Bob Evans RestaurantFried chicken served after 4 PM

I Aug 07, 2018

While on vacation we stopped at the bob evans restaurant in Lebanon Ohio # 054338
especially for the fried chicken you can only get after 4 PM which it was 4:36. When we ordered the waiter told us he was just told that the chicken would not be ready till 4:30 or 5 . Didn't bother anyone there that your word was worth nothing and that you were not doing your job however you sure didn't hesitate to jump all over the accusations and yes I said accusations about Urban Meyers and dropped him like a hot potato without any knowledge or proof of guilt. Well I have the proof that you lied and I and family are dropping you like a hot potato and hope many more will. Your business does NOT deserve someone like Urban Meyers to speak for you he is way too honest for your business.

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