[Resolved] Brevillebov900bss smart oven and bem825bal mixer


I realize that you are very busy and maybe you just don’t have the time to review how rudely I was treated over the last couple of days by your order processing staff. About 2 years ago I called into Breville about at light switch problem on a BOV800XL Oven, After discussing the problem The tech support gentleman told me instead of fixing it he would offer me a 35% discount toward a purchase of a new one. At that time I was not ready to make the purchase but asked him if that discount would be available at a future time and he said yes he would put a note in my file. OK Fast forward to August 14, 2017 when I called Breville to order a new BOV900BSS the tech advised me since this model was brand new a supply is limited he could only offer me a 205 discount, I agreed to that and asked him if we could include a Cutting board BOV900ACBONUC1 he said fine then I asked him about The Bakery Chef Mixer, BEM825BAL He then told me the price of $259.97 which I agreed upon so awe set up the order.[protected]. When giving him the number on my card I gave him my debit card in error instead of my credit card. When I realized that I gave him the wrong information I called back but was given the option for a call back so I opt for it, a couple of hours later no return call so I called again and opt out for a call back, my third call was when you had closed but I never got a call back so I sent a message R100771714 telling my error. Then I got a email and was notified by Fed Ex Ground man 3 Boxes would arrive on the 21st. at around 11:00 EST i man called me and told me my order was cancelled and would not be shipped!! I asked why and he said a credit problem? I couldn’t talk, so a hour later I called back to a supervisor. and got the answer about some kind of credit fraud, at that time I told him Fraud? you debited n$662.08 from my checking account already all I wanted was to transfer it to a credit card which was in process. Now you have $662.08 from my debit and $662.08 from my credit card. Talk about Fraud your guys take the cake!!I asked to speak to the fraud department but was told that I couldn’t, and that he was informed not to do business with me!! Ms Sanchez I have a 813 credit score and I don’t play games. This supervisor was almost abusive the way he talked to me. I asked if there was problem with the prices that I was quoted but he said it was bad credit, Please find attached copies of my checking account showing the debit in process, and copy of my credit card statement showing that the $662.08 was in process!! What kind off FRAUD??? I can’t believe you can trash a customer over a error that one of you employee’s made

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    Finally called back today and company explained and resolved the problems

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