Boston Market Corporationturkey/ mod

Friday September 27th at 9:30 pm I walked into Boston Market in Highland Indiana . I ordered two turkeys dinners to go. I paid and left. I get to the car to get a quick bite and continue my journey until I bit into the turkey and the texture was alarming. I went back into the restaurant to let her kno that something was right with the turkey. The manager took it out the bag and opened the dish and we both at the same time saw that the turkey was still bleeding. OMG!!! I damn near lost my mind . I asked for my money back and while I'm upset and waiting for a refund the guy who cut the meat said that he gave me the best they had . Oh that pissed me off even more . That meal transferred to two people so I'm wondering how didn't anyone catch that before I ate it. The manager acted like it wa any fault and gave me my money so I could get out her store .

Sep 28, 2019

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