Boston Pizza Internationalthe rude arrogant manager

M Aug 13, 2018

It was fourth time we ordered same thin crust pizza from this location the only request was well done but they sent us burnt pizza instead ! When we called back to complaint about it to manager named Abdul he started telling us that this is how thin crust well done is, in very rude manner . When my bf told them it not first time we are asking for thin crust and well done but it never tasted like this before the manager started to argue about it and ask us to give back pizza to driver. We waited for one hour for delivery and that's the way how Boston manager spoke to their customer that they don't know taste. After a long argue when we told them we gonna complaint about him to their higher manager he apologized in rude way and said he will send us another pizza .After another long hour we called them back that we haven't received our pizza and it's been like an hour his reply was sorry you guys hung up call and I couldn't take your address again and it's not my responsibility to call you back we were hungry and we didn't had car that night to drive we asked him to again send us now we can wait he said I m sorry I m not going to send you guys a free pizza or even if you come tomorrow to complaint to anyone my bf was still talking when he said have a good day and hang up call . Is this kind of service Boston pizza is doing such mannerless managers who even don't care about customer if they are complaining it's their duty to make them satisfy we even didn't ate our first pizza in order to send it back but wat a service we got sorry you guys need to have good customer helping managers and not like this one.
Such a bad service never gonna order back again from here all respect gone for Boston pizza !! #Abdulrudemanager

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