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dslr camera

On July 21st, 2017 I purchased a refurbished Nikon D7100 Camera from Abe's of Maine at a reasonable price. The next day I got a call from the asking me if I would rather buy the retail version which was only 100 or so more. I should have canceled the order right then but on an impulse decided to buy the new one. I noticed right off that the battery seemed to drain much faster but it was not totally unacceptable. A few months later it sudden starting draining the battery in one hour if left on. I changed lens to make sure that was not the problem. I also changed batteries and tried to eliminate any possibility of it being something besides the camera. I call the customer service line and after being on hold for a few minutes an automated voices says " goodbye" and hangs up. I tried to call again, the same thing. I finally called their sales line which answered immediately. They promised me that someone named Lisa would call me back the next day and that the reason the customer service line got no answer was because they were in a meeting. No one ever called back. I called Nikon to get educated on them not being an authorized dealer and that I would be out 250.00 just got get the camera repaired, maybe. This company will take your money and not honor their guarantee. They are deceptive unscrupulous jerks with no integrity.

No order, no refund, no customer service

I don't trust them anymore. Don't know what I was thinking and why I continued dealing with hem after they called me and asked to verify my order after I placed it. It's strange because usually, no one needs any kind of confirmation from customers. Are they special or what?

Ok, I confirmed everything they wanted. I was promised the camera would be delivered within 2 weeks. Great, I was excited. However, nothing has arrived yet, it's been 5 weeks since they last called me and told me about the delivery date. I emailed and called them, but got no response. What kind of service is that? I want my money back.

I will take my business elsewhere

A simple scheme like this works almost everywhere: a person orders something and gets an email with a...

fraudulent company!

I was shocked when I found Abe's of Maine website! They had very large variety of products an prices were so great, so I decided to order immediately. I wanted a camera for such a long time and I thought that I finally found a great place to buy one. I placed my order and paid for it. Waited patiently for weeks but nothing arrived so I called them to ask about my order. The phone number provided on their website was not working, so I tried to email them but there was no response! Only then I understood that Abe's of Maine was too good to be true. These people scammed me and stole my money! Avoid at all costs!

broken camera lens

Abe's of Maine seems like a scam! Tried to contact someone from the company many times but they never answered. They have a contact phone number on their website but they never pick up! I received a defective camera. The camera itself was ok, but the lens was damaged. I paid over $1000 for the camera and I was expecting to get high quality product, and was shocked when I saw that lens was completely smashed! Of course I can take it to the repair service, but in my opinion it is their responsibility and they should give me a replacement!

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Hi This has to be the worst company in the world! I placed an order with them. I never got my order. and...

no shipping yet, 13 days after I was ordered and billed

No shipping yet, 13 days after I was ordered and billed. No notice of back order and "it will leave the warehouse in a day or two". multiple emails not answered, and lied to on phone regarding shipping--"just went on the truck". Ridiculous hours, especially for the west coast. There will be an upsell call after ou order online--that is why I order online, to avoid that. Worst transaction other, waiting on Paypal dispute, may escalate, to get a refund.

Avoid at all costs.

  • Li
    Lippe Aug 20, 2011

    Scammers. They write their own reviews. Instead of Google search for "abes of maine" do a search for "abes of maine scam". Customers service terrible. They charged my card after i had canceled. I had Visa website open and watched as they charged my card.

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  • Ru
    Rukiano Sep 05, 2012

    Do not purchase from these Crooks!!! I purchased an $800 laptop 2weeks ago it was delivered & fried will not even turn on! I've called them/ emailed been left on hold for hours ect...They need to be shut down!!! Theifs!

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besides this being terrible business, it is criminal

I purchased a camera from Abes of Maine in Edison, NJ and paid 119.00 for 5 year warranty and I’ve been emailing and calling for over a week. No one will return my messages. Besides this being terrible business, it is criminal. I have a problem with my camera and no one will help me. I have recently noticed some other people with horrible testimonies with the company too. If I can not get any help I should at least get my money back for the extended warranty. Shame on you!

replacement of camera

Bought 3 year warranty. Camera became inoperable. Called warranty company. Said they would replace camera. Waited requisite 14 business days. No camera. Called numerous times both to Abe's and warranty company. Now found out model no longer made. Have all lenses and accessories. No one is getting back to me. So frustrated. May have good prices, but bad customer service. Left holing the bag! Recommend going to small camera store to buy equipment

Read their customer service promise. They do not uphold!

  • Pw
    PWin Jun 30, 2015

    The complaints and reviews Abe's of Maine has got on consumer affairs seem to be showing a great deal of variety. I guess it comes down to the personal experience of each customer.

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  • Pw
    PWin Jul 21, 2015

    http://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/abes-of-maine.html all is mixed up here

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Like everyone else here, don't do business with them. They offer free shipping them try to upsel you some expensive shipping. They charged my credit card after i had canceled the order. I had the Visa website open and watched they charge my card after being told the cancel went through. They get real snotty when you tell them the State Attorney Generals office is now involved. There should be a Federal law against scammers like this.

lack of customer service

Total lack of customer service and respect for customer. I placed an order with them on Monday morning for laptop with overnight shipping and paid $45 just for the shipping. I followed up with a call to confirm the order and request for tracking number. I was assured I will have my laptop by tomorrow and I should receive my tracking number by the end of the day.
No tracking number ever showed on their site or nay emails! called the next day and the message says" we are closing early on Monday afternoon and closed all day Tuesday and Wednesday"! Great! Paid for overnight shipping and which actually took 5 days!
I can understand and respect that any business can close for holidays but they should have the courtesy of warning customers on their website and also inform them when they place order and to just take their money and provide them with no service.

  • Sa
    SarahatAbes Apr 21, 2011

    Hello-- Can you email me your order #-- Sarah @ abes of maine (dot) com-- i will do my best to correct this for you.

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order canceled without any contact

I ordered Canon 50mm F1.4 USM Lens. It was the chepest price I found on the internet. They charged my credit card. I received confirmation email. I even received a second confirmation email that says it had been shipped. I was supposed to receive it in 5-6 days. After I didn't received it in 10 days and I realized they put the money back to my credit card. They never told me anything, they didn't call me, they haven't sent any email. And now I see that they changed the price of the lens. I called them (Mike Grant, my personal Sales Agent as I received an email), there was no answer, I left a voicemail, they haven't called me yet. I will make many other complaints to every website. People should never buy anything from them. They

order canceled without any contact
order canceled without any contact
order canceled without any contact

Abe's of Maine

selling unstocked product & bait & switch

When buying an exercise bike on their webiste it states 'shipment in 6-8 days'. In reality Abe's of Maine does not even stock any of this equipment. The item was ordered on Feb 6 and the 'estimated' ship date is now Feb 25, 19 days later. Also, I received a call today. Instead of free shipping, the caller suggested I pay $99 additional for UPS. This is a safer method than using a Freight forwarder that could 'tranfer the shipment' 7-8 times in route, therefore risking damage. This damage I as the customer would need to claim with the freight forwarder and Abe's of Maine would not be responsible. BUT, by paying them $99 for UPS I could avoid this risk. I said forget it, send it by Freight forwarder. Then the caller pretended to talk to his manager and the UPS dropped to $29. I then said 'cancel the order' and the UPS suddenly dropped to zero, because I lived in Wisconsin and he liked the Green Bay Packers. No kidding. These guys a crooks.

extended warranty not being covered

I purchased a 46" Samsung TV along with a 5 year extended service warranty from Abe's of Maine in 2007...

used tv sold as new

Same problems as all of the other negative reviews, item still has not shipped 4 days after ordering, I finally contacted them myself and got the upsell treatment on everything from shipping to accessories. Like everyone else, it is not worth the $50 I saved to go through this BS.
Never again.
Like everyone else, I get a phone call from the VP, wasn't home to get it. Also received email, which I replied to and have not got a response back. He tells me in the email that the item shipped 3 days after ordering, yet his own tracking bill shows that it hadn't even been picked up by the carrier until 6 days later. Now I'm being lied to. Nice way to do business.
Tried calling Dave back, no return call. From his own tracking info, see the following:
10/11/2010 14:33 PICKED UP
Ordered on the 5th, picked up for shipping 6 days later after I made numerous calls. I dont know what kind of math Dave does over there, but 6 days is not 3 days. Please stop the lies.
Spoke with VP Dave yesterday, he blames their server system for the inability of their system to provide real time tracking data. as of this morning, there is still no tracking data for me, other than the item was "picked up" on the 11th.
Dave says he spoke with the shipping company and I should "expect" delivery around the 20th, which would be 15 days after placing the order, assuming of course it shows up. Dave did offer me some "extras" for my inconvenience, however, I would prefer to have had my TV within the 7-10 day window they promise. Will see how this plays out and update accordingly.
10/22/10 Final Update
The nightmare is over!! After pleading with Dave to ensure I did not get a used/demo/repackaged etc. TV, what shows up at my doorstep? You guessed it, a used TV in a busted up box, no packing inside the box and the TV had about an inch of filth on it. To top it off, the "delivery service" was some kid who had this stuck in the back seat of his car. Needless to say, I refused the order and took pictures. I immediately called Dave who assures me this was not his companies fault and wants to know if he can ship out another TV. Also, pleaded with me not to give another negative review.Well, after waitng 16 days for 7-10 day shipping and then receiving a used TV from the back seat of some kids car, I politely declined and asked for a refund. The only positive here was that the money was credited back to my account as of today. All said, this was by far the WORST experience of my life, it made buying a new car look easy. People, please pay attention to all of the other reviews and learn from our mistakes. This place is bad news and not worth saving $50 for. Read this excerpt from the BBB regarding another Abe's run by the same people:
On May 22, 2007, this company's membership in the Metropolitan New York BBB was revoked by our BBB's Board of Directors due to the company’s repeated and unauthorized use of the BBB logo and failure to eliminate the underlying cause of complaints on file concerning: non-delivery of products, misrepresentation of availability of merchandise, refusal to honor cancellations or provide timely refunds, unprofessional conduct, failure to resolve customer complaints, overcharging, undisclosed cancellation of orders, improper upselling tactics, and bait & switch selling. Enough said...Buyer beware!
Any of my comments can be verified by reading the reveiws and checking the BBB link at:
Again, beware of ths place!!!
18 pages (almost 200)of reviews rated at 1 on this site alone!!!
Poor Dave will not let this go...Now he claims the used TV they sent me was somehow switched and is trying to charge me for it. UNBELIVEABLE!!!
Like I have a stable of TV's sitting around to do this...Lucky for me, I have two witnesses including the driver who confirmed what was sent, along with pictures. Nice try DAVE>>>>>>>>>>>

used tv sold as new

Abes of Maine
  • Sr
    Srini R Dec 13, 2010

    I odered a 55 inch TV, when I plugged in the TV all red lines allover the tv. So I called Abesofmaine they said they cannot do anything I have to call Samsung. They have to do service on the TV. Eventhough its not my fault, this is a stupid retailer do not believe them they all fake and bad customer service. Please do not buy any TV or anything from them. Please don't get cheated like me. I have no idea what to do.

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sold a broken tv

Abe's of Maine sold me a broken TV. DOA out of the box, and would not swap it for a new one. When i callled them they tried to blame it on the shipping company and would not replace it. So i had to call Samung (the manufactuer) to get it repaired...

So i purchased a new TV and ended up receiving a bad, repaired TV. Abe's of Maine sucks! im so pissed on how this entire transaction unfolded that im contacting my local media (newspaper & TV) in an attempt to bring awareness to how this company operates.

stay far away from abe's of maine

I purchased a TV from Abe's of Maine on Apr 22, 2010 guy calls on Apr 23 trying to up-sell me on shipping, the included mount, and warranty. They charge me for my purchase ($963.18) and tell me I will have it 7-10 days max and I will get a tracking number e-mailed to me when it ships. it has been 4 days now and no TV no tracking number nothing on website, so I call. They inform me on Apr 28 that they don't have one of these in stock and don't expect delivery of this item for at least 7-10 more days but aren't sure they will get them then (according to customer service). I am calling back to get them to refund my money and buy from someone else and recommend that everyone else do the same.

takes money but don't honor warrenty

I bought a GPS device from Abe's of Maine and a separate 3 year warranty in 2007 for about $850.00. When I called in May 2009 regarding GPS systems giving problems, they told me the warranty company went out of business and my GPS is no longer warranted even though I bought the warranty from ABES OF MAINE and not the other company.

Please do not do any business with them. They are corrupt, unprofessional and they have terrible customer service. I am going to file a complaint with the better business bureau. Buyer be careful. I hope they go out of business SOON. I hope the government comes after them. They deserve to be punished.

  • Wa
    Waranty by Abe's Jan 21, 2010

    Abe's of Maine shall be liable for the extended waranty it sold to its customers.

    Many bought extended waranty from Abe's of Maine and found out now that Abe's would not honor it. The reason was that the RepairTech was out of business. But, we did not buy the waranty from RepairTech. We bought the extended warrentee from Abe's of Maine.

    For those who bought the extended warrentee from Abe's and could not get the service, a class action might be a way to get Abe's of Maine to honor what they sold to customers.

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  • Ne
    Nevro Jun 18, 2010

    Abe's of Maine sold me a broken TV. DOA out of the box, and would not swap it for a new one. When i callled them they tried to blame it on the shipping company and would not replace it. So i had to call Samung (the manufactuer) to get it repaired...

    So i purchased a new TV and ended up receiving a bad, repaired TV. Abe's of Maine sucks! im so pissed on how this entire transaction unfolded that im contacting my local media (newspaper & TV) in an attempt to bring awareness to how this company operates.

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  • Sb
    sbluhrs106 Nov 08, 2010

    Had the same thing happen with my Abe's of Maine purchase - with my warranty that I purchased through Abe's of Maine. I'd love to get into a class action suit with this. They should just suck it up and find a way to repair or replace the items. You wonder if the warranty would have been honored at all. I have a feeling that this was a ripoff from the start.

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  • Nj
    NJDNICE Nov 27, 2010

    From a legal points of view if ANY warranty company goes out of business they have to transfer over the information you provided to them including the amount you paid for the purchase. The company you originally purchased the item from has the legal duty to assign a new warranty company and has to advice you of the changes. Keep in mind the company, in this case Abe's of Maine gets a portion of the charges that you provide towards the warranty. That being said Abe's of Maine has put themselves in the middle of a binding contract that includes you and the warranty company assigned to cover your unit. You also have the legal right to dispute the charges for the entire purchase with the credit/ debit card company and depending on the credit card company they will fight on your behalf to take back what is yours. Every case is different but before seeing a judge keep in mind major credit/debit companies cover you in these just cases as they pertain to the "fraud" or in some case "dissatisfaction of purchase or services rendered". There are many ways you can look into getting your money back in any of these cases so do not just sit around and expect the issue will be resolved on its own. Good luck and God Bless.

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don't honor warranty

I bought an Sharp Aquas Flat Screen LC37D62U from Abe's and a separate 3 year warranty in 2007. My sound started to disappear and I could not make it louder. I called Abe's for repair and they said my warranty was with "Repair Tech" and they went out of business. Abes chose that company for their warranties so they should be responsible for their business liaisons.One more reason never to buy a warranty.

  • Sb
    sbluhrs106 Nov 08, 2010

    I had the same thing happen - I purchased a Garmin Edge 305 in 2008. This is a cyclometer/heart rate monitor/GPS item used while cycling. This year it started to turn off intermittently while I was riding and became unusable. I got mad and stuck it in a drawer. I finally found it again, after I found my original purchase invoice and I saw I had a three year warranty. Called today, they claimed the same thing as with you - repair place went out of business a few months ago and they can't do anything for me. What a flipping ripoff!

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unauthorized charges

This store has stolen from us - and their salesmen are pushy, shifty and underhanded. I placed an order for a new TV on 10/17/2008 at 4:28 p.m. CDT. I then had a question and called them, only to hear a recording stating that they are only open four days a week and a half-day on Fridays. I canceled my order immediately (4:55 p.m. CDT).

The following Monday, 10/19/2008 (11:20 a.m. CDT), I received an email from Adi Reed with Abe's confirming the cancellation. My bank card was not charged at that point. Then, a pushy salesman with Abe's named Larry called several times during the week and left messages for me. I did not call him back because I purchased the TV from another merchant.

On October 24, Larry went into their system and created a whole new order (new order number and everything) and charged my card $1, 547.18 without my knowledge or consent! This caused my bank account to be overdrawn by over $1, 000 and has caused severe financial hardship, not to mention several hundred dollars in overdraft charges. Because this credit card is linked to my checking account, I will be charged $35 for each and every overdraft. So far, the bank is already going to charge $325.00. More is sure to follow. The bank has not posted these charges, but they will do so tonight.

I intend to pursue this to the fullest extent of the law. I believe that this Larry at Abe's of Maine knowingly, and maliciously, processed this charge in spite of the fact that I had clearly canceled the order.

I am disabled and we don't have a lot of money, and $1, 500 is a lot to us. It appears (to me) that Larry got frustrated/angry because I didn't return his phone calls and subject myself to his high pressure sales tactics. Well, they are going to regret this. Because of my disability, I have nothing else to do all day, so I am going to pursue this along every legal and public avenue I can.

I have one last thing to say directly to those at Abe's of Maine:

I hope you read this, and I hope you give long and serious thought to the direction you're headed in this economy. Many businesses selling luxury items like electronics are going to fail, starting with the crooks who took advantage when times were good. Businesses that treat their customers like you have treated yours will soon become and endanged species. You'd better get rid of thugs that deceive and rip off customers and treat your customers better. If your head is still in the sand after reading this, then you ought to surf on over to your local Better Business Bureau's website and read about your unsatisfactory history. Unfortunately for myself, I wish I would have done so before trying to purchase something from you.

  • Al
    Alexandr Jan 21, 2009

    Very, very satisfied. Product that I wanted, in a large order, were all on available on the site and had the best prices. Salesman (Peter) was really knowledgible and nice. I paid for 4-6 day shipping and received my complete order the next day. They have a customer for life.

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  • Ri
    Rich-C Jul 09, 2013

    I had the same type of experience with Abes. The same lying and high pressure up sale tactics. I also dealt with Larry, but went to another salesperson who was even worse. I finally got to Teddy who was nicer but did the same high pressure sell. Saying the shipping was free on my TV but I was required to buy insurance because he guaranteed the tv would be broken when it arrived. He convinced me to upgrade the shipping on the larger of the 2 tv's I purchased so it would not come "broken". He also pressured me to buy the warranty and knowing that I needed the tv's soon and their reputation for not shipping unless you cave in to the sales pitch, so I bought the warranty to get my tv's quickly. After a week and several calls they finally admitted the tv's were not shipped but would be soon. I told them I wanted to cancel the order but the supervisor called me right back and said he could send out the smaller tv from a different vendor (which I found out was Amazon and was $145 cheaper there). He shipped that one, but I found out he did so just to lock me into a package deal. After another week and no shipping notice I called again and the same supervisor (Jason) said he ship out the larger tv because he fired his trucking company and had to find one that would ship to me. I tried several times to cancel my order and was bullied repeatedly. He finally "offered" to charge me an additional $75 on top of the $150 I already paid for shipping to ship the tv at today's current price (which had gone down). I finally convinced him to cancel the order, but now he refused to credit me for the shipping that I never used on the larger tv. He instead offered me restaurant gift cards. I told him I was calling my credit card company to cancel the order. He again tried to intimidate me into not calling them, finally saying he would win a claim for the shipping charges. I called my cc company and they took care of me. I dealt with at least 4 different employees at Abes and each one lied to me about the status of my order and used high pressure lies to upsell me. These guys are as crooked as they come. Stay away form them!

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