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Long story short, I booked 2 rooms at the same hotel through the website with both of them on the free cancellation options (Conf# [protected] / Pin# 7779).

However, this week i have had some life events which have precluded me from getting to the hotel without causing a lot of heartache for my family. When i went to cancel, i saw that there was an issue with the cancellation on the queen room in that it was non-refundable which is not the option that i chose. Being that this is generally a hotel policy, i contacted the hotel in which i was told that i would have to email the manager which i did. I did not hear anything back from the manager at all yesterday, but what i did get from the front desk rep last night was that she couldn't find a reservation for me in their system. This prompted me to call customer service.

The customer service peron on 3/19 was actually nice to speak to (even though it was hard to understand her) she explained that it was a hotel policy and that she would need to send an email to the hotel. I understood that part and took into consideration her advisement and waited until this morning.

I send another follow up email to the manger this morning and received a response from the manger that the policies for refundable rooms were set by and that the hotel abides by those policies. This was somewhat contrary to what i was informed which prompted me to call customer service again.

This time, I received the worst customer service of the year. I explained to the rep what i wanted which was to cancel the queen room but that i didn't want to cancel the king room if the queen room couldn't be cancelled, i would just put my family through trash to get there as $600 is not a small piece of change. The agent acknowledged and during the call she seemed irritated to even be speaking with me. She placed me on hold and called the hotel and came back saying that she would have to email the manager. I said Ok.

Then, before anything else could happen, she cancelled the king room without me saying ok to it. Furthermore, when i stated that wasn't what i wanted the representative copped even more attitude with me. I then asked for a supervisor to which she responded she didn't have one. I then told her that i wanted one and to go find one because at this point in time, not only am i stuck with this room that i might not be able to get out of, but i don't have a fall back plan if i can't get out of it. She placed me on hold for quite awhile. When she came back on the phone she TOLD me (not informed) that i would be working directly with her and not a supervisor and that now i had a king room and the queen room. When i said ok (I couldn't talk through it further) she told me to have a great day (with some attitude i might add) and disconnected the call.

Additionally to the below email that was sent yesterday. I got the issue resolved and had two rooms booked again at this hotel as i was not able to receive a free cancellation. Both rooms were on separate reservations. I had also received a $150 credit from the supervisor as a good will gesture. While I wasn't exactly pleased with the outcome, i wasn't unhappy, just more indifferent.

However when i checked my reservations this morning, all reservations through had been cancelled. I called the hotel first and they are not aware of any issues. Along with this, I received an email from Axel (a sr rep I am assuming) saying that due to my account status, no further information can be given and to read the terms and conditions. As this does not make much sense to me as a consumer, i called support who advised that they could not give me any information which makes me think that the reservations were cancelled by him. This is all even though the hotel has already charged my card for the queen rooms.

I am very concerned and confused right now to the point that i am about to have an emotional breakdown as this impacts my family.

Mar 21, 2019

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