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ordered over $1000 in gear never got a thing

Four months ago, we Ordered a Numark Mixdeck Quad and three LED lights from 123dj and were charged for the items and NEVER recovered a dime nor got our products.

Bunch of scammers for sure. I am in contact with the Illinois attorney generals office and am prepared to go forth with bank fraud and larceny charges against these thieves!

Bill Robinson
Good Time DJs


Wow, wish I would've seen this website before as now I know, do not order from this place. I ordered a mixer and never received it but, was definitely charged. I called and apparently they don't have it in stock and suddenly "plan to take it off our website. " I spent over 20 mins on hold just to get an answer and only did so after I hung up and called again. This place is a fraud, do not order from then at all, they are here to take your money. Thankfully credit card companies do fight on your behalf but, for the person who lets things go, they are out there looking for you to shop with them.

technical pro mkr17

I ordered this microphone from 123dj on Sept 13, 2015 and received it Sept 19, 2015. After getting home and...

fraudulent procedure

About 123DJ
I totally agree about the awful, terrible, disrespectful and fraudulent service offered by www.123dj.com

For some months ago I bought a microphone mount for $10.00 and I never received neither the mount nor the money back, but I didn't give much importance because I was very busy with other work efforts.

Now in may 2014 I bought an AKG Wireless Microphone Set and one of the microphones was not working properly. From this moment I start to live an ordeal. I contacted 123DJ regarding this situation and it took more than one week to get an e-mail with an authorization number to return the product for an exchange. When I sent the Mic Set by USPS, the postman couldn't deliver it because "there were any authorized person to receive the package", for that reason my package was almost 20 days at the Post Office in Ilinois to be picked up and they never did. Even when the postman left a notification about to pick up the package at the Post Office and even when I called several times to them to advise about the situation... And even more when I had talked personally with Nils, the supposed owner of the business.

My best advice: NEVER BUY AT WWW.123DJ.COM ... If You don't want to waste your money and your time!!!

Just make a Search at Google and you will easy find many reviews of defrauded customers.

fraudulent procedure

False advertising / poor quality

Very poor quality headphones that does not come close to meeting the advertisement. The product was poorly...

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improper equipment pairing, customer service

I ordered a DJ lighting system from this company.
It was listed on their website as 2 light bars, and a controller.
specifically, 2 x Stormchaser LED bars, 1 chauvet controller.
The controller (confirmed with the manufacturer) was not compatable with the lights; controller did not have sufficient channels (3-channel as oppossed to 8)
Phoned 123dj.com; they denied a problem; that they have sold numerous of these packages. I PHONED the LED manufacturer, and they confirmed problem. Went back to 123dj.com AND TOLD them to contact manufacturer and of error.
Customer service rep. is Neal; neal assured me numerous times that he would fix this problem asap. That new controller would be out in "a couple weeks" to me "at no cost".
When it had not arrived in a few weeks, i phoned again, and mentioned of an important upcoming show in 3 weeks; Neal assurred me it would arrive by then. (that was in march)
to date (this is approx. 4 months later from problem; 5+ months from original purchase), no new controller has been received; no credit issued, no request for return or exchange.
apparently, this company (in my opinion) is very happy to sell you any mish-mash of 3rd party equipment, but support or post-delivery; forget about any help.
also; to get through to customer service (neal), they will typically leave you on hold 10+ mins. - so call toll-free if you can.
unless it's strictly purchasing 3rd party equipment that might be cheaper through 123dj.com, i would suggest purchasing elsewhere.


Called this company on 3/11/13 spoke to them in person, asked about a external sound card and a 6' rca to rca cable, asked the sales person are they in stock, he replied yes, so I ordered online. Got a email on 3/12/13 payment was processed. Got another email on 3/14/13 was sent to shipping would be contacted by shipping department with tracking info. It never came!!! I called them on 3/20/13 and spoke with them again about my order, they informed my order was not in stock, but just came in that morning and would be on next truck, I would receive a email in a couple of hours with tracking info. That didn't happen of course. Contacted them again on 3/21/13 and spoke to Eric, who informed me it was in shipping, it didn't make the truck on 3/20/13 as I was promised. It would be on the truck today, ok feels like i'm in a circle of lies here. How convientant the day I call to complain and check on my order, it just came in...but it doesn't shipm now that's is some BS. And it's gonna ship again, it's been well over 3 hrs no email received yet with tracking info. I should have read all the complaints before trying to purchase anything from them, the poor feedback they have received is amazing, they are all over the web with poor reviews and now I know why. Beware when calling them, customer service is rude and unprofessional, they will keep trying to hang up, telling you that someone will contact you when they find the right person, no one answering a phone their has any ownership of anything, they just want to hang up rather than deal with you, I didn't let them hangup. They've lied to me to get me to purchase, they lied to me about shipping to keep purchase, I've filed a complaint with the BBB and the city of Chicago Consumer Retail department, since they are not an accredited BBB business it just brings light on them to do the right thing, if you file a complaint with the City of Chicago Consumer division, they will really get into them or not renew any licenses, I recommend anyone done wrong by 123DJ.com/Minimax Electronics to file the complaint with the City, stop this business before get burned like the rest of us...

did not follow through

I ordered a sale priced item online, and my credit card was immediately charged in full. I called one week later for a shipping update and was told my item was on back order but they were getting more in three days and it would immediately be shipped to me. I called back another week later for an update and was told my order had been canceled several days ago. I asked for the manager and was told he got more of my item in the day before, and he would email me a tracking number within the hour.

Over the next six days I called multiple times, the manager promised me each day that my order was going out that day and a tracking number would be emailed to me in just a few minutes. Twenty days after my original order being placed, and my credit card being charged in full for the item, I finally had to have a friend that lives in Chicago go to their store, get my item for me, and ship it to me at my expense.

The item description included free shipping and a free flight case. I did not receive the flight case because even though it was pictured on the site and listed in the sale price description, they claimed the case did not apply to discounted items. I will never do business with this company again.

mirror ball kit

I ordered a 16" mirror ball kit on line. I received a box with a big hole in it and a damaged mirror ball. I took Pictures and sent in the claims form. I did get a replacement two weeks later. I also received a motor for an 8" - 12" mirror ball and not a 16" mirror ball. I called the company and that acted like everyone gets that motor. Their own website gave me the ratings so I asked for a replacement. they said they would order one from American DJ. It has been four weeks and I missed two dances because I still didn't get the motor. I called again and I talked to Neil the manager. He said the motor was on back order from ADJ and he had a motor from Chauvet that will work. He sent me a motor that was cheaper then the one that came with the kit. I called him back and he said he would take care of it but I do not have the time or patience. I am going to contact my credit card and dispute 25.00 of the charge and go to a real business to get it done. To conclude, avoid this company if at all possible. If you do deal with them, be sure you use a credit card so you can dispute the charges and protect your investment.

the ### support

At first when I came across the site I was like it was a good site at first. I then realize it just isn't so good after all. Im only 15 and bought my first equipment from them at age 13. I do have a pretty successful business now but still this site is horrible. Over the summer I had purchases a $140.00 subwoofer that was 1, 000 watts and it turned out the site's creator was such a fat ### and decided to be lazy and didn't bother to put in the information that the speaker was made for surround sound systems, not for djing. So I call the site up and tell them I wanted a refund and explained what happened and I told them I didn't know it wasn't for djing. So they charge me for shipping which ticked me off but it wasn't overpriced like the one guy said that this same site charged $225 on shipping. So I called the site and confirmed the return and asked if they got my item back. I forgot what I said but like when I sent it back it stopped working, and I did check the fuse which was okay. So I got on the phone w / the returns manager and he said he was going to check it and was going to call me back in a few minutes. I never got a call back. And somehow either fedex or the site got my shipment screwed up last month and I had ordered a light stand and two packages with 4 lights in each. When it had arrived I only got the stand and one of the light packages. I did call them about it and the guy I was on the phone with said he would call me back if there was a problem and he also sent me another email for another shipment of the same lights at no extra charge. It is a good site if your looking for a good price tho. But any other things not so much. I suggest you buy from like guitar center or other stores.

no invoice not re crediting account / refusal to answer contact attempts

Hello my name is steve scheid,
I represent maki'n memories music service / special fx ultimate dance party
Please head my warnning!!! Xxx
This is hands down the most incompetent inexperienced business I have ever come across in my 50 years of life!
This is my second (And last bad experience I have encountered with this amateur excuse for a business!!
On september 22nd 2012 I made an online purchase in the amount of $149.00. Received the words confirmed and that was it no invoice or receipt of any kind??? This is very strange in and of itself??? The next day I received notice from them that my credit card was not going through and that I needed to call my bank. (This has never occurred before). Hours later charge showed up on the account that they said was not workable
I decided to cancel the order i. Never received any response what so ever! (with multiple attempts of contact by phone/e-mail)
I wrote back to them cancelling the order. I received no response and no invoice to this date of 10 / 01 / 2012
They ripped me off for $149.00 and I received no product and no credit to my card.
Please take note**** the have recently changed their phone system to seem to be professional (By asking you to dial the extension of the person you want to speak to). Guess what their is no directory! This is their way to avoid fielding the constant barrage of complaints that I am certain are coming in on a daily basis.

I did talk to one woman on one occasion who said a reciept would be sent and card would be credited still no results (as of today) 10/01/2012 (this was only after I told her I would proceed to file a complaint with the bbb.

No invoice or sales reciepts??? Is this not illegal?? This company should be investagated by the feds!
Now working for cash???
I will now contact the bbb, the mayor of the city as well as the cchamber of commerce!

I advise all of the other people that have issued complaints to this site to do the same!

Steve scheid

  • Pl
    Platinum Dj's Feb 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They suck at everything. With all the bad reviews I'm surprised they are still in business. A bunch of scam artist. They always have coupon special with no were to input coupon code. When checking out they tell to input coupon code in comments and they will deduct from total but they never do. I've spent over $6, 000 in the past year and never got a coupon deduction. When I call they don't return calls, email and when they do they say my order didn't qualify for discount coupon.. 123dj pure Garbaga...

    0 Votes

never got items

Do not order from these idiots. Incomplete order issue has never been able to be resolved for 5 months. All I ever got was a bunch of lies and empty promises from customer service. You want to know why there the cheapest on the web. Because you are going to get ripped off. 123ripoff is what they should change there name to..

Odyssey won't have the dnmc6000 case un till right after labor day. Sorry
For any inconvenience this might have caused. If you want I can switch
You to bag. But the flight case won't be there till after labor day

Hey randy i'm sorry for the long delay on the denon case that you ordered.
I want to give you a up date on the case. Unfortunately it's gonna be
Another two weeks before those case are in odyssey warehouse in
California. I have you on a list so will have one reserved for you.
Odyssey is only gonna have 300 of them in on there first batch and from
What they have told me that they have way more then that on back order for
All there dealers threw out the country

Five months after order and still no case

Another order I placed before I knew what I was getting into was never received no refund rebilled for shipping and I still never got it.

Call the better business bureau and file a complaint. These people should be out of business!!!

horrible customer service

I just want to mention that I have spent thousand of dollars with this company over the past 10 years maybe even longer. But on march 26th I was treated like a dog. I purchased 2 dns 1200 cd players and I was going to use them as software controllers. Unfortunately I was unable to get them to work correctly. I believe I did not have the correct software. Since I was unable to use these items I decide to return them. I spent 900 dolars on these items. These [censor] charged me a 177 dolar restocking fee. I understand that these are the rules at their company but I figured since I have been a loyal and faithful customer for over 10 years they would be willing to work with me. Boy was I wrong. I hate to mention name but that [censor] named russell I pray that he burns in hell. He treated me like [censor]. Please everyone if u can please stay away from 123dj located in chicago. They are the worst. I plan to go there in the near future to pass out flyers to people that shop there to let them know how horrible they treat customers. I plan to stop at nothing to disrupt some of there business. And the way russell made me feel I hope I never see him on the street. Hes going to regret it...

  • Co
    cornelius ried Apr 15, 2011

    big ups to neil and ellie at 123dj.com, i recently had a problem with a item i purchased, although it was a few days past the return policy date, the were able to help me out. they check the unit and found that it was defective and swapped it out with no problem at all. i really appreciate that kind of customer service. im putting them back on my number 1 list, thanks 123dj for your help. cornelius reid, ps . disregard my earlier complaint

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they suck ###

As you have read before all the things said are exactly true, I wish I would have read them before I ordered... We pay alot of money for the equipment to be treated like this company treats us
And the packaging is dangerous on the items cause there isn't none only factory containers not the additonal shipping needs and the say one thing and do another and make empty promises this photo
Is how my amp arrived exactly like you see... Is there prices worth the hassle absolutely not...

123dj sucks assssssssssssssss paul olney

they suck ###

bait and switch

I agree with the negative reviews posted here. My experience with 123DJ.com two separate times was I ordered a certain item and received a different, less expensive brand. For example, I ordered a pair of wireless Gemini microphones and waited nearly a month before I contacted them for an order status update. They ignored my first e-mail, and then after I sent a second e-mail, they finally sent the order out and sent me a tracking number. When my order came, it was a pair of Nady brand wireless microphones (not the Gemini set I ordered). The Nady's are valued at $10 less than the Gemini. When I called their shipping department, they told me someone had called and talked to me, and I had approved the change! When that story, didn't work, they got someone else on the phone that told me the Nady's were actually a better quality microphone, but if I didn't like them I could return them. I would, however, have to wait for the Gemini because they were on backorder.

Another time I ordered Chauvet lights and instead received Eliminator brand. On that same order, they sent me a spot light instead of a strobe. I contacted them, and they sent me a strobe. It didn't work. I sent it back for a replacement.

In summary, 123DJ.com has good prices, but not really any better than some more reputable on-line businesses. There is definitely something very fishy and unscrupulous about them.

  • Bl
    Blackghost Dec 12, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst company you could possibly order from. I cancelled my order 10 minutes after placing it. They still went ahead and charged me for an item that I never received. It's been over two months now still no refund from them...worst...worst worst company ever...please stay away!

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worst company

Please never order ant thing from this Company.
I order 4 pieces and i get it untill now just 2 pieces of my order.
I'm bussy evry day call them to get my order and i ordered 1 months ago.
Don;t believe what they say, they want just sale and when get your money you have to call and call and call... to get your order.
That's not joke. I talk with superviser so many times and always he said ok, but you will never see that word.

  • Sp
    Spin City Feb 19, 2012

    Ordered Behringer Eurolive speaker package. Comes with 2 speakers, cables and the mounting stand. Speakers came but no stand, called 123DJ they said it back ordered. Called a week later, still back ordered, another week came by made another call to them and this time they were saying they gave us a better speaker than what was ordered. Which was a total bull**** because we received the same exact speakers that I ordered Eurolive B315A. So we never get our speaker stand until now. Customer service suck sooo bad!!! We will never ever do business wit 123DJ ever again.

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unprofessional, unreliable

I will never give this company my business again.

Promises regarding shipment times were made over the phone, but not kept. E-mails regarding customer concerns went unanswered.
Shipments arrived late; sometimes in questionable condition. Items were poorly packed for shipping, often using wads of tape around refashioned boxes, with very little padding. A recent light stand that I purchased arrived with its adjustment knobs shattered for this reason.
123djs "all sales are final" policy means that any problem with a product which is not immediately apparent will probably not be dealt with. Any return authorizations given are at the customer's expense for return shipping and for store credit only.

One of my recent orders went missing in their warehouse for a couple of weeks. When I called to check on its status, they realized that it had been set aside, but never shipped.
I purchased from this company online three times and had problems each time.
123dj is out of strikes and out of chances with me.

I advise all professionals with deadlines and the need for reliable equipment to avoid 123dj.

straight up scammers!

Everything, I repeat, everything bad you've read about minimax electronics, inc. Dba "123dj.com" is 100% true! I wish I had read their reviews prior to ordering from them. I won't go into too many details about my personal order, but believe me and all the other folks complaining about them when we say don't trust 123dj.com! Don't trust them, don't buy from them, don't even engage a conversation with those rude, conniving, lying a**holes. They'll take your money, won't send you the equipment you ordered, or send you the wrong thing on purpose. They don't even have 90% of the gear they "sell" on their website. They don't check emails, they don't send them, they don't make phone calls to confirm orders, they blatantly lie about shipping your order. Straight up if I lived in the chi, i'd go straight to their store and confront these fools... Maybe I should save up some money and make a trip... That's how much they pissed me off

damaged product

I ordered some odyssey blackout cases for my technics. Both cases arrived damaged like if they were used...

big headache

123dj.com is headache don't order anything if you dont want to have nightmare. I order numark djio on 11/07-09 and they send maya 44 after 2 week. I sent maya 44 back on I call every week to get my money back is almost 2 months after and I still haven't got my money I call 10 times and they always say "don't worry we credit back to your card" and never happens. I don't know what to do next may by loose my money

I hope this help to you before order don't make the same mistake. Yes they charge on my credit car right away but never back

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