Burger Kingburger king egift cards are useless yet sold at and amazon

L Aug 15, 2018

Burger King continues to sell their eGift cards (email delivery gift cards) at their website and on even though they are useless. Burger King's Point of Sale system (POS) no longer allows the employee to input a card number. It has to be swiped. So if you purchase an eGift card you will be out of luck. Even if you call customer service they offer to replace it with a real gift card but can not give you a time when it will arrive. If you read the reviews nobody has ever gotten a card mailed to them as of yet. And despite the complaints which you can read on Amazon, Burger King continues to sell this fraudulent item.

You can read the numerous complaints about this illegal scam Burger King is running right from customers who have been ripped off at Amazon:

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