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Kenetic Capital / I need more information

Wellington100 on Nov 13, 2018

Looking for people who dealt with Kenetic Capital Fund. Please share your experience. Unfortunately, there's not much information about them on the internet, and their website is not very informative either, to be honest. Well, for example, where can I find information about the types of... / uncertainty

Mitch Dunn on Nov 13, 2018

I don't want to call names, but if you encounter a crypto fund that's run by Russians or Ukrainians, you better go away. Because it's a 100% scam. Not my fault. They don't have a good reputation, so it goes. Guys from didn' even try to make their website look more decent. Just gave...

Incrementum / no good

Thomas William on Nov 13, 2018

Even though the Incrementum website is structured, some mistakes still may be seen and it's no good. The fact that the company is located in Liechtenstein doesn't make me feel better. Nothing could stop professional scammers from publishing fake data. I can't deny that somehow it can be...

Iconomi / no team information

Karen Schoff on Nov 13, 2018

Every day I keep making sure that most of the crypto funds are pure scams and none of them can be trusted. All of them sooner or later will fail for sure. For the umpteenth time, I must confess that one more company can be called a potential scammer. In general, funds make the same mistakes and...

Iconiq Lab Holding / not sure about this fund reliability

Mark Wain on Nov 13, 2018

According to the website information Iconiq Lab Holding is based in Germany (as far as you know being a scammer in Germany is hard), I recommend you to be careful anyway. No matter what's written. You never know. Usually, a mere glance at the team information can explain a lot...

Hyperсube / don't waste your time

Mick Daint on Nov 13, 2018

Hyperсube looks very suspicious to me and if I were you I would think twice before investing. I don't like that they have at least three websites, two of them have similar names but it doesn't make any sense, to be honest. Isn't enough to have just one? Oh the third one i...

Galois Capital / limited information

S Gardiner on Nov 13, 2018

The first things that you see when open Galois Capital website is a small disclaimer saying that it was made not for a solicitation for investment, but just for the company introduction and if somebody wants to know more they should contact the team and ask for a documentation. The only...

Lululemon Athletica / align crops

Crystal8888 on Nov 12, 2018

Dear Lululemon customer care, I have been a loyal customer of yours since I was in my teens, I had pairs of crops and pants that have lasted me years. The quality of your clothing used to be like tanks, lasting forever. Unfortunately, I have been really disappointed in my last two...

Aquakleen Products, Inc / sale and payment arrangement was not clear. and we were cheated

Anamariasantana on Nov 12, 2018

Hola y buenas noches Sr Ricardo Hernandez Vuelvo a escribirle respecto a este asunto debido a que la venta del equipo que nos hicieron fue engañosa. Durante el periodo previo a mi correo anterior yo no había revisado la información de la facturación porque mi hija se encargaba de hacer el...

Speedway / gas station.

Danielle Tifa Kelly on Nov 12, 2018

I visited the location at 123 freeman's bridge rd. In Scotia by on 11/12/18 at about 9:40 am. I as well as another customer approached the register at the same time. I approached the correct register. The other customer approached a register that was not open. The cashier then proceeded to...

3.0 Capital / don't trust this company

Stephen Moore on Nov 12, 2018

Let me tell why I think that 3.0 Capital or is a scam organization that only wants your money. I honestly assume it's always a quid pro quo situation when it comes to arrangements between investors and a fund. What investors should do? Right. They give money, they trust and are...

Exante / XNT / not sure about them

Amy Godward on Nov 12, 2018

At first sight, Exante Fund doesn't look suspicious. Well, its website is well structured even though they could have added more information about conditions of joining to the fund. They have a bunch of offices around the world, that's good. I would also like to see a full description of...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group / david yun - bad service

jaosn lim on Nov 12, 2018

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking GroupIm jason lim a real estate negotiator and give bad service and blame ren from ask rhb referral scheme why he didn't inform early that we ren suppose got referral but he didn't inform.. I feel so shame that rhb got this kind of banker blaming that his commission and salary from rhb are so...

Exagon Crypto Fund / I wouldn't trust them

Anna Charlotte on Nov 12, 2018

Exagon Crypto Fund tries to look like a fund that can be trusted. However, I would recommend you to think twice or more before you start investing in them. I don't have a lot of arguments for you, they are actually not needed. Just open their website and you'll understand what I mean. They...

Eastmore Management / Eastmore Group / Has anyone dealt with them?

Betsy Congram on Nov 12, 2018

I wish Eastmore Management or Eastmore Group would have provided more information about themselves and the way they operate. Maybe you have already invested in their project and can tell me whether they are legit or not? Now it looks very suspicious and of course, I won't invest till...

Digital Developers Fund / DDF Asset / don't give them your money

Edd Greyle on Nov 12, 2018

Don't waste your precious time if you see grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes made by people who look for investors. It may be a scam, and it's probably a scam. No matter how great the website is structured and designed, no matter what people stand by the company, if there're...

Digital Currency Group / lame

Kapil Merta on Nov 12, 2018

I've looked through the Digital Currency Group website and can say that it doesn't deserve your trust. Don't invest till you're 100% sure their work is legit. I will explain why I didn't like them. Well, the main problem is always the same: no contacts. Any company that claims they are...

WhyNotLeaseIt / leased washer

Terrill W on Nov 11, 2018

I was told at sears outlet store that if i paid all my lease payments it would automaticaly be paid for .Called tonight was told still have to pay 265 dollors on a 400 dollor washer plus paying on awarranty that is now null and void since sears has filed bankruptcy.So I am stopping all... / touch max trimmer complaint

M.Arif Khan on Nov 10, 2018

it is to state that I ordered Touch Max Trimmer after opening the box and installing the battery I found that the light is working but the Trimmer blade is not working, I then installed another battery but the machine didn't work. keeping in view the above mentioned problem I would request... / customer service rep

Nickia on Nov 9, 2018

RushCard.comOn nov. 1 I made a call to rush card to request a replacement card and was told it would take 5 to 7 days and was also charged 5 dollars. Today's is the 9th still no card. I called customer service and spoke with aaron who started it would now take 7 to 10. No calls no email of the...