receive her gift. Buyer beware, if you are willing to throw a thousand dollars into the trash can, then by all means go...

Multy Electronics Inc / Ripoff

Aug 27, 2014

Multy Electronics Inc. $299 became $1077.81 for a Go Pro White Edition - All Sales Final - No Refunds!! Used and Abused!!! New York New York I see many complaints at various places dating way back concerning 'Multy Electronics Inc.' Any reason why they are still allowed to rip off...

Emerald Integrations / SCAM COMPANY!!

Aug 26, 2014

This company is a total scam, bought a backup camera and it was never delivered, have tried to contact them but no-one responds. Buyers be aware don't fall for the trap. SCAM SCAM SCAM company do not buy or do business with them

International Electronics superstore - Florida, Sawgrass Mills / Scamers

Aug 26, 2014

I was recently on a tour in Florida, and they took us to the Saw grass Mills, without any warning about the possibility of being scammed at electronics stores. This International Electronics Superstore will definitely scam you, and nobody seem to care about it, as if all were part of the...

P C Richard and Son / Manager Joseph Botros Jr. needs to leave this company.

Aug 18, 2014

P C Richard and SonI bought a dryer and was told max 6 days I'll get it.I waited a week and got a call saying that I was going to get it the next day. Three hour later I got a call saying the warehouse will be closed so I'll get it 4-5 days. I don't know what kind of people work for thi...