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Complaints & Reviews

2-1 cordless floor extension stick vacuum

NO filters available anywhere in Canada or the USA not retail or in the warehouse. what a sorry company that doesn't sell a replacement filter.
I have tried every store and warehouse in black and decker and they keep sending me the pre filter basket. I Want the paper replacement filter that sits inside the prefilter.
I will never buy another black and decker product again

tr117 hedge trimmer

See photo of how I fixed that damned thumb trigger ... I ground a groove in it and inserted a nickel so it was locked into position to run every time I squeezed the finger trigger. Prior to this, every time I changed hands, I had to pull back the trigger with my thumb while also squeezing the finger trigger ... this is a hell on my arthritic fingers/hands!
This needs to be redesigned so the thumb control can be locked into position.

tr117 hedge trimmer

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 16, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should consider posting this as a product review on websites that sell the item. I think it could be very helpful for other customers.

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vacuum cleaner

I had bought a vacuum cleaner from Abu Dhabi in January 2017. After a 6 months use it was diagonised with motor fault by the region ( Coimbatore Orient service center). Though it is under warranty they deny to take the responsibility for the replacement of the motor. It is embarrassing to see such a reputed firm with such irresponsible subfranchise under consideration.

Appreciate to take an action immediately & rectify my vacuum cleaner asap.


smooth cut can opener

Bought it thought it would be good being a black and decker product
opened the first can ok, but the next 5 cans had to be cut open with knives or torn apart with vise grips. It will not cut the lid off. There are also slivers of metal sticking out along the edges where the opener runs around trying to cut which -I think may be very dangerous. They cut your hand and I don't know what they would do to a person if they were ingested. Very disappointed. Threw the packaging away because I was sure I had a good product.

coffee maker

Four months ago I purchased a coffee maker ( DCM100R / TYPE 1 ) & first the lid broke on one side & then the...

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obsolete parts

Hello, I have a Black and Decker CM1936 Type 1 36V 19in Mower that was purchased approx. 4-5 years ago and...

countertop convection toaster oven

I just drove through crazy flood traffic to get into town to buy a toaster oven because my oven went out and...

smooth cut one touch can opener

c an opener has stopped opening & turning!!! What a piece of crap!!! I am very disappointed with something that worked great for a few weeks!!! This is not how a company should make products, just to use a short time, then to throw the JUNK away in a few weeks!!! Your PRODUCTS are horrid!!I have had an older can opener the kind that cuts the lid off with sharp edges, since 1978!!! This piece of JUNK should not be sold!!! You should be ashamed of your company & the products that you make!!!

customer service on bad 60 volt batteries

To whom it may concern, Purchased a Black and Decker 60 Volt Weed Trimmer, extra battery and extra trimmer...

Hot Springs Apartments Rental

mill & brew coffee pot

I recently purchased the Black & Decker Mill & Brew. I liked the feature that allowed me to put my coffee...

refused to give me warranty

I ordered a product from Black and Decker Coffee Pot. I used it only twice and after that it went on fire. I called to their customer service and asked what can I do with the above-mentioned problem but they told that I can do nothing as I have no warranty. They didn’t give me warranty at all. I didn’t notice it in time.

return policy was too expensive and difficult

Bought B & D 1.7 cu ft BNA 17 compact refrigerator for daughter's dorm room. Food had a metallic taste. Refrigerator would just stop working without warning, spoiling food. Took it back to Walmart. Wouldn't take it because they said it was past 90 days. Called customer service. Return policy was too expensive and difficult. Wrote to company president and got no response. Don't buy this.

poor quality toaster oven

I replaced a 2000 TY1 B&D toaster oven with the TROS 1000. The product is more cheaply made with poor design features than the one replaced. I had a difficult time hanging the oven. The spacers do not screw into the hanging screws. The instructions say you may need help to hold the spacers in place as the unit is screwed in. I used the spacers from the old toaster oven which did screw onto the hanging screws. The hangers are easily bent and I had to straighten the hangers and then bend the hangers to make them hold the space saver up. I then had to shift the entire unit to keep the door from hitting the mounting bracket. I keep my fingers crossed it does not fall down. But then, if I get rid or the unit, it makes no difference.A drop down crumb tray rather than a removable tray is messy and is a stupid design change for a hanging oven. One must either clean up the crumbs from the counter or put another container under the tray to catch the crumbs.

There is no broiler. I made the assumption that when the product description says “Broiling Rack Fits a Casserole Dish that the unit included a broiler.”I did no comparison shopping because I liked the old toaster oven and was too much in a hurry to buy. Do your research and comparison shopping.Finally, I never saw a digital appliance without a clock.

  • Bu
    butch Dec 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Part quick clamp back ordered till Dec 2011. What do I use to cut up wood until then?

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  • Ia
    I AM ALWAYS RIGHT Dec 14, 2011

    A product is back ordered. Try a different vendor. If that doesn't work, find an alternative. Otherwise wait.

    -1 Votes
  • Ia
    I AM ALWAYS RIGHT Dec 14, 2011

    TM, he wants to cut wood. His product is backorder. If he can't find an equivalent part, what do you suggest?

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  • braddovel Sep 26, 2012

    Got this Black and Decker coffee maker a few months ago, (after a storm blew up my old one).I have worked many years in restaurant's, but this coffeee maker is impossible to pour without it run down the side and making a mess.Tried many different techniques, same results.
    Was just wondering if some of these companys even field try their products before putting them on the market

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  • Sc
    Scottcunning Mar 14, 2016

    I was placing the rubber lid on the blender as it sat on the kitchen counter. The lid is a tight fit so you have to press down firmly. As I was pressing on the top, the jar fell onto its side and shattered on the counter top. Unfortunately my right wrist went directly into the broken edge of the jar and sliced my wrist open. It required 20 stitches by a plastic surgeon. I was fortunate that I only sliced a vein and not an artery.


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they don't stand by there product

Black and Decker digital iron works well when it works.But never works for more than a year. I wonder if they have something programmed in to make it stop working after the 1 year warranty is up.

Call me an idiot, but I actually bought two of them. The first one the cord went bad and they had me send it to them and they sent me a replacement, refurbished of course. Because it took so long for them to send the replacement, I (dummy me) went out and bought a new one. Figuring that they had fixed the problem and I would just have two irons that I liked. Well one year and two months later the new iron went out. Same cord problem. So I took out the iron they sent me and one month later that iron shows error code. The owners manual says nothing about an error code, so I called the company. Agent #1180 Kathy said there is nothing I can do it is out of warranty. About the error code, unplug for five minutes and try again turn on a low setting. When I explained to her that I had done that and more she again, said nothing I can do. Where is the pickle?

Three irons and I still can't iron

They don't stand by there product.

  • To
    ton van lent Jul 02, 2011

    ik heb een black&decker schroefmachine gekocht binnen een jaar ging de oplader stuk, geprobeerd een andere oplader te bemachtigen, het bleek dat ik beter een nieuwe machine kon kopen omdat de prijs van de oplader bijna gelijk was aan een nieuwe machine. Dus een nieuwe machine gekocht binnen 1 jaar ging ook deze oplader stuk, ik vind dit echt slecht daar ik deze machines niet meer kan gebruiken.Ik heb nog een keer geinformeerd naar een oplader maar helaas de prijs is niet in verhouding van nieuwe machines.

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it does not work!

I purchased their electric pest control, which comes in a package of three. Plugged them in and all they...

product producing flames

I am on my second Black & Decker Skillet. On the first one, the plug was incredibly difficult to insert without force so I exchanged it for the identical skillet. The second one was easier to plug in at first. After a few months the plug started coming out on its own and it started being difficult to plug it all the way.
Last night I was using the skillet. After about 1/2 hour of cooking I started hearing weird noised from my kitchen, I went in to investigate and was horrified to see sparks and flames shooting out from the bottom of my skillet. Luckily I had the skillet sitting on a tempered glass cutting board so my countertop wasn't set on fire.
Today I tried contacting Black & Decker online only to find out that they do not make kitchen appliances, they outsource the work to a company called Applica Consumer Products and Black & Decker do not offer support, even though it's their name on the product. I tried to contact Appllica Consumer Products online and the search engine could not find them. That means that even though the Black & Decker name is on the product, you can't assume that it means you are buying: quality. warranty, or any kind of customer support. If you also had problems with this product, or any other, you need to contact (in Canada) the Health Canada Product Safety Division at [protected] OR (in the USA) the National Capital Region Consumer Product Safety Bureau at [protected].

cordless weed wacker batteries

I have used my weed wacker for less than two summers and I got two batteries with it when I bought it at Lowes and I only get 10 or 15 minutes of use out of each battery. I charge them the way I am supposes to, and it is agravating not to get any more use out of them.

poor service

I have a major complaint. I bought one of your under the counter coffee makers, less then three (3) weeks ago. I have the receipt for when I bought it. Two problems that I have with the coffee maker is that the clock is ALWAYS off. It does not keep the time all the time. I will set it on the correct time and it will be off by 8 hours when I get home from work. Also when you put the coffee pot into it place the drawer will come out part way. So some mornings we have had over fill all over the counter. Now I have to get up and turn it on and watch it do everything. Just so I won't have any accidents to clean up. Would like to know what you want me to do or what you can do for me. Also just to let you know. I bought one of your under the counter can-openers for my mother for Mother's Day and right now I don't really know if I want to give it to her.

  • Di
    Dietmar Knappe Jan 12, 2012

    I bought a brand new B&D Jigsaw w/case, used it one time on 3/4 " plywood and it stopped working and hasn't worked since. How can I get restitution? Dietmar Knappe 219-575-7752, [email protected]

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  • Sm
    smitch Jun 26, 2013

    bought a hedge trimmer and they refuse3d to replace the charger and battery pack

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  • Sm
    smitch Jun 26, 2013

    i bought a hedge trimmer where the battery pack and charger did not work and they refused to replace it

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  • Ju
    Julie Kemp Oct 16, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our frustration with B&D Spacemaker toaster ovens makes me wonder why we keep trying! Good concept, poor execution! I don't think that I have the receipt, though we do have the box, purchased at Ollie's, and held for awhile till the old one had an element burned. Our other ones stopped toasting on the under side, even though the element were red. Enter the new improved? Spacemaker oven, model TROS 1500B Type 1, which of course necessitated changing the holding frame. Within a month the knob broke, super glue fixed it. This am the left side of the handle fell off..not sure how we'll fix it! I hate giving up counter space, but I can't convince my husband to get the new digital Spacesaver toaster oven.

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lack of parts support

I purchased a black & Decker HT22D from Home Depot 6 months ago. I have been very satisfied with trimmers performance. Unfortunately the last time I used it one of the ears on the cutting blade broke off.
Today I took it to a Black and Decker service center for repair and was told it could not be repaired since Black and Decker no longer provided replacement blades. In conclusion, I'm very upset that Black and Decker doesn't support what they sell. While it was an excellent product until the blade broke.

  • Su
    Susan C Apr 15, 2009

    I bought a rechargeable cordless electric lawnmower last summer. It has a safety key without which it is a very large paperweight, and the movers packed it somewhere unfindable as of yet. Only 7 months after I bought it, it is impossible to find a replacement key - I have spoken to three official service centers and looked on the B&D/Dewalt website as well. It might be available in June - imagine how tall my grass will be by then!!!

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  • Bl
    Black and Decker Jun 01, 2010

    bought it, it is impossible to find a replacement key - I have spoken to three official service centers and looked on the B&D/Dewalt website as well.

    1 Votes

ordered new - got used and defective

Ordered the coffeemaker on 4/26/08 Received shipment 5/8/08. They sent me a coffeemaker: 1.that was not the model I even ordered and, 2. HAD BEEN RETURNED TO THEM BY ANOTHER CUSTOMER BECAUSE IT QUIT WORKING AFTER A WEEK!! How do I know this? THEY INCLUDED ALL OF THE OTHER CUSTOMERS PAPERWORK IN MY BOX!!! and the coffeemaker had clearly been used. I emailed them and they sent me an automated response saying they would email me a return authorization(basically if they saw fit) in 7-10 days, charge me 15% restocking fee and it would take two months to see a credit on my charge card. And of course, they can't be reached by phone-convenient for them. Luckily, I have Paypal to fall back on for help.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS OUTFIT - Had I taken the time to read all the complaints about this company I never would have ordered from them. Live and Learn.