Burger Kingkids meal, cheeseburger applesauce chocolate milk 2 tacos and a large coke

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3 days ago I purchased my order and took it home, I am a frequent patron and the girls know me to see me, when I peeled back the lid for the applesauce the top was black and growing on the inside of the lid, I took pictures of the opened top and one of the side showing the date and the fact that you could see the darkness, I returned the next day and told the girl at the window, she said to speak to one of the managers, Stacy was the manager nearest the window and I explained to her and had her look at the expectation date, she apologized blamed the kids in the back tossed it in the garbage and walked away, no satisfaction on my part, no applesauce, no retribution, I wasn't asking for more than I paid for, I even apologized for complaining below are the pictures, I choose Burrger King because of the convenience maybe 2 miles away, but I was mad that as a frequent customer I was treated that way. My name address and phone number if you need to contact me. Michael Glusica. Post office box 173 Mt Braddock PA [protected], thank you for allowing me my feedback

Burger King
Burger King

Sep 19, 2019
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  •   Sep 19, 2019

    Being a frequent customer of a fast food restaurant isn’t something to be proud of nor does it get you special treatment. You should have received another applesauce but did you ask for it?

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