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Complaints & Reviews

cool pad

Well I bought cool pad three months ago I was ripped off badly I had it cost 150.00 because my LG was messing...

boost up

Yesterday i went to do a boost up with a text my husband got on his phone about new phone november. Never got a new phone. Instead had to keep running back and forth to walmart to put service on old phone. In the fine print nowhere does it say that the old device had to have active service, nor did it say that the debit card had to have enough on it to cover the $1 and taxes nor was i told this in store by the person working nor did the fine print say anything about in store activation. Now im very angry. We have been with boost for roughly over 2yrs. If this does not get remedied somehow we will be taking our business to metro and we will be in contact with BBB to file a complaint. I had a phone picked out and had my heart set on it and to be told i needed MORE stuff. Its BS!!!

customer service

I stuck with this outfit despite their many foibles and seemingly not wanting to or the inability to make corrections. Their latest fiasco with their chat 'team' is and has always been a down side. Never an unpleasant tone in dealing with them, just ineptness by not enough
(any?) knowledge to answer questions prior to going to a file for answers. Lack of training ? Short
staffed ? The interaction with a
chatter has landed me in the round file without notice. Instead of a text
disclosing particulars on why plus a warning of upcoming date (s) to
begin the thing, a total blockage of customer care is ' in your face ' there.
More like an insulant three year old
not having their way, MommaDadda
watcha Don't look at me I'm not talking to you anymore. All attempts
to sign in...access 403 FORBIDDEN
Including calling them. Some of the standard phone services are now
curtailed or have become minimized
which are the reasons for wanting fixes all along. To their great credit this junk is still operable for calls
and the monthly service charge is honored. Now i have a real reason to buy a NICE cell and get better stuff
with it . Oh yeah, this one has been compromised as well so time for a heave ho.

refund on a device

I ordered a phone online on September 25th at around 8:30 p.m. Within minutes of realizing that the phone was going to the wrong address I called immediately to have them stop it.I was told that I needed to wait 24 hours for a tracking number to generate. I called the next day with the tracking number and was told that the phone would not go to that address and it would be stopped. The phone was shipped to the wrong address anyway after giving all the information I was supposed to and the tracking number being verbally given to the customer service rep and then being told that the phone would not be delivered to the address, the phone was still delivered to the address and I was told that I needed to fill out a police report. This has been going for almost 2 months now. I have had no resolution. The local sheriff's department told me, after the officer inquired with their fraud department, that no fraud had been committed on my part. There was no theft of the phone and that in fact it was actually Boost Mobile's fault that the phone was delivered to the wrong address. Therefore I cannot provide a police report to boost Mobile. What I was advised to do by the sheriff's department was to inform you all that I can send you all a signed affidavit saying that I never received the phone and giving the information about the topic that was shared with the sheriff's department in the affidavit. Since all of this occurred I have already bought three new phones from my daughters and I'm still waiting on my refund for the one phone that I never received and was told that I would not get a refund because I cannot provide a police report. It is fraudulent on my part if I blatantly lie on a police report saying that things happened that didn't. The phone was never stolen, it was delivered to the wrong address even after being told it would not go to that address. I was also told by one of your customer service Representatives that I should go ahead and allow them to send me another phone and then decline the acceptance of that phone so it can get sent back to you all and I would be able to get a refund that way. I told him that was immoral and unethical and that I would not be doing anything like that. I will be no part of any type of fraud. All I want is my money back so I can get on with this situation because I'm tired of being bothered with it I'm tired of sitting on hold and I'm tired of talking to people that I barely understand and that don't understand me. The whole situation could have been avoided if the order was canceled the night that I called and said that it was going to go to the wrong address. I need some type of resolution to this problem.
The phone (Samsung Galaxy A10E) was ordered on September 25th. The order # was
ek bepp-[protected]

  • Bo
    Bonnie sue Boardwine Dec 16, 2019

    I got boost mobile phone upgrade well cool pad and thing was used I believe said was new the LG 4 I had doesn't charge well had cool pad 3 months only 3 months it was gone junk I was ripped off badly they hung up on me I'm not rich now they won't give me new phone junk laying up I had to go back to LG I lost 150 I want new phone I was treated badly I'm thinking about getting lawyers wanting me send junk get fix really funny right I'm stuck with junk and really no good phone who gives them the right to sell junk then won't even replace junk having year warranty I'm mad and upset

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unlocking device

Waited a whole year to unlock device and switch to another carrier only to get the run a rounds and no unlock device. Been dealing with this issue since 10/12/2019. Today was the last day and now I'm exhausted. Spoke to representative of AR of operations Mark at 9:29am call number I1858840293 told me once configuration was done(which took 7hrs) that I'll be able to use it with a different carrier and still nothing, called back at 4:28pm and spoke to Paula who wouldn't provide her info and phone is still locked

unlocking device

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boost mobile did not refund my $137 credit that I had on my account

My name is James guillory my boost Mobile phone number what's [protected] I was a member of boost Mobile for almost 5 years I never had no complaint up until about four or five months ago my data began to slow down up until the point it completely stopped so I ask boost Mobile what was the problem and I kept directing me and directing me to other people and never solve the problem so I left boost Mobile to another carrier but before I left boost Mobile I asked for the money that I had in my account for them to put it back on my card $137 I had in my account but they would not refund my money I do not think this is right I think you owe me my money please contact me and let me know what further action we need to take sincerely James guillory
My email is [protected]
My cellphone# [protected]


Please DO NOT ever try to buy anything from boost Nor waste your time calling their customer service number...

lock phone policy

I had Boost mobile phone svc. 2 years ago. I was there 5-6 months before moving to a over better service with a much better plan. The phone I used was one I'd already owned. There were no promos or freebies being offered.
Now, 2 years later "I'm unable to use this phone. Its locked! This phone had been put away since id gotten another phone.
Im now being told that since I wasn't with Boost over 12 mths. It cannot be unlocked. Their cust svc manager ("Sam" is all she would tell when I asked for her info) has even accused me of planning not 2 stay from the beginning. This makes no sense!
This policy was never stated. If so I would never have agreed. Based on posts on several sites, especially Boost mobiles, many other woupdbt gave either. As a matter of fact theres a "no contract" advertisement in store, online, etc. False advertisement!
This is unfair & unacceptable ! Im unable to use this (an expensive Samsung s7) phone at all now unless with Boost.
This should be stated initially upon someone beginning svc with Boost.
There are women's shelters requesting unused phone for needy families. I can't even give this phone to someone who needs it unless they agree to activate it with Boost, which is an unethical request.
Someone toltome that I can pay to have it unlocked for a fee by an outside party. Is this really my only option to keep from tossing away a $700 phone?
I will go to the media as well as BBB & any other avenue found to get this overturned. Its a bullying tactic at best.

iphone 7

On July 8, 2019 I was in the vicinity of boost mobile, I made a bad decision to go into the store and enquire...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide

bright star 90 day warranty

These company sucks and the process is horrible. You have to return the defective phone they sent you and then wait a long time for a replacement device. I liter called them over 100 times in the past week. The agents repeat the same thing and when you ask for a manger they always say the isn't one around. Ok all my calls they have said no manager available. Which is pretty ridiculous to me. Never again will I purchase a. Phone off boost site because bright is horrible

my card was used for fraudulent purchase

On August 31 my Master Card was used fraudulently at several establishments - the largest one was yours for $688.99. The last four digits of my card are 7863. I've contacted the fraud department of my bank, shut down my card and contacted the Fillmore County Sheriff. Is there any way you can cancel this purchase? Thank you

Jeanne Nash, [protected] [protected]

coolpad legacy

I am done with Boost mobile because even though i have insurance and i bought a defective phone they will not...

boost mobile phone

My name is yessenia morales and I have been trying to boost up and everytime I tried it saids that I do quified to but when I submit my information it doesnt let me I have spoken to a lot of representatives and they keep telling me the same thing over first they said that I have a unpaid balance to sprint but I spoke to sprint and they said I dont have any account with them and now they saying that they cant verify the information that I provided which is my personal information my identity my phone is [protected] and my address is 3200 decatur ave apt 1c I was trying to get the iphone 8 threw boost because the phone I have now keeps closing on me and over heating im so frustrated with this

boost customer service is a joke. liars, who just are playing some kinda game

I recently switched to boost (bad move on my part). I bought an lg stylo 4 and brought my number with me. well the phone lasted just about 2 weeks and stopped working, have not even made a payment yet smh. No i didn't buy insurance but a brand new phone don't last 2 weeks i believe no insurance needed that's just wrong take care of your customers not to mention i believe there some kinda law against that in the us. stopped back at boost store they basically say to me oh well buy another one .. HAHA yeah right not gonna happen.. angry i left went to next place took my number gotcheap phone and fig lesson learned BOOST SUCKS ..That's nothing compared to what happens next smh.. so i get ahold of lg and they tell me send stylo back they investigated admit fault and fix and return stylo. so I call boost to unlock my phone. this is where it gets crazy. So i am talking to someone i can't understand nothing except sry i understand but 12 months minimum before unlock ..First of all you sold me a phone that couldn't make it two weeks what a joke. well we go back and forth wasting my time no doubt ..i finally start to demand to speak with someone higher up she complies and a manager or whatever gets on says same as first lady well we go back and fourth a bit . then she says ok sir call this number they will unlock your phone we cant do it here . so i ask for a call reference number she gives me one. i try to reassure that what she is now saying is accurate she asures me once again. i hang up call fake number HOW DOES BOOST EVEN STAY IN BUISNESS LIKE THIS. and the ref # was a fake.. i have proof the conversation was recorded on both sides im sure .., call boost again they did the hr on phone talk to few people and astill won't unlock my phone. I'm absolutely livid. how boost conduct buisness threw every step. was absoulty junk . i am not done i will fig out my next move and won't give up its the principle now

not being able to use the phone while using internet

I switched from MetroPCS to boost a few months ago to get the pre owned iPhone 7, only to discover that boost...

unlocking my device

10 days ago, 5 business days, I called Boost and asked to have my daughters phone unlocked. She paid in full 407 days ago so it is eligible. Every supervisor says the same thing and I've wasted countless hours. The WORST customer service I've ever dealt with!! They wouldn't even provide me with employee info. I would never reccomend this company!!!

hacks left in the name of boost mobile

Second time a 50 dollar charge has been deducted from my bank account fraudulent from boost mobile! Don't see how my cell phone was hacked to the point they couldn't trace me as a customer nor did my cell phone number ever exist. Thus leading me to cricket a whole other carrier.
Must be from the boost hack and boost lacking any tech support to close windows left open upon exiting customers and accounts seeming closed so where is the fix. If boost mobile is playing games they are sure to be brought at least to a hearing to be made aware and implement fixes as well as fines for the lack of customer care likely violating standards in place.
Congress will KNOW.

employee theft

One of your employees who stated he is the store manager at boost mobile. The store at 507 Main Street in...

wi-fi hotspot service

Boost Mobile is the absolute WORST company in the world to deal with. They do nothing but lie and provide absolutely ZERO SERVICE.

I have used a Boost Mobile Hotspot Netgear Fuse) for several years without problems. A few weeks ago I purchased 10 GB of data for $50. My hotspot died less than a day later. That when this nightmare began. I called Boost Mobile (hereafter justifiably referred to as BM) who eventually, after many, many phone calls, decided a new SIM card was needed. They promised to send me here at the campground in New Jersey where we are staying. A week later, nothing has arrived. I called BM again, and after several phone calls, was told the SIM card could only be sent to my home billing address. Weird-- because a WEEK AGO they had no problem with sending it here in NJ.

So now I have no working hotspot and no SIM card - and they have refused to refund my $50.

So, if you want to keep your sanity and not waste your time and money trying to deal with a company that offers ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, run like hell away from BM as fast as you can.

boost mobile cell phone

I dont know where to start, my experiene is not profession at all, I have been harrassed for months, I am mentally ill the constant calls are upsetting .I dont know what to do.Plus when I have important calls, the service is constantly at least 4 times a day. I brought talked to a man Brian James who stated that i be reimberce for the inconvinence for compansation the dollar amount from since all this started .Which is $300.00 I have talked to at least 10 customer service representive with no success. My account has been cut off. With no negotiation I need my cell phone because for business purposes. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. My name is Mark Scott Rice my phone is [protected], my e-mail address [protected] really need your help. Please help me this is important