Burger Kingrude employees

L Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

08/09/2018 at I went through the drive thru and I ordered whopper Jr. meal with fries and a whopper meal with onions rings. I pulled off and my grand daughter said they put two onion rings in the bag . I should know to check the bag first because this burger king never get orders correct. I went to get in line again at the drive thru but there was to many cars, so I backed up and went inside. It was raining, the bag with food a little wet. Then I get in line with only one person ahead of me that took 15 minutes for cashier to get that order correct . this burger King has all Latin people working there who does not understand what you are telling them. Then when you correct them they have a real bad attitude. So any way It was my turn. I told the cashier I ordered a fry and onion ring and I got 2 onion rings. So she opens up the bag and says you already have 2 onion ring. so I repeated my self I should have one onion ring and one Fry. So she open the bag back up like she was fighting the bag to one of the onion rings out. By this time I have had that food in my hands for at least 30 minutes or so out side in the rain and she had Nerve to take the onion rings and dump them back into pan so she can give them to the next person who buys. Bad Business!!! This is the second time I have had a problem at this Burger king. First time I told a manager and he was Latin and he just give you free food but he still continues to have Rude Employees. This Burger King the corner of 192/Vine st. and Rose Ave. Kissimmee, florida


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    there democrat voters don't you know the one that "don't vote" and shouldn't be here

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