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Bought two full-fare First Class Tickets on British Airways on 8/13/09, charged to my AMEX Card.

Cancelled the trip about four weeks later (9/9/09), returned the tickets to British Airways.

British Airways claimed they refunded the tickets on 9/28/09, sent a copy of the "electronic ticket record" indicating the tickets had been refunded (no amount though), and repeatedly told my travel agent and I the tickets were fully-refunded. Nothing has appeared on my AMEX account since (it's now 10/9/09).

British Airways refuses to respond to FAX'es, telephone calls (you cannot call their "refund department"), and refuses to supply a copy of what they submitted to AMEX to process the refund/credit.

It's obvious they never submitted anything to AMEX. This is nothing more than intentional misrepresentation and fraud.

Their "customer service" is non-existent and their arrogance is intolerable. Being cordial gets you nowhere with these schmucks and being nasty gets you equally nowhere.

We filed complaints against BA with our State's Attorney General, the Department of Transportation, and the Airline Reporting Corporation (who processes their tickets/payments in the US). Next stop is Small Claims Court - for the contract damages of $1, 844, plus tort damages of $25, 000 for their fraud, misrepresentation, conversion, and deceit.


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    AnnaLise Oct 09, 2009

    Do you really think that a court is going to award you $25, 000 in punitive damages because your refund got mixed up?

    And as for contract damages--you're the one who breached the contract. British Airways only had an obligation to fly you--they had no legal obligation to refund your tickets when you changed your mind.

    In a US court, British Airways would be within their rights to refuse to give you a refund in the first place.

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    isplumm Jan 15, 2010

    @AnnaLise ... OP is entitled to full refund as he bought a fully refundable ticket ... but what I don't understand is why he just didn't get AMEX to do a charge back ..??

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    heckwithBA Feb 05, 2010

    I am sick and tired of hearing, reading stupid BA rude attitudes or careless attitudes... the airline should be punished big-time from all over the world for holding customers money and troubling and harassing the customers .. the airline should be punished for its rude and careless service to the customers ..too many complaints I am hearing.. big time they are rude. I have decided in future forget about BA… I swear.

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    rushing_mom Feb 18, 2010

    Having the same problem here. Purchased flights, only to receive an email the next day that one of the connecting flights had been cancelled, and I would now have a 6 hour layover. Rang BA, who agreed it was their fault and that they would refund the tickets immediately. A week later the money still had not been returned to my Visa. I then rang up to complain, and received an apology and assurance it would be put on my Visa on the same day. Yet another week has passed, and surprise, surprise, no refund. When I rang today, I was given a long distance number for the refund department. This is just insane from such a large airline - I will not fly with them again.

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    Pamela Kelly Jan 05, 2016

    On 07/12/15 I flew Edinburgh to London Heathrow at 1740 hours. On 06/12/15 at about 1700 hours I booked a bag into the hold on the BA website. I was informed that the cost was £20 . When I tried to pay on line I was told I had to pay at Heathrow. At Heathrow, I was told the charge was £65. I had no choice but to pay. I would like a refund.

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