Burger Kingservice

R Aug 05, 2018

I have been going to the burger king in whitman . ma, for about 4 years now, everything has been good for the most part until this am.I go there everyday for my breakfast, last week i noticed the breakfast burritoes became very sweet instead of spicy, i talked to one of the girls and told me yes the new girl messed up the bottles of sauce look the same, so i thought why not label them, , then today i got 4 burritoes, ate half of one and my sister half.whom has diabetes, so i went back to bk before 1030, to try and hopefully get the order fixed, When i saw the same girl, and told her i think your cook is using the wrong sauce i dealt with this earlier in the week, The girl said no im basically wrong and they were made right, , well im sorry but 2 peoples taste buds dont change at the same time, and she refused to remake them right, so i said ok u lost a long good cuntomer, , very poor customer service, so now i get no breakfast and out money because some obnoxious girl says so, , i suppose she think my sisters insulin level just rose on there own too huh..

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