M Oct 11, 2019

Absolutely the most crooked [censored] company in the world. DO NOT DO THE $2.00 subscription. You end up paying $25.00. They are absolute scammers. Plus it doesn't have supervisors that can talk to you and they won't refund your money. [censored] people.
They charge you $2.00 for nothing and apparently there is some fine print that tells you after that you have made a one months subscription. Got this for my husband who is in a nursing home facility and is very young. He has issues with erectile disfunción and thought this might help him achieve some kind of sexual satisfaction because he has so much depression over not being able to walk and use the left side of his body. Just don't go near the site. It will cost you at least $30.00 to showed video you can watch for free else where.

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