Burger Kingrotten bread

W Sep 02, 2018

I frequently visit this particular location in Fort Pierce, Fl (Okeechobee Rd close to the turnpike). I was on my way home from work when I stopped through the drive-thru early in the morning to grab some dinner. I was extremely hungry. I ordered a King's Meal Deal and drove all the way home to finally eat. I took a bite of one of the sandwiches I had ordered and almost immediately vomited. The bread was completely and utterly rancid. In fact, it tasted sour like it had actually gotten wet and dried out. In complete disgust, I returned to the same BK location only to be treated very poorly by the woman in the drive-thru (whom had a nasty attitude upon my initial visit this particular morning as well). She looked at me like I was stupid or that I had been lying. I had to PHYSICALLY open the sandwich and tell her to smell it. The replacement order I recieved was just as tainted. Sincerely, a confused consumer.

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