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fraudulent activity

A friend has a cell phone on my verizon account, she wanted to change to her sister's boost mobile account and take the number with her. Boost mobile asked for my verizon account number and pin. I called verizin questioning the leglity of them having my pin. Verizin and I arranged to give them the number and pin, then change the pin. Boost mobile then decided they need my social security number, I don't think so. I am not their customer and I will never be their customer, so what kind of scam are they running if I gave them access to my verizin account to transfer the phone number to their customer and then they want my ssn?

unauthorized number change

Hello my name is nikki harris my complaint is that my number was changed without my final authorization by a boost rep. I have been adatemately and franticly trying to get help to recover the number [protected] which is the number that was changed. I have been helped and I appreciate all that the reps have done to try to recover that number. But that is not enough to my satisfaction. I would like for someone from the corporate office to contact me immediately so that I can explain this disservice to me and maybe it can be resolved. That’s my ultimate concern and hope that someone can please recover my number [protected]. You may contact me at my current boost telephone number [protected] or my email [protected]

Thank you very kindly


I alicia mendoza went to the store located on 172 main st.In the city of brawley. Inside the store. The...


I paid my sons boost mobile phone bill on the 30th of January, on time as I always do, and they turned the phone off. I called and they charged me again stating there was a problem and the 1 St payment will be credited back within 24-72 hours. I paid again and was told I had 2 talk 2 the charge back dept. I said all i wanted 2 do was pay the bill & get mesons phone back in but I had2 talk 2 the charge back department which had me on hold 35 minutes before I hung up and called back and after the run around thus time I told them I wanted cancel my service I would find another phone carrier that aluedmy business and then hung. Up.

mobile nightmare

I have had Boost mobile now for a year. I am stuck with a phone that I paid a lot of money for and don't want to have to pay for another. However, this upcoming year, I will go with a different company because Boost service is absolutely horrible and I am so fed up to the point of paying for a different service. I have the 50 dollar a month prepay service with Boost. I get the majority of text messages, but you would think that I should be able to get ALL OF THEM!! The calls I make and receive always drop and half the time no one can understand me. The messages I leave on people's voice mail can not be understood by the recipient. This company is absolutely worthless!! And in case you are wondering, I live in a fairly large city, so I imagine that the service is this bad everywhere!! Be smart and go with a different company!!!

  • Mo
    Montra Aug 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do yourselves a favor and go with another provider with no contract. I lost my contacts and can't get them back. I have never been able to sync up with my labtop. Never had any issues with my iPhone. It keeps asking me for my device password. What the hell is that? I have tried all the passwords I could have possibly given with no luck. Now I'm manually entering them into my Blackberry.

    Customer Service sucks!!! Can't even get a live person on the phone at any time and I spent $250 on this phone. I'm really upset about it but I will just cancel and buy a throw away one or go to T-Mobile ( AT&T). It's just not worth it.

    Sometimes cheap isn't worth the trouble.

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terrible service, customer service, network.

I had Boost Mobile service for about a week, but it seemed to me that I lived through hell for a year. First of all, I signed up for the pay as you go plan. Then switched to the $2 a day plan effective right away, well maybe not. I was still being charged the pay as you go of $.10 a minute. So instead of them switching me to the new plan I was still being billed for the old one. I had to call customer service four times to add the insurance, the first rep said it was added. No it was not not until I spoke to a third rep. They lie to you just to get you off the phone asap. I was hung up on so many times it's not even funny. When they suspended my account after the balance ran out, whenever someone would call my phone they would get this message, "The number or code you dialed is incorrect." So it gave people the impression I changed my number. They should be sued for giving out the wrong information. So I contacted the BBB and spoke to some rude 18 yo girl who said she could do absolutely nothing to help me in this situation. So I just ported my number to another carrier and hell with them. Do not get this service as you will surely regret it dearly!!

  • Fo
    fossil Dec 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh by the way anyone can actually call this toll free number for the Boost Mobile executives office here in the US. They seemed to have better knowledge and sympathy for the customers. Here's the number: 866-553-9808. I switched anyways... To another company, so ta la la Boost Mobile!!

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customer unfriendly/deceptive policy

Having fallen on hard times I have been using boost mobile - pay as you go plan, believing that I could control minutes usage for important or emergency calls only. Not true. I am inundated with wrong number, marketing and collection calls that prematurely use up my precious minutes and thereby forcing me to refill the phone with minutes ahead of when I intend. Further, there is no way to block these calls on the boost phones so they do not eat up minutes. Boost mobile customer service was both inept at understanding the problem and completely unwilling to help resolve it. Why would they?? This forces customers to buy more minutes faster. I have no way of proving this is intentional on their part, but "if it smells like a rat, it's a rat"! I believe they sell off customer numbers (Especially for "pay as you go") so that minutes are used up. I will dump boost mobile asap, but meanwhile i'm using a free voip to minimize revenue to boost mobile.

replacement phone

On 9-8-10 my 15 yr old son ask if he could get the curve 8330 instead of school clothes, against my better judgement I agreed. So he got the phone, about 3 weeks later the phone would not do any thing it only had a white screen with (Reload programs s513). So we called tech support in order to find out what to do. After 3 different attempts with the help of the tech dept we were unsucessful after following each instruction they gave while being on the phone with them. Then we carried the phone to the boost dealer and he tried for 3 days and was also unsuccessful. Call the company several times and each time was promised a replacment phone, and each time I checked on the status it had been denied. Then was instructed to the insurance company, the insurance company stated that it was not an insurance issue and and directed us back to boost/blackberry. Again several different times I was told that a replacement phone would be sent, and again each time was denied. A rep even had me cancel the insurance stating that that was the reason we kept getting denied, so I did. A gain we were denied, this time for not doing enough trouble shooting. We had done everything that was asked of us and still my son could not use the phone. It is going on 2 months my son has been without his blackberry curve. The boost store dealer felt so sorry for us he let my son use a loaner phone until our issue was resolved, and that was a month ago. This is not fair I do not have money to go out and purchase another phone. Boost/blackberry should honor their products. Now I am out of $279 with a phone my son cannot use. The company is a scam and lier, and uses trickery to avoid doing what is right. Boost/blackberry do the right thing and replace my sons phone. [protected], security code available at request of the company during resolution of issue.

Yolanda gigger/kenneth carson (Son)

  • Hu
    hughray Mar 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was approved 4 times for a replacement phone and denied in the exact manner as you. Finally, I was told by athe super tech people that I did have web access because the little globe worked. Well "you told me you could get google." My compliant was that I was paying for web, and could not get pictures. Her reply and official opinion was that" You have web access." Kind of like, "you have insurance so long as you dont use it." How long will this continue before the lawmakers stop it. Boostmobile does not have a corporate complaint section or even a phone number that goes to corporate headquarters. Why is this?

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  • Hu
    hughray Mar 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    269-919-2007 is a private number, not a boostmobile number.

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  • Va
    valeriew Jun 09, 2014

    This is a copy of the last E-mail I had to send to boost about being charged twice for the purchase of one phone.
    Have fun!!!

    My name is Valerie W. On March 5th 2014 I filed a complaint with your company regarding a double charge for a purchase at 4541 East Main Street, Whitehall, Ohio, 43213. My complaint case ID for that complaint is 48067483.

    I was able to take the phone to the store and get one of the $85.00 charges refunded to me, however, the second charge of $85.00 was never returned to me. My bank opened and investigation into both charges. At that time my bank put $85.00 into my account while they were investigating the matter. At this point my bank is having a difficult time understanding what has happened and has taken the $85.00, that they gave me while investigating, back out of my account. This still leaves me with the second charge of $85.00 not returned to me in anyway. They see both charges to my account, they see that one of the charges was returned to me from the vender, so they have determined that the matter has been handled when in fact it has not. I have explained to them that the $85.00 charge that was returned to the account was for the item purchased being returned to the store for a refund and that the second charge of $85.00 still has not come back to me from the vender or boost in anyway. At this point they asked me to show them some sort of proof that I did in fact return an item and get a refund for it. This is the problem. I did not get anything from the vender to prove this. I was not given any new receipt or any paperwork to show I returned an item. I was not given anything at all except for one refund of $85.00 to my bank account. Again, I have tried to resolve this with the vender directly to no avail. They keep hanging up on me.

    After sending the above E-mail to boost customer service I have a few updates (SAME DAY).

    Sarah from escalation called me around 5:15 pm today (6/9/2014). She told me that corporate did not have that paperwork and to take it up with the store owner. I told her I have tried that before and I gave her the contact info from the original receipt. She could not get an answer from the store. She told me the only way boost could help me was if I drove to the store, called her back and put the store manager on the phone with her myself.
    Of course I was outraged at the fact that Boost mobile can not get a hold of one of there own store managers and needs ME to drive there myself and put him on the phone. She suggested that I have the police go with me as well. Not kidding! I asked for her manager in more or less words. When Frances got on the phone with me I could hardly get a word in. He told me the same thing, to go to the store and put the manager on the phone and that corporate would not have any conformation of a returned and refunded item. So I asked to speak to someone over him. He said there is no one over him. I asked for contact info for corporate. He gave me this E-mail address.

    I found out that BS 3D WIRELESS LLC moved to a new location and now has a new phone number as follows. 4147 East Main Street Whitehall Ohio 43213. Phone number 614 725 3533. After repeatedly calling them I finally got an answer. The store manager would not tell me his name. I explained to him that all I need is a copy of something that I can show my bank that says I returned the purchased item for a refund showing that the $85.00 that went back onto my bank account from the vender was for the returned item and not the second charge. He said he remembered who I was, and like he had told me before, he was not giving the second charge back. This is the second time he has acknowledged that he did charge me twice for one purchase and was not going to give the second charge back. Furthermore, he told that he did not have to give me any paperwork by law so he was not going to because it goes against his business practices, and to take it up with corporate because they have the paperwork anyway, not him. I am appalled that it is against his business practices to correct a mistake and give back what he wrongfully stole from me and that Boost allows this kind of management to work under there name.

    I have contacted the Whitehall Police. I will be filing a report and they will be going to BS 3D WIRELESS LLC with me on Thursday 6/12/2014 at 11:00 am.

    Bottom line is that I was charged twice for one purchased item, I returned that one purchased item and got one refund for it and I have not seen the return of the second charge to this day. I want answers and I want my $85.00 put back into my account.

    My bank needs a copy of the refund papers to show I returned an item and that's what the only refund of $85.00 is for so they can start going after the second charge of $85.00. I want a copy of the return and refund paperwork too.

    A copy of my bank account showing both of the $85.00 charges and a copy of the original receipt were sent in with the first E-mail ; Complaint ID 48067483.

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multiple phone problems

I recently puchased a blackberry 8330. Since I have had the phone I have had 2 major issues with it. First is that it will not take a charge I have to turn it off take the battery out put it back in and turn it back on. I should not have to do that with it especially only having it for 4 months. The second problem is that the sroll ball gets stuck I have to mess with it for 30 to 45 minutes before it gets unstuck. I just want to exchange my phone no upgrade or anthing. I have got the run around finally I was told to go to boost I decided to put in a written complaint because something needs to be done. I did not pay 300 dollars for this ### to happen. If someone from boost can please contact me my name is david graves and my number is [protected]. My email address is [protected] Thank you

horrible customer service

I had their service for three weeks now and cannot begin to say how horibble and awful their customer service is. They would get an f-!!! First, they hang up on you so many times that I have to keep calling back to back. Their customer service agents do not speak english very well and sometimes don't understand you. They speak with heavy latino accents. (Keep in mind as said so on online, they are trying to sell their products to latino population now, mostly). Their automated system (Avr) tells you your account balance when you never ask for it. It takes you forever to even get to a customer service agent, before you gotta press a million prompts. I called to have my mobile number changed (Ptn) and they said that they now charge a $5 fee in order to do so. This company is so cheap and broke they have nothing else better to do then to charge people for a pathetic fee like that. They ride on nextel's iden network which is so old that you cannot even have a regular web service. I will transfer my number to a different carrier next month and please read this before even considering this service. I had so many different cell phone carriers in the past in this one if the worst by far!!! And their phones are not too cheap either. I bought the motorola i1 which runs on android os, and the web on it is so so slow like a dial up modem. It is very very sad and I paid $300+. I will be returning it back to the store so thats ok. Please don't feed them anymore money let them go broke and bankrupt. They don't care about you at all but rather them selfish selves. Their customer service gets paid for hanging up on people all day and being rude. I hope that the fcc does something soon about this company.


Boost Mobile charged my credit card for $50.75 and $10.50 for services I never authorized. They are trying to scam me $105.00 more. I spoke to Boost Mobile customer services there reply was some one I knew and gave permission used my card. They refused to cancel charges. I asked for telephone number and info. of the people using my card they refused to give me the info. Even these Boost Mobile thieves told me charges are made and good luck with my credit card company as I will never get my money back. Boost Mobile is a foreign owned criminal company.

  • Ro
    robert shaffer Nov 26, 2010

    my name is r5obert shaffer my number773 800-5573 for my boost mpbil phone but i had paid my my bill for that account when some one stoll my info out of the air i had just paid that bill now i have a new number 773 809-2401 but what do i do lose my $50.00 for my old no. please reply thank you mr. shaffer

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terrible service, dropped calls, delayed tex etc.

Boost Mobile always provided me with less then great cell reception but I put up with it because of the...


So I call Boost and speak to them about the blackberry phone they have, when my 110$ I have no got damaged when it fell in water.
So After speaking to a sales rep, he informed me that the black berry was a great phone it works in our area and he highly recommended it!
So I purchased the cell phone before 4 pm.. Paid for the over night shipping because I care for my mother and am a Single mom myself, It was super important I get a new phone and QUICK! The phone didnt come the next day it took 2 days.
Still none the less I was excited to get my new blackberry! I turn the phone on and called boost to get the information transferred. (this was at 3pm) So after an hour the non english speaking person on the other end of the phone says, BTW this phone does not have coverage for your area, it wont work in your area. You need to move to jacksonville. Which is like 3 hours away! UHM ARE YOU JOKING?
He says no it doesnt work. Im like ok what now? he proceeds to tell me I have to pay to return the phone, and then they will give me a refund.
Im like by the time I actually get the refund and order a new phone because all my extra spending cash is now gone thanks to this little endeavor it will be like 2 weeks from now? And why should I have to pay to return this thing, your the ones who lied? and sold me a phone that you knew didnt work?
He sends me to his supervisor, who proceeds to tell me that maybe if I GOT A REAL JOB I COULD AFFORD ANOTHER $150 phone?!?!?!?! I freakin lost it. I cant believe someone who knows nothing about customer service would even say something like that.. I work a 40+ hour week, am a single mom, take care of a household, 4 pets, and a Disabled Mother who had a stroke 5 months ago, and I need a REAL JOB? are you insane?

He then proceeded to hang up on me when I called him a pompus ### who needed a good ### whooping. Telling me that I WAS BEING RUDE! ARE YOU NUTS? SERIOUSLY??!?!!
So then after all this, I speak to about 15 more reps, everytime I called I would get you are being transferred then a woman recorded voice came on that said THIS NUMBER IS NO LONGER A WORKING NUMBER and gave me sprints number. When I called Sprint they were baffled by this, but non the less tried to help, but couldnt!
THen after finally getting through to boost again and bbeing hung up on because of their inability to transfer or place you on hold properly!!! I was told that under no circumstances were they going to pay for the return shipping or even let me swap phones by sending me one that works with a return label in the box..
THEN they proceed to tell me that they wont close my account and refund me the money that is in there. THeir excuse is they are a prepaid company.. UHM YEAH, so is Dish and Directv and if I close my account with them they send me what money I PAID UPFRONT! And considering it holds money in your account, I want a refund.. If I walked into a grocery store told the cashier to keep my change, and 3 days later came in took a candy bar and walked out, do you think the police who arrest me would say well you prepaid so its okay? No they would lock my butt up!!
Dont ever use this company! They are liars, conartists, rude, and completely ### of the earth!
They took advantage of a caregiver, with bills to pay, and a child to care for, to line their own pockets!
I hope they rot in hell! and all my friends I referred, there are about 20 of them, are going to be getting rid of their service as well.. So Boost can kiss my grits, Ill go get a contract phone. SCREW THIS!

  • Mo
    MoMo13 Sep 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh and by the way I didnt get off the phone until 745!
    That is 4 hours and 45 minutes of dealing with their crap!

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I was one the phone with boost mobile agents for over (3 hours) during that time I was transfered several times and in the end they killed my sim card. I wanted to cancel my number and receive my credits in a check, but I was told that they will give me a 50 dollar credit if I dont cancel. They knew it was there fault for giving me so many wrong numbers trying to unlock my sim puk or some type code, , , well its been 1 week and my claim has been denied and I will not get a refund for what they have done. So they killed my sim card, made me stay on the phone line for 3 hours, and I lost many contact numbers, , but they will not do anything about it. I am going to contact bbb and if needed file a civil suit against them. So be where if you call and try to get tech. Help, , , you may lose your sim card and numbers

waaaayyyy overcharging on unlimited talk, text & web

Bought unlimited talk, text & web. Every time I got a phone call or text my account balance would drop several dollars!!! This is by far the biggest scam I have ever encountered. I should have known it was going to be a pain when it took 53 minutes on the phone with customer service to activate my phone. I was given the option of keeping my current phone number, which I chose to do & the confused operator tried to do. To no avail, he told me that it wasn't an option to keep my current number & acted like I was crazy because I wanted to keep the same number. Heed this warning, it is a complete rip-off & a major headache to deal with this so called company. Poor, poor service & even worse hidden charge fees that they make out to be unlimited for $50 a month!!! Spare yourself the agony!!!

  • Ki
    kiacam Sep 04, 2010

    ive had boost for over 5 years, and have had the unlimited plan for about a year and have never had a problem with them charging extra money. the service for texting sucks sometimes but thats really not boost's fault but Sprint's fault since that is who they use for their signal.

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cell phone service

My brother who is mental challenged got his first apartmnet last month and we purchased him a boost mobile...


[also posted under 11950 sw garden place]
My wife noticed a strange charge for $25.00 on our master card originated by "11950 sw garden place" and asked me what it was. I didn't recognize it either, so we began investigating. Google brought us to this page where we saw several [redacted]s of fraudulent charges, all of which track back to 11950 sw garden place as some sort of att cellular blling operation. Since our cellular service is thru boost, not att, so we didn't make a att-boost connection at that time.

Because we believed the charge to be fraudulent, we notified our credit card company. They recognized the billing signature as one they receive many complaints about, immediately cancelled that credit card, and issued a new one with a different number. Express delivery for our replacement cards cost us $8.00.

Then, in reviewing our boost mobile account online, we found that a balance of $28.20 on one of our two accounts had been zeroed out and exactly one minute later, our credit card had been charged another $25.00 - - apparently the same $25.00 we were trying to get answers for when this all started.

Nowhere in boost's autopay by credit card did they mention using a third party to actually collect the payments - however, they do - - enter vesta boost at 11950 sw garden place in portland or.

Long story short, despite boost representative's full assurance when we shifted to them that neither our deposits nor our minutes would ever expire, we were told today by boost that both expire every 90 days. When I tried to close both accounts, I was told that boost does not close accounts - rather, when the deposit runs out without being refilled, the account automatically expires.

The fact a boost representative told us what he did, neither boost customer service nor boost billing was willing to make things right with us.

So - boost and vesta boost ripped us off for a total of $82.00 (Including that $8.00 express delivery fee for replacement credit cards).

  • Fe
    Feb1 Nov 04, 2013

    I have been having dropped calls I can't. Even take care of any thing on the phone I have to get rid of them, they claim the towers are being updated

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no service

Bought this phone and was told it had great service. Check the map and it looked ok. New phone but no service.

phone service, hidden charges, customer services

Boost Mobile is a [censored] joke. I call on Wed to get my phone re-activate, because it been more then 60 days. I still didn't get services I paid 55.00 from my debit card when they told it will be 50.00 after the card got charge. Then I was to pay additional 10.00 from restoring the services, they didn't process it( which in the end they want me to pay 11.75). Iask before being transfer again if that's all I have to pay is the 10.00 (yes). BULLSH** No phone services, all 9 of the the d** services rep was looking ( or not looking) my account could've inform, they didn't charge me the 10.00 for activation. I have to wait three days because the money needs to clear the bank before services to be provide to me.(I was told) I call back to Boost Mobile to get my money, was transfer to 5 rep within 45 minustes just to get a refund. On top of that, the rep couldn't find where I made a payment of 55.00 to the account, just 3 days ago( clear in 2 days). Nobody want to provide with a confirmation number or that additional charges will be give to you. I ask if I can pick the telephone number or will the give me one this time, the little girl told me will don't let pick the number the computer does that. She told me, I didn't pick my number I am mistaken, I told her did and she can't tell me I didn't b/c I want to our authorized store.

I left ATT( for this bull) thinking this is a GOOD deal unlimited minutes/text for 50.00, but their customer services sucks.. nobody d*** listerning and telling you wrong info just to get you off their line. if you don't - get the info then waste people time. nobody know SH***
If I dont get my money in tree days- I will blew up that line, and curse every rep out since they like to transfer people so d*** much...

lock on phone

I just recently purchased the boost phone (i 856) because it looked like a cool phone and boost mobile...

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