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Abe's of Maine Complaints & Reviews

Abes of Maine / dslr camera

May 20, 2018

On July 21st, 2017 I purchased a refurbished Nikon D7100 Camera from Abe's of Maine at a reasonable price. The next day I got a call from the asking me if I would rather buy the retail version which was only 100 or so more. I should have canceled the order right then but on an impulse...

Abe's of Maine / No order, no refund, no customer service

Dec 22, 2017

I don't trust them anymore. Don't know what I was thinking and why I continued dealing with hem after they called me and asked to verify my order after I placed it. It's strange because usually, no one needs any kind of confirmation from customers. Are they special or what? Ok, I...

Abe's of Maine / I will take my business elsewhere

Aug 30, 2017

A simple scheme like this works almost everywhere: a person orders something and gets an email with a confirmation with verything about his/her order. But this store is a little different. After this standard email they send you one more asking to call them to get a final confirmation...

Abe's of Maine / fraudulent company!

Jun 08, 2016

I was shocked when I found Abe's of Maine website! They had very large variety of products an prices were so great, so I decided to order immediately. I wanted a camera for such a long time and I thought that I finally found a great place to buy one. I placed my order and paid for it...

Abe's of Maine / broken camera lens

May 02, 2016

Abe's of Maine seems like a scam! Tried to contact someone from the company many times but they never answered. They have a contact phone number on their website but they never pick up! I received a defective camera. The camera itself was ok, but the lens was damaged. I paid over $1000 for...

Abes of Maine / refund

Mar 19, 2014

Hi This has to be the worst company in the world! I placed an order with them. I never got my order. and now it looks like they filed to bankruptcy and reopened show in a different state to avoid there responsibility to there customer of delivering the products they got paid on. I have... / no shipping yet, 13 days after I was ordered and billed

Oct 08, 2012

No shipping yet, 13 days after I was ordered and billed. No notice of back order and "it will leave the warehouse in a day or two". multiple emails not answered, and lied to on phone regarding shipping--"just went on the truck". Ridiculous hours, especially for the west coast. There will...

Abe’s of Maine / besides this being terrible business, it is criminal

Sep 28, 2012

I purchased a camera from Abes of Maine in Edison, NJ and paid 119.00 for 5 year warranty and I’ve been emailing and calling for over a week. No one will return my messages. Besides this being terrible business, it is criminal. I have a problem with my camera and no one will help me...

Abe's of Maine / replacement of camera

Feb 05, 2012

Bought 3 year warranty. Camera became inoperable. Called warranty company. Said they would replace camera. Waited requisite 14 business days. No camera. Called numerous times both to Abe's and warranty company. Now found out model no longer made. Have all lenses and accessories. No...

Abes of Maine / scammers

Aug 18, 2011

Like everyone else here, don't do business with them. They offer free shipping them try to upsel you some expensive shipping. They charged my credit card after i had canceled the order. I had the Visa website open and watched they charge my card after being told the cancel went...

Abes of Maine / lack of customer service

Apr 20, 2011

Total lack of customer service and respect for customer. I placed an order with them on Monday morning for laptop with overnight shipping and paid $45 just for the shipping. I followed up with a call to confirm the order and request for tracking number. I was assured I will have my laptop...

Abe's of Maine / order canceled without any contact

Apr 07, 2011

I ordered Canon 50mm F1.4 USM Lens. It was the chepest price I found on the internet. They charged my credit card. I received confirmation email. I even received a second confirmation email that says it had been shipped. I was supposed to receive it in 5-6 days. After I didn't...

Abe's of Maine / selling unstocked product & bait & switch

Feb 23, 2011

When buying an exercise bike on their webiste it states 'shipment in 6-8 days'. In reality Abe's of Maine does not even stock any of this equipment. The item was ordered on Feb 6 and the 'estimated' ship date is now Feb 25, 19 days later. Also, I received a call...

Abe's of Maine / extended warranty not being covered


I purchased a 46" Samsung TV along with a 5 year extended service warranty from Abe's of Maine in 2007. All was well until recently..I never needed to use the warranty. Now I have a problem with the set and attempted to contact the warrranty company, Repairtech, and found the number...

Abes of Maine / used tv sold as new


Same problems as all of the other negative reviews, item still has not shipped 4 days after ordering, I finally contacted them myself and got the upsell treatment on everything from shipping to accessories. Like everyone else, it is not worth the $50 I saved to go through this BS. Never...

Abe's of Maine / sold a broken tv


Abe's of Maine sold me a broken TV. DOA out of the box, and would not swap it for a new one. When i callled them they tried to blame it on the shipping company and would not replace it. So i had to call Samung (the manufactuer) to get it repaired... So i purchased a new TV and ended up...

Abe's of Maine / stay far away from abe's of maine


I purchased a TV from Abe's of Maine on Apr 22, 2010 guy calls on Apr 23 trying to up-sell me on shipping, the included mount, and warranty. They charge me for my purchase ($963.18) and tell me I will have it 7-10 days max and I will get a tracking number e-mailed to me when it ship...

Abe's of Maine / takes money but don't honor warrenty


I bought a GPS device from Abe's of Maine and a separate 3 year warranty in 2007 for about $850.00. When I called in May 2009 regarding GPS systems giving problems, they told me the warranty company went out of business and my GPS is no longer warranted even though I bought the...

Abe's of Maine / don't honor warranty


I bought an Sharp Aquas Flat Screen LC37D62U from Abe's and a separate 3 year warranty in 2007. My sound started to disappear and I could not make it louder. I called Abe's for repair and they said my warranty was with "Repair Tech" and they went out of business. Abes chose that...

Abe's of Maine / unauthorized charges

This store has stolen from us - and their salesmen are pushy, shifty and underhanded. I placed an order for a new TV on 10/17/2008 at 4:28 p.m. CDT. I then had a question and called them, only to hear a recording stating that they are only open four days a week and a half-day on Fridays. I...

Abe's of Maine / terrible customer service

On 17 October 08 I ordered a Denon receiver from Abe's of Maine. One acknowledgment email and nothing further. By late Monday, 20 October, I checked the Abe's of Maine web site and found no progress on the order. Moreover, the transaction had not been charged to my credit card. I... / fraud, real bad customer service


Ok, I ordered a panasonnic dmc kz28k digital camera from them, being atarcted because of the low price they were offering. There modulus operandy is same as all other fraud sites, I got a mail that "pls call to confirm your order". I did called, very nice (Since was first call), forced me...