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Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide Customer Service


Boost Worldwide, Inc.

2018 Broadway
Fort Wayne
United States - 46802

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1866 402 7366(General Information) 1 2
+1 855 223 2491(Customer Service) 4 3
Mon4:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tue4:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wed4:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thu4:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri4:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sat4:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sun4:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Postal Address
P.O. Box 4600, Reston, VA 20195

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide Complaints & Reviews

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / I am complaining about every one of boost mobile's locations not being open

John Leatherby on Feb 1, 2019

For almost five years every time I go to pay my phone bill, their location is closed by the time I get there after opening hours. What makes it even worse is I have to waste my time looking for other locations that aren't even closed. But as soon as I find one, it's closed as well. I'm...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / slow service

Her&Hers on Jan 23, 2019

By far Boost Mobile is absolutely the slowest mobile service I have ever had. I only get 1 bar of reception anywhere I go, I can't talk on the phone and browse the internet at the same time, and I get tons of dropped calls. It's sad I'm on an iPhone but can't use it to full capability due...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / service

Lovemee on Jan 19, 2019

Hello Ive been having issues with boost for months now I had 3 different lines im down to just one line, one of my complaints that has me really pissed off ive been trying to reach customer service for more that 2 hrs this is ridiculous when I go to chat with agent they leave me waiting...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / $60 monthly plan. boost service.

Shawn Royal Sherrick on Jan 19, 2019

I've been a boost user for a very long time. And I have switched from fifty dollar plan to 60 dollar plan and I've had nothing but issues. I have poor service. Slow internet. Also I can not access my boost account. Nor when I click on my boost app does it work anymore. I pay more for the...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / someone stated that they were boost mobile

Nathan Everett on Jan 15, 2019

Someone at this number (+3145262255, as it is with no dashes) called me at 1:30 PM 1-15-19. When I dialed the number back, A recording came on that sounded Boost Mobiles recording that stated I didn't have enough money in my account to complete this call and needed to add money to my...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / my daughter's phone was cut off!

Boost hater 2 on Dec 22, 2018

Our bill was paid in full and still had 5 more days of paid service. I had phoned to get the unlock code for her phone to switch services after 2 miserable service years! They disconnected her and shut down her phone off with no direct orders! The new company had not even been contacted...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / phone service

Kandy Beaudin on Dec 15, 2018

I can't use my phone I have the $50.00 plan and I can't use my internet we called to get help and make a complaint the lady we talked to hung the phone up on us. I am about ready to go back to metro pcs and I have not even been with u guys for even a month. You guys give no credits for...

Boostmobile / pre owned iphone 6 not working and boost mobile not accepting for return

SyedI on Dec 4, 2018

I bought a iphone6 preowned mobile from by 12-nov-2018, first of all it didn't come with tool to open a simcard tray and even I did that with the help of friends, sim card was not supporting by phone. I have talking with boostmobile customer care, unlocking team...

Boost Mobile / mobile phone company


A month ago, i added my line to my husband's current account with Boost Mobile. Everything was okay until about a week later my phone started to act up, such as dropping calls, not accessing certain apps, etc. On Monday, October 30, 2018 i went to make a complaint about an officer with...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / customer service on a return

Jarrett richardson on Oct 28, 2018

Today I went to my local boost dealer to return a phone I totally hated that I just purchased there. The reason for the return was the internet would not go on line only if I was in Wi-Fi. Had friends look at it to help me nobody could figure it out. Busy do to working had phone for three...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / I am complaining about my service and customer service

Giovey on Oct 25, 2018

I have not had my full service that I paid for almost two months. I keep being told false time line when my service will be fix. I have been a loyal customer for three years. Nothing has been done on their side.. I am giving boost Mobile a few days to correct this issues or I will go to...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / phone calls keep dropping

Allecry104 on Oct 19, 2018

Hello, I have sent my phone in because my calls kept dropping, my phone was sent back to me by mail, and it still continues to do the same thing. I am a senior citizen and depend on my phone line in case of emergencies because I am on oxygen, and have not been receiving calls either...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / customer service in store

Ginamarie1189 on Oct 12, 2018

Hello Today I visited one of your stores located in Selden, New York. I went with my father in law after he received a phone earlier in the day from that same establishment. After numerous attempts at fixing this "brand new " phone he received, the employee Khan then convinetly grabbed...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / unable to unlock iphone se

Prev on Oct 10, 2018

Though I was happy with my Boost service I needed to switch companies so that I could use my phone in Russia during the summer. On calling Boost about unlocking my phone, I was told that I had to wait until September 28th- but nothing was mentioned about keeping service active and other...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / fraudulent calls made through customer at 623-432-6651 leading to money wire fraud and extortion

Jeff Wayne on Oct 4, 2018

Dear Crime and Fraud Investigation Team: Please be advised that the caller who uses phone number 623-432-6651 is complicit in making fraudulent phone calls and texts, demanding money through the Green Dot Money PAK debit card service. The user of phone number meets people on social media...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / phone unlock

michel montalvo on Oct 3, 2018

i called booz like a week ago in order to unlock my phone because i found a better option and they give me a case number and i was told that in no more than 24-48 hours i will receive a message with intructions for get the phone unlocked. Never happen i remaind them that i have my right...

Boost Mobile Kenton Ohio / boost service

Jscott24 on Sep 28, 2018

Im a deputy and need service in the entire county for work related business. I was having connectivity issues and was given a code to connect and reconnect my phone to the tower and told this wouls resolve my issues. It didnt so i wanted to switch my service. I was told by the store owner...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / payment system and poor customer service

Brittney McGowen on Sep 27, 2018

To Whom It May Concern: I have been having an on-going issue with your payment center. I am on the daily plan where I pay $3 per day. I am an immobile cancer patient so this works for me as I do not have a reliable source of income. I typically pay every night but several times in the...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / phone service

KellyKels on Sep 24, 2018

I've had Boost Mobile for some time now and I have to say it has not been the best. HORRIBLE SERVICE. I have been experiencing alot of random roaming and no service wven with im just at home and my phone stays on 3g. i did not pay for a 3g phone! Also they past couple of months my phone...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / data throttling

Bill Caraballo on Sep 22, 2018

I've been a loyal Boost customer for 8 years and really like their service. But I can't stand the throttling issues I've been having for months now. I switched to their 60 dollar a month unlimited talk/text/data, and I'm so frustrated when like clockwork, my data shuts down for a few day...