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A Aug 15, 2018 Review updated:

I have a very close friend who is employed by the Rexburg Idaho Burger King. This employee was hired a few months ago and has worked hard the whole time while there. This employee has been promoted to work as a manager at this location. For the past month or so this employee has been working as a manager with management duties such as opening the store and managing other employees. No pay raise has been issued to this employee. While a raise is in the works this employee has to take a test before the raise is approved. I am very bothered by this as it looks as if the management is using this employee as cheap labor. The test is something that has to be scheduled by management so the pay raise has been put off until the test date. I believe this is negligent as this employee is being cheated of money they deserve by the duties they preform. Please help this problem be compensated. Thank you.


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    9wood Aug 15, 2018

    don't know how burger king operates but in some places maybe not all
    if a person gets promoted there pay doesn't take effect until they get that test or whatever out of the way and whatever else is needed
    if that made sense
    your friend is in a transition period

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