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no phone number

I ordered The Treasury of Health Secrets from Bottom Line Books. The books are very informative, But: here is my complaint. The bill does not have an email address or website. No phone number. I do not usually send payment by U.S.P.S. I do most all of my payments via on line banking or phone. I had to search a web yellow pages to find the information I needed. Once I found the phone number: by the way, it is [protected], I was able to call and reached a customer service associate, who was very helpful, and I was able to makde my payment in full. The CSA was very helpful and courteous. I received my confirmation number for the payment. I asked why there is no additional information on the billing statement. CSA replied, "I get that complaint often and have reported to the company but nothing has been done to change the billing information". This is unacceptable. I work for a company in Customer Service also. I understand the complaint process, my company (which services many states). Listens to what our customers say and make changes often to customer satisfaction. It isn't difficult to add the proper information on a bill or statement. Bottom Line is not a small company and I feel that they should make it as easy as possible for the customer to pay a bill, call for information and submits comments and/or complaints.

  • Ed
    Ed Nuhfer Jun 03, 2009

    I too find that I am getting unsolicited books. I thought their ads were very slick and written well to induce unwitting buyers. I was curious and ordered "Health Breakthroughs 2008." It stunk.

    Then, Health Breakthroughs 2009 arrived unsolicited. Thereafter came the threatening notices to pay up yadayadayada. I wondered if I had not inadvertently ordered it. I get tons of spam from them, and much of it is not easily identifiable with Bottom Line books. So I paid it and told them not to send any unsolicited books again.

    On this site, I find evidence that my experience is not an isolated case. They are bilking other victims.

    They have a web site with posted phone numbers. They are scattered in several states as you can see below. I suggest one recorded phone call be made and one registered letter sent to the appropriate address to request an end to their unsolicited deliveries. If that fails, make your next letter to the state's attorney general corresponding to that address under the topic consumer fraud, and post a copy here for a record.

    By doing this unsolicited delivery across state lines, they are breaking some federal trade laws too. File complaints with Federal Trade Commission.

    One bit of advice on books. If books are not marketed through Amazon.com where you can see the reviews of customers and peers, DON'T BUY THOSE BOOKS! They are almost surely published by purveyors of ### between two covers. Very little can be seen about Bottom Line books at Amazon. That's a red flag.

    Bottom Line Books seem to be bad news. Addresses for contact follow below.

    Ed Nuhfer

    Bottom Line Books and
    Boardroom Classics
    P.O. Box 11401
    Des Moines, IA 50336 (800) 678-5835 (515) 237-4752

    Bottom Line/HEALTH
    P.O. Box 422318
    Palm Coast, FL 32142-2318 (800) 289-0409 (800) 456-3787

    P.O. Box 422301
    Palm Coast, FL 32142-2301 (800) 234-3834 (800) 456-3787

    Bottom Line/PERSONAL
    P.O. Box 422297
    Palm Coast, FL 32142-2297 (800) 274-5611 (800) 456-3787

    Bottom Line/RETIREMENT
    (Formerly Bottom Line/Tomorrow)
    P.O. Box 422346
    Palm Coast, FL 32142-2346 (800) 753-8096 (800) 456-3787

    Tax Hotline
    P.O. Box 422309
    Palm Coast, FL 32142-2309 (800) 288-1051 (800) 456-3787

    Bottom Line/WEALTH
    P.O. Box 422309
    Palm Coast, FL 32142-2309 (800) 288-1051 (800) 456-3787

    Bottom Line's Women's Health
    P.O. Box 422305
    Palm Coast, FL 32142-2305 (800) 247-2736 (515) 456-3787

    Bottom Line Publications
    Editorial/Corporate Offices
    281 Tresser Boulevard, 8th Floor
    Stamford, CT. 06901-3246 (203) 973-5900 (203) 967-3086

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  • Ri
    Richard Boyd Oct 12, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a book on how to get rid of type 2 diabetese four weeks ago. I'm still waiting for it. If I cann't get the book,
    atleast send my $50 dollars back. From: [email protected]

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collection agency

I ordered the book "Treasury of Health Secrets" from bottom Line bookson a 30 day trial basis.
I returned the book 3 days after it arrived.
I was never contacted by the Book company for payment bvut now a collection agency is trying to collect the price of the book from me.

The book was returned.
They never notified for payment or said they did not recieve the book.
They just went ahead and gave my name to an agency.
I have been trying to contact Bottom line Books but there is no contact information on their website.
This is total ### anf a rip-off by BOTTOM LINE BOOKS and NORTH SHORE AGENCY, INC.

unauthorized sale

To Whom It May Concern: I did NOT order this book. I have no need for it. Someone has evidently gotten ahold...

bill turned over to a collection agency for an unidentified &purchase&. i've paid for two yearbooks, one unsolicited.

I've paid for two yearbooks, one unsolicited and now am in receipt of a bill from a collection agency for $32 for an item not identified. This is a poor company to deal with.

  • Lo
    Loren Boone Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a book in the mail from Bottom Line Books which I never ordered nor do I want the book. I don't want to spend my money to send it back, but I'm not going to pay for it either. On the front of the package it says: Forwarding Carrier: Leave if no response. This kind of business is not very good.

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  • Je
    Jeanne Anstice Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Sa
    Sandy Lashbrook Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also recieved a book I did not order. I found this complaint as I was looking for information regarding returns. Nasty business.

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  • Rr
    rrrickkk Nov 29, 2008

    I agree. They send me a yearbook every year. I just put it back in the mailbox refused
    They are thick headed.

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  • Rr
    rrrickkk Nov 29, 2008

    This company sucks. They should be out of business

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  • Ed
    Ed Nuhfer Dec 15, 2009

    "Nasty business" is right. Bottom Line is bad news and a serious scam. They will send unsolicited materials and hound you with billing. They will claim on mailings that they do so because you asked them to do so. I responded last year when they sent an unordered book and told them never to do it again. Last week, they dropped another on me and I sent it return mail collect from the nearest post office. Don't open anything you get from Bottom Line. Keep dropping all correspondence and packages unopened and return to them collect by writing refused on it and dropping these at the nearest post office. That turns the tables and you extract their money instead of the other way around.

    Avoid ALL books and ALL publishers of books that you cannot find sold on Amazon.com. If they sold through Amazon, a buyer would see these 4000-plus complaints under reviews that we see here and not order a thing.

    We are in this alone. Ever since George Bush took office, and this has continued right on through Barack Obama, I've found government unwilling to take any action against business victimizing citizens. The same scammers continue victimizing citizens for years. You can see the history right here on Complaints Board. The citizens complain, and government does nothing. Today, you can't even get these "consumer protection" agencies to respond to a complaint. No one curbs these companies, which are little more than a form of organized crime. So forget complaining to government. If you want out from under these creeps, you need to take action yourself.

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  • Lj
    L.J. TAYLOR Jan 16, 2010

    sent me a bill for books i never ordered

    never wanted

    never received

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sending a book that I did not order.

I received a large book from bottom line books yesterday, 3/26/2009. I never ordered this book. It says on the invoice, "thank you for your on-line order. Your new book is here. It is signed by martin edelston, publisher. The book's title is"the world's treasury of health secrets". The charge is $39.99, shipping and handling $7.95 = $47.94. I have never been on-line with bottom line books.

They even assigned me a customer account number, which is 37-010-[protected]. I can assure you I never ordered this book. I googled their email address. It might be bottomlinebooks.com.

It also says"p. S. As promised, your 2 free bonus books are also enclosed. The big black book of 100 most common medical blunders and uncommon cures for everyday ailments. Enjoy them!"

This makes me very angry that a business would do such a thing.

I will send it back, but now since I opened the invoice which was glued to the package, I will have to pay shipping and handling. This is not fair.


Muriel mae day

  • Do
    Doug P. Apr 03, 2009

    I received the World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets, Martin Edelston, Publisher. I did not order these books to pay for. There is no way to contact the publisher to return them. What can I do?
    Doug Patterson

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returned book

Received the book but it was not as represented. Returned the book, sent the receipt as proof of return. They are still billing me. Stop it!!! I do not have the book, I never received the free books promised with the order. Never again will I try to order from Bottom Line Books

  • Pa
    patricia Jan 02, 2009

    i ordered this health book on a trial basis and sent in back way before my trial basis was up. i was sent a bill to pay for a returned product.what do i do

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  • Ci
    CinNSteph Jan 02, 2009

    FYI for all on this board...

    I just called 800-678-5835 for customer service. I followed the prompts and spoke with an agent named Joann (agent number 66820). I explained to Joann that my husband continues to receive bills for books we did not receive or order and I have sent several letters to PO Box 11014, Des Moines, IA 50336-1014 explaining they have the wrong person. She advised there was no notations on the account as to having received any correspondence and she would clear our account of any balance and the statements would stop.

    Please call yourselves and make sure you get their name and agent number and confirm there is a zero balance and the statements will stop. Advise the agent you have their name and date and time of the conversation and write it on your statement in the event you get another one.

    Good luck to all and Happy New Year!

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  • Je
    Jeanni Fields Feb 14, 2009

    We ordered a book from a tv advertisement, when we received it, it was not what expected. We returned the book and paid extra for a receipt so we knew when it was delivered back to them. We have not received a acknowledgement of receiving the book and they are continuing to bill us with added charges

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  • Ha
    Harvey D Habeck Oct 09, 2009


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  • Jo
    Joan Bock Mar 21, 2010

    I returned a book and Bottom Line Books keeps sending me a bill and states that now they will send it to collections . I have communicated by e mail and was told it would be looked into but keep getting billed .

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  • Na
    nancy walton Jan 25, 2011

    i have sent my book back & sorry i didn't send it earlyer but i wasn't working so i didn't have the money so please don't send me bills on it thanks again
    nancy walton

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Received(didn't order) then got a bill

Received the 2009 Bottom Line Yearbook 2 weeks ago. Then received a bill for $31.90. This happen before, also. Didn't order it so why pay for it. Don't want to ever receive anything from them ever again.

  • Cl
    CLOYLET WILSON Jun 30, 2009


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terrible company

I agreed to look at one of their cooking books and didn't send it back by the deadline, so paid for the...

getting billed for something I did not order

I am receiving a bill for something I did not order - or recall ordering. I have written to the company and all I got back was another bill and threat of collections using "various legal means at their disposal" to collect and if not paid in 28 days from the date of the letter, - (2/27), received 3/5, "additional collection procedures will automatically result".

There was NO phone number to call them on the letter.

Second of all, I don't order ANYTHING that I do not pay for up front.

bottom line books/boardroom scam!

Not only has this company ignored our repeated emails and phone calls to customer service, they have sent us bill after bill which we inadvertently overpaid and now they owe us $40, but they have also sold our name and address to other companies and now our mailbox if filled with unsolicited junk mail every day!
STOP! Do NOT order books from this company!I have tried to return the books Health Breakthroughs and Treasury of Health Secrets but they will not send a label as promised. I am writing my State Atty General and contacting the Connecticut BBB.

dishonest scam

I ordered two books, Treasury of Health Secrets and Health Breakthroughs last year. I have phoned and emailed repeatedly and received empty promises for a return label and reimbursement for an extra payment of about $40 that my husband sent by mistake because they billed us over and over.
Once when I phoned, I asked the lady if she realized that she worked for a disreputable company, her reply, "Well, I have a family to feed." I then replied, "So, that is justification for your company to rip off the public?" She was clearly annoyed and promised that she would take care of the overpayment reimbursement and we have yet to receive it. I am surprised that this company is getting away with this after reading all the complaints!

Unordered Book

I just received a book from Bottom Line Books that I did not order. There is a note on it for the Carrier to leave it if there is no answer at the door, and since I was hospitalized at the time, there was nobody home. Now I have to return it to the post office, however, I am unable to drive at this point. This company is a crock. Never order from them, you will never hear the end of it.

  • Jm
    J M Conner Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Received book in mail. Had not ordered book.
    Wish to return book without payment or charge.

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  • Jm
    J M Conner Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Received unauthorized book shipment. Want to return book with out charge or cost to me.

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  • Bo
    BOB Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    mark package refused, give it to USPS.

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  • Mr
    Mrs. R. Woodruff Dec 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I really don't have a complaint. I would just like to know how to get a shipping label so that I can return the book.

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  • An
    Andrew P. Dec 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The best policy when dealing with unwanted merchandise from Bottom Line Books is to refuse shipments; do not open the package or envelope, mark it "REFUSED - RETURN TO SENDER", and hand it back to your postal carrier. If you open it, you'll be stuck with the postage charges. Under no circumstances should one send them payment for the merchandise. This company is notorious for their strong-arm merchandising tactics, having done so for well over ten years. Evidently, the displeasure of a few of their customers, er, victims, is acceptable within their business model, so long as they can get a sufficient number of them to send them payment.

    I ordered the Bottom Line Year Book in the mid-1990s and the next year received an unsolicited copy, followed by a stream of abusive, increasingly threatening letters from Bottom Line Publishing. Eventually I got them to abate. Then, in 2008 I again ordered a copy, based on promises of interesting information in some supplemental reports to be shipped with the order. Again, in November 2009, I received an unsolicited package from Bottom Line, presumably the 2009 version of the Year Book. I immediately took the package to the post office, had it marked as a refused shipment and returned it to the sender. About three weeks later I received an envelope from the publisher, presumably the invoice for the shipment; again, it was taken to the post office unopened and returned to the sender.

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  • An
    Andrew P. Dec 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can just hand it back to your postal carrier, marked "REFUSED - RETURN TO SENDER", and have it returned for free, but only if you haven't opened the package.

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  • Yu
    yuller2 Dec 19, 2008

    I had the same problem. They sent me an unauthorized 2009 yearbook. I looked up and contacted their customer service and told them of the problem. They made up some excuse but told me that I will receive a return shipping label by mail. They said to expect the label within 10 days. Their customer service number for the book is (800) 678-5835.

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  • De
    Del Francis Jan 31, 2009

    I have been trying for about three years to get off
    BOTTOMLINE mailing list without success. How do
    I stop the unauthorized shipments ?. I paid the last invoice. I requested that they not send anymore books without my ordering them but low and behold I just recived the 2009 yearbook and I do not see why I
    should have to spend my time returning the books.
    I think I will try keeping the book unopened and let
    them try and collect. This might just send them a lesson

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  • Ma
    mary major Feb 25, 2009

    Agree also got book in mail. Am returning marked refused. How do these people get you name and address.

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Scam and cheating

I returned a book last July and have still not received my refund. They have given me excuses and abject...


Returned The Book To Sender And Got A Bill For It. Didn't Want Any More Of Their Books. They Don't Seem To Care.

billing for books not ordered

My nightmare with this company began when I recveived a book that I did not order. I refused the book and...

being billed for a book I did not order or receive.

I keep getting billed for a book that I never ordered, and when it came to my house, I returned it unopen. Bottom Line books still keeps sending me a bill every month, and saying how I owe them money, yadda yadda. It's really annoying. I send it back to them each time, telling them what the deal is, and they keep at it anyway.

not ordered

Bottom Line Books sent yet another book that we did NOT order. After the second bill came I went online to track down a customer servcie number [protected] (hit "1 for a human). They told me we ordered this "series" back in 2002 (6 yrs ago). well, I know for a fact we didn't sign up for any never ending series that would send us their books every year. I demanded a return label and that they never send us anything ever again. I also told them I saw dozens of complaints online stating they have done the same thing to others. Don't let them them talk you into paying for it or even for the return postage to send it back.

  • Ma
    Margaret Jan 30, 2009

    Bottom Line Books person (a very truculent woman) just contacted at 1-800-678-5835 number in Des Moines, Iowa, said I must have clicked on wrong book; they could have only sent me that book if I had clicked on it. Book came chock full of ads to order other books, one of which was the book I know I had clicked on...She said she would send me return label to return wrong book, RETURN LABEL would arrive within 19 to 14 business days... Don't order from these people!!! Very deceptive and unpleasant on phone if you do get hold of them...
    Unfortunately, I thought they were okay, because many years ago, my son had some of their items, and he was pretty shrewd. I am returning wrong book, there is NO WAY after seeing all the comments/complaints and looking at how poor material is in WRONG book sent and billed $47.94 for, (one book????) that I would ever attempt to reorder the book I had wanted...So thanks, everyone who posted, if only I had looked them up before ordering in the first place!!! But thanks for all your comments!!!

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unsolicited merchandise

How to permanently stop unsolicited shipments from bottom line books

My heart goes out to all those who have complained about bottom line books. I too fell prey to this scheme and paid them for seven years for unwanted unsolicited merchandise. I did a lot of research on this company and finally figured out how to stop them. My loss is your gain. I originally posted this in 2007 on [redacted] and I am repeating it here. Knowledge is power:

So you got another shipment in the mail from bottom line books that you didn't order and don't want. Since it is unsolicited you can just keep it or return to sender right? Because, as an educated citizen, you know that billing for unsolicited merchandise is illegal under united states code title 39, part iv, chapter 30, section 3009.

Not so fast.

Have you ever done business with bottom line publishing? Bought a book from them or a periodical or newspaper? Subscribed to their free newsletter?

Bottom line books practices what is called 'negative option marketing.' the fact that you have done business with them previously permanently entitles them to send you unsolicited merchandise and bill you for it unless you ask them to stop.





Although the fcc has tried to outlaw this on several occasions, telemarketers and other businesses pay congress good money to ensure that this is never enacted into law.

One of the more famous examples of negative option marketing is the columbia house music and video program, or various book-of-the-month clubs. To educate yourself, read this:


But you sent the book back! How can they still bill you for it?

Can you prove that you sent it back? More importantly, do you have a receipt to prove that they received it?

If you do send the book back, you will need to pay for a delivery with signature receipt. Otherwise, the company will simply claim that it was never returned. The burden of proof falls on you, not them. Unfair but true.

You asked them to stop! You even wrote to them last year at the address of the processing center that sent you the merchandise!

Oh yeah? Prove company headquarters received it!

The good news is, you can get them to stop upon request if you take a couple extra steps. Here's how.

Write them a letter demanding that they cease and desist and remove you from any and all subscriber lists. Keep it brief (Under one page). Keep it polite, because you are going to be copying several organizations on this letter - you don't want to sound like a crank. When in doubt, eliminate all adjectives and adverbs. A7od2make four copies of this letter.

1. Send one to bottom line books. Think that sending it to des moines iowa will be effective? Wrong. That is only a processing center. Their actual headquarters is:

Boardroom, inc.
281 tresser blvd 8th flr
Stamford ct [protected]

Telephone [protected]
Fax: [protected]

2. Important: make sure that you send a copy to the better business bureau. Since des moines is only a processing center, it does no good to complain to the iowa bbb. You need to contact the connecticut bbb at the following address:

94 south turnpike road
Wallingford, ct 06492

3. Send a copy to your state attorney general. No action is happening at the federal level to stop negative option marketing, but there has been some progress at the state level. Do your bit for public service.

4. Save a copy for your personal records.

Good luck!


  • La
    Larry M May 30, 2008

    How does a company get away with such devious, deceptive and under-handed business practices for so long and not get shut down by the FTC. I ordered one book a few years ago and it was pure BS...nothing like all the hype that preceeded it. Since then I've received numerous books, publications and truckloads of junk mail from them, none of which I requested. Now I'm getting a bill for a book I never ordered and threats to report me to the credit bureaus if I don't pay them. They are running a scam that is based on the knowledge that the average consumer won't be able to fight them on their own and can't hire a $200 an hour attorney to settle a claim for a $40 book. I can't believe they are allowed to stay in business. How do we stop this? Their bills they send in the mail don't have a customer service number to call and writing cancel on the bill or sending the book back doesn't work. I sent one book back and they claimed they never received it. Thank God I saved the receipt and got a signature at their end. I had to send them a registered letter with a photocopy of the receiving signature to get them to stop billing me. But, that didn't stop them. They just sent me another unsolicited book and the billing process started all over again. There has to be some way to shut that monster down.

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  • Gw
    GWGraybar Jun 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I never ordered nor do I intend to pay for your materials. I received a bill that I will turn over to my attorney for resolution. I in no way shape or form intend to be buffaloed by some snake oil salesman disguised as a Doctor, so in the future your collection efforts will go straight to the shredder and I hope you find some relieve knowing that I will never pay, nor will I submit to your bogus collection letters, try and ruin my credit, and I will see you in court, or prove that I ordered a book from you using a credit card or any other viable means to complete a legit transaction. I bet you can not produce the support documents to verify your scandalous money sucking tirade on one not so unsuspecting of a scam! Take your Prozac and sleep it off, it will help with your dillusional attitude to attempt to prey on the unsuspecting! Get a life, clown...

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  • Je
    JennaAhn Apr 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    About all you can do is stop paying them for the books and eventually they might give up.

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did not order books, but got a bill

Got a reminder notice for a book I never ordered from Bottom Line Books...never got the first bill because I never ordered the book in the first place. Never saw the book or the first bill, because I didn't order it.
This really upsets me, because I was unemployed in March and didn't find a job untill 5 weeks ago...I'm facing forcloser on my home of 20 years and barely able to survive on what I'm making at a part time job that pays $6.55 an hour.
I'm living on food stamps and have begged and borrowed all there is to get from the state and family and friends...why would I purchase something like a book??? When I can't even afford to buy Christmas for my grandbaby ???
They want me to pay $47.94 for something I didn't order...that is enough for a nice present for my grandbady...this really makes me mad...and it makes me cry...like I don't have enough to worry about.

  • Re
    Registered Nurse Feb 05, 2009

    We have now been billed 3 times for a book we ordered. Consequently, I have phoned them and am returning the book along with an additional book that I ordered from them as well as the free books they sent. I do not even want the free books in my possession! I am very disappointed in Hugh Downs for accepting a salary from them and them ripping off the elderly who may have forgotten and paid them again! How do I report this infomercial company and stop their abuse?

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remove my name from mailing list

I wish to have my name and E-mail address removed from your mailing list Robert E. Kirgan