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Jan 25, 2021

Bonanza — Will not open an account or closes the second it's open

I am seriously peeved at bonanza. I opened an account 2 days ago and they closed it today saying it was a...

BonanzaBonanza suspended my account without notification

Bonanza suspended my account suddenly and unfairly without sending me a word! I have been selling on this site for more than tree years with more than 500 transactions and 4.5 rate reviews. They didn't notify me or send me about their reasons, but they were mean enough to send emails to all my buyers urging them to open paypal cases even though all orders are shipped! They told my customers that they suspended me and that they should get a refund as delivery of their purchases is not guaranteed while I have bought shipping labels for all orders from their site! And they didn't forget to credit their fees for the sales I made before telling my buyers to file claims to stop me from getting my money! This happened on 18 November 2020 so I woke up in the next day to find that there are 14 paypal cases and ofcours paypal limited my account after all of these cases. Bonanza is the worst website, not trustworthy and they use mean ways to steal seller money.

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    Upon going back to my account I noticed I had been getting charged £25 per month despite not using the site and not setting up a store to be open.

    When I questioned this I was told my account was suspended and was not given any reason. They were happy to keep my account open while charging me but not when I questioned it.

    I am happy to send screenshots of all messages and charges and wish to get it investigated as to why my account was closed. Had I been selling or using the site in any wrong way I would totally expect my account to be closed, however, I had not listed an item or even begun using the platform. from what I know, there is nothing in policies that suggest account suspensions for payment errors.

    Please look into this
    Thank you

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      Apr 04, 2020

      Bonanza — my account was block from bonanza with no explanation

      I opened an account on this website, only 5 days on 03/13/2020. sold abut 8 items .the Problem is Now 3 week...


      Been selling for years on this platform . Great feedback tons of badges paid all fees on time and all a sudden they ban me. Bonanza.com doesnt care about sellers. After years of selling with almost perfect feedbsck they ban account with no explanation and send the same copy pasted generic response as others mentioned. Scam site BEWARE they dont care NOTHING about sellers!!!

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        Bonanza — service

        I have an account with banonza stock broking ltd. On 01 oct. I call for share transiction they reply to call...


        Bonanza.combuy and sell from your web store on bonanza

        This site is horrible for sellers unless you link to EBay. Most of us don't have an EBay account when we are a small startup business with limited funds. This site is avenue to collect monthly fees with the promise to promote your booth at different levels, of course with the gold level being offered at $120 + a month.

        I spent $44.95 to use their "FREE TRAIL" for 30 days. My booth had 14 views on my listings thru Bonanza.com and 53 views from outside Bonanza. The outside source was other sites I had listed my items on before Bonanza. I had NO SALES.

        This site had 167 negative reviews. I gave it a shot anyway. There was never a live person you could talk to, you email a problem and the response is always an email to FAQ on their site.

        There I was trying to find a new way to promote my small wholesale jewelry store thinking this would work for me. It was very slow to get setup and even slower to get a view.

        Please please sellers do take the bad reviews serious. Don't be sucked into a monthly fee to use their website. The only post will be to the Bonanza site at Bonanza.com. Which is then on google with your listings. I never found the supposed booth site anywhere but Bonanza.com.

        Any seller with a domain would probably get more views through their own domain.

        So take heed to this warning as to selling on Bonanza.com you will be broke from fees and not have sales to cover the fees.

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          Bonanza.comno sales and barely ha views in a 30 day trial membership

          I signed up for the 30 day free trial that cost me $20.00 to join "Silver" membership which promised to provide more views and sales. I also spent $24.95 for the "Turbo boost" with a promise of more views and sales.

          In the 30 day period I received fourteen (14) views on my booth and fifty-three (53) on my webstore.

          I tried to locate my store on the internet and could never pull it up. This site had 167 bad reviews referencing no sales and a step up of fees per month to have them allow you to have more views to your booth. So, the bottom line is this site really wants you to be a gold member and pay fee after fee. The only successful sellers I found were the stores from EBay. Not all of us have EBay stores. As a new small business I expected some results not a waste of my small start up money.

          Sellers don't bother using this site. Sellers are nothing but guaranteed fee producers for Bonanza.com.
          Buyers have many complaints as well with no help from Bonanza when they have issues with sellers. I never found a way to speak to a live customer service person. You are required to send an email that is answered with links to their site that basically are how too's or asking you to increase your membership to have more opportunities for your booth to be seen or suggesting the seller to spend more money on advertising etc.

          With this being made public, sellers please please read before you open a booth. Time is money! Without sales you have no money! It takes up too much of your valuable time to do business with this site. The end result is not worth the time or money spent.

          no sales and barely ha views in a 30 day trial membership
          no sales and barely ha views in a 30 day trial membership

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            Bonanza — jerseys

            I ordered 2 jerseys in May. I was told they ran one size small, so I ordered X-Larges - 3 sizes larger than...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Bonanzashalwar kameez

            Sir I bought shalwar kameez from bonanza and when I reached home I noticed that it was really uncomfortable like the cloth had many curves . I went back to claim and they kept that, after few days they returned me the same without doing anything
            I'm really really disappointed
            3-4 thousand rupees have gone waste
            Will never ever visit bonanza again
            I was a permanent customer but now I won't go and also I'll say others not to go

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              BonanzaNever again

              Stay far far away from this website and never buy or sell anything through them. Or you will just regret. Judging by what other people say (especially the sellers). But I was among buyers and I didn't receive my item that was ordered in June until October. How do you like it?
              I had a tracking number and I know I was dealing with a reputable seller.
              So many times we tried to talk to their customer service, but they pretended to be deaf and ignored us.
              It's terrible. I will never go back.

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                BonanzaBuyer Beware

                Future buyers, I am here to let you know that you should stay away from this terrible company.
                They don't stand behind their products and have a terrible support.
                It's in case you ill got in trouble by their fault.
                The support is very clueless, unhelpful and absolutely useless, they ship and deliver forever, probably, they ship the packages via the pigeon post (I just don't know how to explain this).
                Yes, stay away.

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                  Bonanzawhy closing my account?

                  date of incident : 1/9/2017
                  full description:
                  i hope you read all message and be fair and judge.
                  i have make an account by the email : [protected]@gmail.com.
                  and i have add a visa of my own to pay for the plan.
                  the next day i found that my account has been deleted and in the same time my brother account has been deleted ( [protected]@gmail.com ).
                  the problem was that the owner of the account with the email ( [protected]@gmail.com) previously was add my visa to his account to pay fees, so that the bonanza support consider my account ([protected]@gmail.com ) as being cheating and consider deleting both accounts.
                  this is unfair.
                  there must be a solution as regard returning my brother account ([protected]@gmail.com ) working again ?
                  why you delete his account and on what base you getting this idea?
                  i need to contact you online for further explanation and in the same time my brother can contact you and you will realize the all issues.
                  i hope that you look for this issue and being fare with my brother .

                  desired solution : returning my brother account ( [protected]@gmail.com ) working again.i explain the issue to you.or chatting with you
                  waiting for your reply,

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                    • Wa
                      wallmart-«_WIN May 04, 2018
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Dears, you are joking??? What you removed access to our account without any reason! You have 24 hours to reinstate our account, because we unable to respond to our Buyers placed a Orders.

                      How you say " preventing us from opening an account" if already we have opened account and made a few sales in Bonanza?

                      You have 24 hours to reinstate our account or we process you arrogant, racist company in the International Court and we report you abusive behavior to all Worldwide Sellers Community and all Social Media and all Review Sites.

                      Wait for our account reinstated confirmation.



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                    BonanzaNever received anything

                    I'm very disappointed with Bonanza. My daughter made an order back in December an used my credit card. After order was placed, they immediately charged my card. It is now mid February and we still have not received anything. I contacted their customer service and was told that the package was probably lost and we may never receive it. I demanded a refund, and they told that there was nothing they could do, so I contacted PayPal. They promised to help. Will never purchase anything from Bonanza again! Their customer service is absolutely unprofessional and they don't care about their customers at all. So sad.

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                      • Ja
                        James Ingrid Mar 28, 2017
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        ...Waiting for Bonanza Mark to reply to this. He seems to enjoy replying to complaints, closing accounts that has an unpaid bill attached to it... but has no interest in taking down accounts that has remained inactive for years and years. Funny.

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                      • Ja
                        James Ingrid Mar 28, 2017
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Oh honey, you poor, poor wittle daughter. You do realize that Bonanza.com is like eBay, it's a marketplace that has hundreds of private sellers selling off their own personal goods to buyers. Like eBay. You shouldn't be contacting Bonanza's customer service about your issues, but the seller you bought the item off of. Bonanza's customer service is the most worthless, untrustworthy, and incompetent people around. They're nothing like eBay, eBay takes care of you through and through, as they're 99% on the buyer's side. If they realize that the seller hasn't been doing THEIR job, eBay will get to the bottom of it. Guaranteed.

                        Luckily for you, you paid by PayPal so you will get your money back. Unfortunately, because Bonanza is a less popular marketplace than eBay, they rarely ever get traffic and thus, the sellers suffer from lack of sales. They (the sellers) will be forced to give up selling on Bonanza and move on to a different venue to sell their goods. Unfortunately, the sellers will forget to take down their listings. So when an unfortunate buyer purchases something from them, it never gets shipped because the seller forgot about it. So it's not necessarily Bonanza's fault the seller forgot to take down those listings, but at the same time Bonanza should have done something and remove any listings and accounts from sellers that are inactive for a long time. But I see they're just incredibly lazy to do something rather simple. I'm sorry you had to go through this, at least you're being cared for by PayPal. Have a great day.

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                      • Ha
                        Handrepont1 Feb 29, 2016

                        Here's my sales transaction that she proudly posted on her f.b. Page, it's just to bad that she failed to mention that she didn't ship it and kept my $ and has the patio set relisted right now!!! Oh, I failed to mention that she claims to be a good, Christian lady!!! Yea, ok too bad her greediness overcomes what and who she claims to be... Not only is she on bonanza but eBay, along with Amazon and has a business named singled out loud and UpperHand!!! Yeah, UpperHand on your money!!! Buyers, please be aware of this seller!!! Even though this lady did me wrong I will still pray for her and that she utilizes her heart and will learn to be caring and not selfish! After all, this patio set that I bought was for a surprise party for my 11 yr old daughter for having a successful brain tumor operation and this seller knows that too!!! Down right shameful! I think her seller name on Amazon is DJ. With all those different alias that's a red flag right there!!! I plan on filing a report on her tomorrow with my local p.d.


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                      • Ha
                        Handrepont1 Feb 29, 2016

                        I know exactly what ur going through!!! Please go online and contact the BBB to make a complaint, that's the only way to get bonanza to respond to you. They even went as far as to lie to the BBB just this afternoon with a PayPal transaction number stating its a refund pending when in fact that transaction number is my dispute. I hope u opened up a dispute with PayPal cause by law the seller has 10 days to respond back to them before u get ur $. If bonanza would just do what's right and refund us back then we would not have to wait! Their seller posted a copy of my purchase on her public f.b. Which shows my address. How unprofessional is that? It's like bonanzas attitude is "oh well, let PayPal deal with it"!!! That's so unfair to PayPal. Bonanza doesn't care about their customers. I bought a 3 piece patio furniture set and the seller actually has it relisted to sell w/o giving me my money back. What a scam! The only way BBB can do something is if they have enough complaints. I can give u the number to speak to someone if u would like. Who was ur seller? Mine was UpperHand and her name is Dietra Jones. I think her booths name is dietraJs booth. So, so sad

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                      BonanzaNational Parks wall calendar

                      I ordered a National Parks calendar on January 4th. Was informed that pkg should be delivered within 3 days--on or around Jan 12th--Then was send an e-mail stating that my order had shipped--should be arriving UPS 'before long'. I did not hear or receive anything--Inquired Jan 18th about whereabouts of the calendar and I was informed that it's on back order--should take about 10 days. Requested a refund 3 times with no response. WILL NEVER USE BONANZA AGAIN.

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                        BonanzaWorst place to buy

                        This was my first experience with Bonanza and it was quite bad. I placed an order and few mites later received a confirmation email. They also mentioned that it will be shipped the same day I made the purchase. That seemed to be good and I thought that Bonanza is a great company. The next day I checked the tracking number, but it wasn't legit. Weeks later, I contacted the seller, because no merchandise arrived. But I got only a computer generated response stating the product would arrive in 3 days, no tracking number given. I actually never received my items and there was no help from Bonanza. Never use this website!

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                          Bonanza.com — Booths

                          Bonanza an there staff have just wiped out 3 booths one 4th not even belonging to me but they said wa...

                          Bonanza.comCustomer service is the worst ever, they don't HELP

                          I Purchased Microsoft Office back in April and still haven't receive my product. I contacted customer service several times but they weren't any help! They said I had to contact the seller but that didn't help. Now Bonanza won't even respond to any of my request!

                          A very unhappy customer


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                            • Sh
                              Sheila konkola Aug 20, 2018

                              I returned my purchase of white front lace wig that was $200 and never received my money back!!!..and it was tracked and received..Sheila konkola...[protected]

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                            • Ja
                              James Ingrid Mar 28, 2017
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              I sure hope you did a chargeback or paid with PayPal. Sorry for your loss.

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                            Bonanza.com — Complete Cut Off From Being A Seller And Never Told Anything (Suspended, Etc)

                            Great customer satisfaction rating and about 30 sales. Out of nowhere 44 emails canceling negotiable offer...

                            Bonanza.com — Fake Merchandise-Scam Site

                            I purchase an expensive designer handbag in April of 2015. It was being sold as authentic. I received a fake...

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