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I returned a book last July and have still not received my refund. They have given me excuses and abject apologies and promises but NO money. Now they will not answer my e-mails. Patricia Davis is the customer Care person and she sent me an e-mail stating that I would finally get my refund in December, but of course I didn't. now she doesn't answer my e-mails. This is a scam and judging from the number of complaints lodged against this company I am surprised they have not been closed down and prosecuted.


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    gail lepp Dec 21, 2009

    I mailed the book - Bottom Line Yearbook 2010 yet I received a bill stating that owed them money.

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    scam patrol Jan 06, 2010

    what is amazing is right below your complaint is an ad for that very F'd up company. Don't you just love America!

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    SRMMM Jan 26, 2010

    thanks for the heads up...was wondering "if" they were paying for the return ship should i not like the book.

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    pat slate Aug 26, 2011

    I also received a package I never ordered. I did not open it. I am returning it unpened. Someone should report this company to the credit bureau..maybe me..I certainly am gonna look into it. Rotten company.

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    pat slate Aug 26, 2011

    This company should be put out of business or reported to a credit bureau. I received a package today, I did not open it cause I knew I hadn't ordered any book or books. It is going back today. That is ridiculous. tHE ECONOMY IS BAD ENOUGH, t have companies trying to scam innocent people who possibly visit their site, and them being harassed by them with un-ordered books. totally disgusted

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    William Tell Feb 16, 2015

    Find out who the attorney General is in Iowa and send the complaints to him or her. They WILL talk to the a Attorney General!

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  • Er
    ErnDel Aug 30, 2016

    Dear Bottom line representative, over a month ago I mailed in for the 6 Free issues and the 5 Free Specials, and, so far I haven't received them. In case my mailing got lost I'll give you my information again: Ernest Delpero
    245 Essex Street, Apt. 23
    Beverly, Ma. 01915

    Please send the publications to me for my review, and consideration, to subscribe to your service.


    Ernest Delpero

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  • Te
    Terry Kay Feb 14, 2017

    how do I access my account.? I've tried finding a "contact" without luck.
    Terry Kay, Acct # 001057700191775265

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