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Went out to eat for a birthday party of 8. Me and my family was treated unfairly. That restaurant was racist and prejudice. Me and my family was there for over an hour and no one acknowledged us. No one asked if we wanted or needed anything. Three groups came in after us (white) who got served quickly. As a matter of fact the manager was standing in front of us and was playing with the group in front of us but never acknowledged us and again because we were black! All the waitress was rude and would even acknowledge us either.

  • Updated by Keeweezy, Sep 27, 2019

    The buffalo wild wings in Belton Missouri

  • Updated by Keeweezy, Sep 27, 2019

    That was my first time and my last time with they prejudice and racism ass! I'm going to report them to the news media as well as the bbb!

Sep 27, 2019

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