Bloomexflower delivery

H Sep 13, 2018


My order was just delivered to my recipient and I was sent a picture of the arrangement. I am VERY unhappy. This arrangement looks very cheap and does not look like anything like the photo you advertised on your website! Your picture was very misleading and I am very UNSATISFIED! I know understand how your company operates. You lure innocent customers into writing a review for a $20 off coupon, before the order is even shipped out...then thats how you get your FAKE 5 star reviews...then once you send out the order and it is received by the recipient, we (the customers) see how crappy the arrangement actually is. I am embarrassed and appalled that such a low quality arrangement was sent to my friend on my behalf. Those flowers are not worth $70!!! I feel absolutely scammed!

Order number 2274401

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