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Asknet Complaints & Reviews

Asknet / People look up

Jun 15, 2019

I was looking for a guy that stold money from me and I didn't find him on your web site. In fact I looked all over your web site to find some where to cancel as it was like $2.99 fore a week. I'm sure that is elegal not to have a phone number to cancel. what a scam!! I'm going to take thi...

Asknet / asknet charge to paypal

Apr 16, 2019

I have a charge of 54.25 to my paypal account i did not authorize this charge no did i ask for it, iw ould appreciate it if this charge was removed from the paypal account as i do not intend on paying for something that i do not have. I have no idea how this charge was applied to my paypal...

Asknet / unauthorized credit card charges and unethical behavior

Feb 07, 2019

on 2/6/19 Asnet created a pop up on my Elderly Mother's computer. It told her she had a virus and needed to call an 800#. I was not at home at the time. They guy used scare tactics to get her money. He told her that he could see that over 800 people had tried to access her private...

Asknet / services/anti virus

Feb 02, 2019

Fucking Scam. Can't believe was stupid enough to listen to a guy named fucking Kumar on the phone. I'm done trying to believe that good people still exist in this world. Fuck you Kumar and fuck you Asknet. Ok let me edit this, I called a number because I thought I had a virus. Brand new...

Asknet Inc / iobit

Dec 03, 2018

Over the past week I have been getting a pop-up every time that I plug my iPhone up to charge on my computer stating that I need to delete the cache to speed up my phone, etc and since my phone has been running slower than normal I decided to try. The price was $19.95 for 1 device for...

Asknet / scam

Nov 07, 2018

Hello last month I ordered a new computer, and bought a Microsoft card. When I went to install Microsoft I got a pop up telling me to call the number, beyond my better judgement I called . I was on and off hold for two hours. They finally came back on the phone and told me I had a virus in...

Asknet / unauthorized paypal charge

Oct 25, 2018

Received a notice today that I paid you people $49.98 today for your service. I have no idea who you are and don't believe I have ever used you services.I have no idea who you people are or why funds were withdrawn from my account. Please issue me a refund, and remove me from your file... / unauthorized charges - unethical stealing

Aug 15, 2018

a $49.99 charge just showed up in my credit card bill for no reason. Never heard of this company and never call them or use their service. There is a 415 449 5700 tel number showed on the bill but when i called that # to try to dispute, it got disconnected after 2 rings - its a scam...

Asknet / cancellation & refund

Aug 08, 2018

I received unauthorized charges on my Master card last 4 digits ending in 7989 on 7/31/2018 for the amount of $3.99. Please issue a refund. Please e-mail me a confirmation. My e-mail address is [email protected] Please expedite this request as soon as possible I never authorized thi...

Asknet / unauthorized credit card charges

Sep 19, 2017

On 6/11/2017 I received a text message from my bank stating that 2 suspicious charges had been made on my account. The charges were for an online software company ASKNET IOSOFT ONLINE which I have never dealt with (and I've never purchased online software). I immediately replied to my... / Don't order from

Jan 26, 2014

I ordered some stuff from the website, but the seller didn’t provide any confirmation email or other things. He didn’t reply to my emails as well. I lost all hopes to receive my order, but I hoped to get money back. Please someone help me. Maybe someone has any...

Asknet-Shops / I never bought anything from you and you charged my credit card twice for $89.99 on November 5, 2012

Nov 17, 2012

I do not know who you are and what you do, but still you were able to defraud me and charge my credit card twice on November 5, 2012 both for the amount of $89.99. I demand that you withdraw these payments and I will call my credit card provider and charge you with fraud.

Asknet / Unauthorised deduction

Feb 02, 2012

As above, specifically asked for no annual billing but stiill deducting £34 - 99. . . But whats the point of this web site if no one can do anything about it? Rip off!!!

Asknet-Shops / fraudulant purchase on my bankcard

Jul 27, 2011

A fraudulent purchase was made on my JPMorgan Chase checking account on 04/12/2011, with Visa card ending in 3651. I searched on line, but cannot find out who made the transaction, or what was purchased. The amount is $49.98. I have since received a new Visa card. I also reported this to...

Asknet-Shops / Money taken out of credit card

Jun 22, 2011

My credit card was debited for the sum of £71.98 with no authority from me. I was coned into the same payment last year following a phone call saying that there was a problem with my computer. I was told that this payment was for 1 year there was no mention of it being for any longer. I am a... Karlsruhe / retrait bancaire

May 18, 2011

Je n'ai rien acheté auprès de votre service et j'ai un retrait de 56, 48 euros en date du 7 mai 2011. sur mon compte bancaire Je puis donner un photo / Unauthorised charge to credit card


A charge of £68.98 has been made to my credit card dated 21 November 2010 with the description "Http://Asknet-Shops.Co, Anda Security" I have never heard of this company let alone dealt with it and the item has been disputed through the credit card company. I do have security software...

Asknet / Fraudelent Charges


I was charged 109.94 on 10/05/2010. I've never used this company and assume that my card number was somehow stolen on-line. My bank said because the UCAF code was used, they do not consider the card stolen and will not continue to try to recover my losses. They told me to contact...

Asknet - / Unauthorized charges on my credit card


Je viens d'être facturé pour 59, 98$ sur ma carte de crédit visa pour une transaction supposément faite le 21 avril 2011 et effectuée le 15 juillet 2011. Je ne comprends pas puisque j'ai fait désinstaller panda sur mon appareil le 18 février 2011 et que je me suis procuré le logiciel... / Unauthorized charge


I have a charge to my checking account dated 1 / 4 / 10 from and have no idea for what.

Asknet-Shops / unauthorizated withdrawal from account


I see that t am not only one who is having this problem. I checked my bank statement and noticed an unauthorized charge for 75.98 to WWW.ASKNET-SHOPS. I am asking anyone for help to resolve this problem. I have no name of the product, no address to contact anyone, no telephone to contact... / No refund of cancelled Anti Virus software


Ordered download of Anti Virus software. My Windows 98 on Gateway computer would not eccept this material. It acted as if a virus had entered. It was difficult to get rid of it. I have since instaled another product. I canceled this order #20231395 11/01/2008 custumer # 42654501, but a...

Asknet / Fraud


This company billed me for $214 through my debit card for nothing - - i did not order anything from them!!! 12 / 04 / 08. If they do not refund my money i get to pay for the charges to my checking account as well as eating the $214!!! This is not funny, that was my house payment money!!! Cb in mo

Asknet-Shops / Overcharged


I purchased F-Secure internet protection software on line for $34.95 and was billed $114.10. ASKNET-SHOPS overbilled me by $79.15.