Bob Evans Restaurantsmanager actions with employees

When arriving we asked for a table. The manager Ben Cadmen then told the seating person to take us to a booth. We were able to get the waitress to give us a table.
We noticed that NONE of the waitress' on duty were not smiling at all and also were not chatting with each other(like normal). We were soon to notice why.
The manager stood by the order screen near the kitchen window berating the cooking staff loudly and generally handed out verbal instructions on a continuing basis to the waiting staff. It was like no one knew what they were doing except him!!! This action continued throughout the complete time we were having our dinner. "the corn" "the stuffing" etc etc. do this do that!!! I am sure that it was very embarrassing for ALL the waitress/cooking staff there. The food was good and timely delivered, though not as hot as we would have liked. The waitress and her trainee were very efficient and mindful to our wants and needs. The ONLY negative thing was the TOTAL UNPROFESSIONAL IGNORANT SELF CENTERED actions of Ben Cadmen. If I was his superior, he would be GONE immediately. Maybe the staff could smile, try to enjoy a tough work environment with some comraderie, and represent Bob Evans as we have seen on our other visits. I surely hope we do not see this manager again. If we do, we will not be seated. I have personal leadership experience but this guy seems to not have a clue about how to treat subordinates.

Sep 28, 2019

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