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Complaints & Reviews

cancelling trial membership


I would like to know if u will charge me when my trial membership account will finish after 2 days? I do not know how to cancel my trial account. I would like you to ensure me that no more payments will be done. I do not want to be charged even 1 dollar more, I was curious checking your site, now I will not come here again, I just say: do not to charge me for your services.

Thank you

  • Al
    Aleksi Uotila Sep 20, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ------->Manage account

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I had an account but later cancelled my account. I cancelled my account last month. I just checked and I was charged again and had cancelled my account why am I still being charged. I was double charged when I first got the account and now I am being charged again even after having cancelled my account subscription. Could I get some assistance on this because I do not want to have the account anymore.

regarding job in brazzers

I want to work in porn industry as website developer, back end developer, website designer, database developer. Currently I'm working in TCS from last 2 years( No. 1 company in India in IT field as developer). I don't know how to reach or how to apply for this. So I request you to please nevigate me to apply for job in porn industry for position which I mentioned above.

Thanks & Regards,



I signed up for a 2 days trial on Brazzers porn site and now i want to cancel it but i can´t because they are not letting me get in to the site where i can cancel it. They are saying i need to play 30 Euros to do it. Like i should be able to cancel it at any time but no Brazzers is scaming me money!

Please someone help because I don´t wanna be chaged 30 E for a membership cancel!


I am complaining about getting charges I shouldn't be getting

I am getting unnecessary charges this account took over 80 & out of my account when I only got the trail version I need a Refund and I need you guys to take me out because I only wanted the trail not spend over 80$ I need my money back if not is going to be a bigger issue no reason at all why I should be getting charged all of this money when I clicked on the trail version please I need to pay for other important things either then this I need my money refunded.

I am complaining about getting charges I shouldn't be getting

  • SubSquirrel Mar 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After your free trial (not trail) did you go to their site and cancel in the time allotted? If you don’t cancel, you get charged. $74.96 was charged for no cancellation.

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  • SubSquirrel Mar 16, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What is a bf? No one else said a thing unless you’re seeing posts no one else sees.

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trial version

Hi, I bought the trial version, i don´t know where to cancel the trial version, i don´t want to be charged with something that i wont use, i was wondering if you can cancel my account because in all the sites that i visited says this website so i hope that this can be solved talking to you, i used a debit card with only the amount that i needed for this in case that this happens, thanks

  • Mi
    MiaVida Mar 14, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a trial with Brazzers and had no problem cancelling before they charged my card.

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  • Si
    Sinatra9900 Mar 20, 2018

    Have you solved it yet? Because I just got mine and I wanna cancel but I can´t! Please help me if you know how to do it!

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  • Mi
    MiaVida Mar 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Sinatra9900 http://support.brazzersreel.com/page/billingsupport/

    1 Votes



Je souhaite rentrer dans l industrie du porno en réalisant un casting et participer au AVN awards. Mon seul rêve est de devenir acteur porno. Donc svp pourriez vous me donner une chance et prendre en considération mon message. Chaque personne doit avoir sa chance. Je pense avoir les qualités pour devenir un grand acteur porno.

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  • Ra
    rajka Jun 24, 2018

    one night sex charge with brooklyn chase

    -1 Votes
  • Ra
    rajka Jun 24, 2018

    any body tell me what is sex charge for one night with brooklun chase

    -1 Votes

brazzers.com website

Today I was charged $40 for a subscription I have been trying to cancel the last few days. Your website does not allow for cancellations unless you have already previously been set up with a monthly subscription. I was informed that you did not offer refunds any way shape or form and I find that to be frustrating because I have been trying to cancel that subscription. I would like for a manager to get in contact with me at my email account [protected]@gmail.com.

renewal fee

So I had a two day trail and I tried to cancel it and it said I had no authorization to cancel. And it ended up taking 39.99 out of my account. When I was finally able to get in contact with someone they said it was too late and the could only give me 20.00 dollars back. When I want all my money back. I shouldn't be charged if I tried to cancel and it wouldn't let me. I let the lady know and she said well I should've called. She was rude and I want all my money back not just half of it

charged extra money

On 28 jan. I tried brazzers by taking a trial account for 1 dollar but on 29 jan. At 1:00 am u guys charged 42$ thats 41$ dollar more and thats a fraud plzz give it back you guys used that money on a website called vendomart.. And plzz its req to give it back as its a fraud and I have not done anything wrong... Or some legal action will be taken I want my money back!!

  • Da
    David Brague Jun 27, 2019

    My account name is daveywavey2001 and i was charged 119$ instead or 29.99$ i would like a refund and cancel my account

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trial I did not want

I bought a one day trial and you charged me $40 for some trial i did not want. I want a refund this is robbery and i need that money to make it to work please help me fix it. I am a 19 year old who needs this money to live my life before my next paycheck and it is not fair that this company goes off and robs people of their money when i signed up for only a day.

how to job for your company

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unethical behavior

Recently I am seeing an increase in scenes that are too extreme.
Actresses look like they are being beaten.
I will not name anybody in fear they might get fired because I said this.
At the start of the scenes they are looking fine, but later you can notice bruising on their knees and elbows, tears on their faces with ruined makeup, suffocating from a gag reflex and a lot of red marks on their bodies. People are starting to notice this and are finding this behavior repulsive and a huge turn-off.
Because if you do something to a woman that she is not comfortable with, without her consent, you know exactly what people think it is.
I understand you are trying to run a business but at least let's treat women like human beings and respect their boundaries.
Thank you for your attention.

trying to get a membership

yesterday was surfing on the site trying convince if i take a membership or not then i decide to take the 3days trial just for but i realise that with normal acces the contain is really limited so i decide to upgrade for premium but it doesnt work so i go on the chat for support and for having a chance to be prenium it takes like 1h and half 5 tech and in the i never recall the for confirmation because first one had make mistake my bank block transaction on my card so i have call and like another hour for that and in the end seriously that me all reason i want a membership so now i really hope all the things that have been charge will be cancel dans refund i found this very deceptivw because that was my first time trying full membership and in the end i just go enjoy it

old repetitive categories videos

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being charged for a full account

I signed up for your $1 for 2 days thing and I've been charged over $60 for it. DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT PLEASE. I didn't want to upgrade it anyways, i was charged today of a purchase of $34.99 that i didn't buy. PLEASE DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT, that's the second time I've been charged for something i didn't buy on your website! Don't charge me again please!!

unwanted subscription

Hi, my name is Jessica Koenig and someone used my account to get a trial with you guys. I dont know who did it, but it wasnt me. My bank froze my card when a 30 something dollar fee was trying to be pulled out. I dont know who had access to my card so I dont know what the account username is to log in and even cancel it. I didnt want to have the bank unfreeze my card until I contacted you guys, as I didnt want 30 something to be pulled from my account. I guess I need you guys to cancel the subscribtion so I dont get charged further.

  • El
    elozgred1232 Dec 26, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    unwanted subscription

    hello, my name is Marcela Stoś, I live in Poland. there was a problem. My brother bought a subscription from you, from what I read from the account. Please i really dont wanna this account and subscription. ( Brazzers )

    Member ID: 2033086897
    Site: www.brazzersvod.com
    Log In: http://tour.brazzersvod.com/login
    Username: user1514302141723
    Password: 20679a10c4a9
    Transaction ID: 1038324644

    E-mail adress : [email protected]

    0 Votes


I sent a message asking to cancel the subscription but they tryed to charge not only once but twice on to my credit card. The first time 31.13€ and the second 39.99€. I wanted to try the product and it was quite poor, so I'm not interested in it anymore, cancel it NOW please, al cancel the charge attempts. I already sent a complaint in PayPal.

I have attached a picture, from those payments I only accepted the first one.

Thank you.


  • Updated by basson_aitor · Nov 27, 2017

    I want to cancel my subscription to the website. I just wanted the trial and I don't like the site, so I don't want the authomatic month subscription. Cancel it ASAP please.

    I was charged a total of 72, 27€ in total, even though I asked to cancel it. I haven't used it. It's impossible to cancel it from the website. No response... I had to report it in PayPal and ask my bank to not accept it. Please cancel it now


unauthorised billing

My name is Edward Duddigan and I signed up for the trial membership. I decided before the period was over that I didn't want to fully join, therefore I cancelled the membership. However I have still been billed the £31.85. The terms stated I could cancel before the 7 days were up and not be charged from there after. Please look in to this, and I would like a full refund since the service has not been used after the 7 day trial.

unauthorized credit card charges


I made an account once with you guys. It was the $1 for 2 day access I believe. I used the site for a bite after that, but just the other day (16-nov-2017) I was on "Pornhub" and accidentally pressed the link to "Brazzers" I went right back to "Pornhub" didn't watch/use anything on your site. I noticed today while I was doing my banking that I was charged by you guys. I would like a full refund of ($52.41).

This is unacceptable.

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