Bob Evanslost vacation, no severance package after store was closed without notice

R Nov 05, 2018
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I was a loyal Bob Evans employee from [protected] and left for another oprituity and returned to Bob Evan's in [protected].
Ok my problems started in Oct 2017. First when our GM quit our store our A.D. left 3 shift leads in charge and I was one of them we fought our way through the holidays with no major issues working straight through open to close back to back short staffed more than one position, under trained and under appreciated. Didn't even get a great job guys thanks.
In Jan 2018 after we already killed ourselves they suddenly overnight changed my status in the system to Asst. Manager it was not negotiated I did not agree to any terms and I didn't even get to make any demands on pay or schedule at this point one of the 3 shift leads had quit for personal issues leaving one Asst manager and a shift lead in training also at this point I had already worked enough hours to to earn my 3 week vacation I of course I was expecting that check at the end of the year to help catch up on Bills thinking it would all be worth it. When it did not come with everyone else's I contacted my A.D. who then tells me that "When you were promoted all your vacation time converted into P.T.O. Which you should have taken because now you lost it." How was I supposed to do that with no help and no staff she got her time off over the holidays
Now at this point I am angry but let it go in June 2018 I think first time I've seen her since Sept 2017 she proceeded to give me an employee review and gives me a $0.46 raise in pay. I had been at the same rate of pay for almost 3 years without complaint. I was angry but let that go. Oct 3rd 2018 all the employees show up for a new menu meeting and proceed to tell everyone that they were locking the doors that day everyone who was employed at this point was offered a severance package or transfer in which I told my A.D. I would have to discuss it with my fiance before making a decision she says okay and we came in the next day to clean up and I told her I would not be transferring becuse oI would be taking the severance then she then tells me I'm not offered one because I was a manager and as of [protected] I still have not received my last 2 pay checks I should have gotten them already I am tired of being taken advantage of and discriminated against by my higher ups so I am writing this today to maybe shed some light on this company's bad practices I deserve to be paid what I am owed I should be paid for my vacation they took the pay I am owed her hours worked and for running the store as managers for four months on shift lead pay all these things added up equal to a whole lot of money I want paid for and I believe wasn't it right to take it from me


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    ronald dorrel Nov 23, 2018

    no salad don, t know when they will have salads? I like a salad with my meals I usally get a 3 course meal

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