Burger Kingservice


I visited Burger King on West Trenton Ave in Morrisville this morning. The service was horrible. Get to the speaker and the lady says take 2 minutes I will be with you in a minute. 45 seconds pas she comes back and I start my order
And she says, “wait I will be back”. I should have driven off then. I say ok the drive thru must be super busy, I cannot see the window from the speaker location. She comes back takes the rest of my order and says come to the window.
No Thank you, no amount nothing. She is in a serious rush. I get to the window, no cars and 1 customer in the store. I just think that is HORRIBLE!!! Cannot have a business without customers and her behavior will certainly scare customers away.
McDonalds is right across the street. Bad morning Burger King lady!!!

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