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improper handleing of fellow employees

I was on my way to work and decided to stop at Braums for a breakfast burrito, while there I went to restroom upon exiting the restroom I heard some yelling in the back, when looking to see the source of the commotion, I noticed a young man early to mid 20s yelling and screaming to another employee (female between late 30s early 40s) about salads calling her a liar and otherwise generally degrading her in front of other employees and customers.I am a business owner and to hear someone treating a co worker with that type of demeanor, i would suspend that employee, until attitude was corrected

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    gramps Sep 05, 2011
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    My wife and I were traveliag to Tulsa, Ok on Wed. 2/10/2010. We stopped in at the Braums store in Seminole for a quick breakfast. My wife needed to use the restroom so she went before we ordered. When she came out of the restroom her first comment was, we need to go somewhere else. The restroom was so filthy we could not imagine eating there. The floors, stools, wash basins and all were nasty. Poop in the stool. I realise some people will leave a restroom with poop in stool but this was not a once in a moment situation. You could just tell the poop had been there for a long while and the other items didn't get filthy in just a few visity. I can just imagine the employees returning to the kitchen after using the restroom. They couldn't have washed up and got clean if they wanted to. As far as I am concerned, the restrooms are a direct reflection on the cleanliness of the kitchens I would chalenge everyone to just visit the Braums restrooms before eating and you will know what I am talking about. Come on Braums! We customers are not your dairy cows who stand in poop and eat. NASTY PLACE!

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    GoldOpals Opals Sep 06, 2011
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    So someone pooped in the stool? Isn't that statement a bit redundant? Stool is another word for poop

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    charlotte73005 Oct 22, 2011
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    Me and my husband went out to the Anadarko Braum'S for ice cream and my husband ordered 2 scoops of Maple Walnut ice cream and was told because they were running low on that flavor she would only be able to serve him 1 scoop.We both had looked at the choices they offered again and they clearly had about 1 third of a bucket left.I Don't understand these procedures.Is there some reason to withhold what a consumer is requesting.We usually spend a lot of money at the store and have since decided to rethink our buisness.If we can not recieve the things we would like to purchase in the portions we request then maybe we should shop elsewhere.We have supported our local community and buisnesses during the hard times and wish they felt that we were needed to keep their buisness going.

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This is the first job i have ever had that i didn't get a lunch break

I just started with the company and love my job. The only thing that i dont care for is working 8 to 10 hours and not even getting a lunch break.This is the first job i have ever had that i didnt get a lunch break so i could keep my energy to work.

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    Borabora43333 Jun 17, 2010

    Copied and pasted from

    Is My Employer Required to Give Me a Rest Break?
    There is no federal law requiring employers to give employees rest breaks during the work day. However, 7 states do require employers to give rest breaks:

    ■California - 10 minute break for every four hours worked provided that the work day is at least five hours long
    ■Colorado - 10 minutes for every four hours worked
    ■Kentucky - 10 minutes for every four hours worked
    ■Minnesota - "Reasonable" amount of time in a four-hour period "to use the restroom"
    ■Nevada - 10 minutes for every four hours worked
    ■Oregon - 10 minutes for every four hours worked
    ■Washington - 10 minutes for every four hours worked
    To qualify as a "break, " the employee must be fully relieved of his duties.

    Is My Employer Required to Give Me a Meal Break?
    Similarly, there is no federal law requiring employers to give employees meal breaks during the work day. However, 17 states do have statutes requiring meal periods during the work day. For example:

    ■California - 30 minutes after 5 hours, if the workday is at least 6 hours
    ■Illinois - 20 minutes after 5 hours, if the employee will work at least 7½ hours
    ■New York - One hour
    Are the Laws Different for Different Groups of Employees?
    Many states do have different requirements if the employee is a minor. For example, Florida does not have any state law requiring rest or meal breaks. However, in Florida, employees under the age of 17 are entitled to a 30 minute break for every 4 hours of work. Some states have different requirements depending on the nature of the work, i.e. factory workers.

    Is My Employer Required to Pay Me During My Rest or Meal Breaks?
    Federal law does not require the employer to give you a rest or meal break. However, for employers that do provide break time, federal law mandates that any breaks of 5-20 minutes must be compensated by the employer. However, a break lasting 30 minutes or more is not considered "compensable time" and the employer is not obligated to pay you.

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Filthy bathrooms makes you want to go away

My wife and I were traveling to Tulsa, Ok on March 3, 2010. We stopped in at the Braums store in Seminole, Ok and was going to grab a quick breakfast and then continue on. My wife decided to use the bathroom before eating. When she came out of the bathroom she said we need to just go and not eat. The bathroom was filthy. The thing was so dirty, poop still in stools and floors filthy. Not a appetizing site. It makes you wonder what the employees are like when using this facility and then returning to the kitchen. My only complaint about Braum's stores is usually the bathrooms. I very seldom will go to the bathroom in a Braums because of the filthy conditions. I would ask everyone to check out the bathrooms before you eat. If you do, you will probably go elsewhere.

Thumbs down on this establishment

I would like to voice my complaint and frustration about the service at the Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy...

Awful manager

I was at Braums in Monett MO. Sun. August 26, 2007, the food was great, but the manager on duty was rude, loud, discourtious to the customers and the employees. I felt so sorry for the casheir. The manager kept yelling at her while she was ringing our order up. and i might add the manager was in the back and yelling to the front. we ordered milk shakes . the casheir told the manager we wanted med size and the manager yelled back and ask if that is what we paid for. If i go there again (and i say if) ill make sure that manager is not on.

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