Boston Pizza Internationalcrispy chicken pecan salad

I Jul 19, 2019

July 12 - Mississauga Location - 2 customers
July 18 - Milton Location - 4 customers
On the above dates myself and guests had lunch in your restaurants. I noticed on July 12 that the Crispy Chicken Peacan Salad was reduced in size and in ingredients. You have removed the egg and added cucumber and reduced the amount of lettuce in the salad. I thought the Mississauga salad was terrible knowing that the location I frequent most, Milton, does not serve a salad so lacking.

Lo and behold on July 18 we frequented your Milton location to find that this is a menu change, no egg, less lettuce and cucumber added. Really!!! And of course, no price change. Another in my party noticed that her normal pizza has reduced in size.

I will now rethink where my regular lunch establishment will be. I wouldn't even mind paying a little extra to get a good salad but no, you reduce everything and keep the same price. So there's your reasonable solution.

I was quite upset at the amount I paid for what I received.

East Side Marios, here we come.

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