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waste of money

Black and Decker - www.blackanddecker.com

I have had several poor experiences with Black and Decker products. I have chosen appliances by Black and Decker based on price and visual satisfaction. The blender I purchased broke within six months. The food processor that I bought just last month just broke tonight. I am almost glad that it broke... It was so difficult to use in the first place. The locking function needs some work. I do not want to spend my money replacing products that should have longevity! Please look elsewhere before wasting your money on these products.

  • Di
    Diane Nusbaum Oct 04, 2007

    I am very disappointed in the Black and Decker Power Pro ll. The first time I used it I found it almost impossible to latch and unlatch the lid. After several attempts the flimsy little latch tabs on the bowl snapped off. The processor is now totally useless and was a complete waste of money. Black and Decker used to have a very good reputation but with this poorly designed product it will certainly not be selling many food processors.

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very bad designed product

I purchased a black & Decker BV4000 Type l l20Vac 60142 Blower and Vac from Home Depot a couple years ago and from day one the vac bag will not stay tightly attached and the debri blows all over operator and into air. You replaced this bag once, but now it is not working again. Have you improved this product and since the replacements aren't working, am I entitled to a discount on a better product?

Please advise as this is an excellent idea but a very bad designed product.

what happened to black & decker?

Black & Decker used to mean quality in home appliances and you could feel good about purchasing their products. This Quick N Easy food processor is garbage.

Cheap, poorly manufactured plastic pieces and nobody gave any thought to the "convenient" spout which spews product all over the counter when you try to use it. Maybe if you had a container the size of the kitchen sink to catch whatever you're trying to shred...

The main problem, however, is the locking lid. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Fine for processing with the blade in the bowl, but the tiny plastic latch BROKE the first time I tried to shred mozzarella. No pressure on my part, mind you, just the pressure of the cheese upward SNAPPED that latch.

I've only owned this thing for 2 months. Really disappointed in Black & Decker. I have no doubt the motor will continue to run forever, but what good is it? The replacement part costs as much as the original appliance! Now I will spend considerably more on a different brand with better track record and customer service.

What happened to Black & Decker?

  • Ch
    Chumley Smithers Sep 19, 2007

    Would you buy a drill from Oster?

    Then why would you buy a food processor from Black & Decker?

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steer clear of black & decker

I purchased A Black & Decker vacuum bagger (model VS 2000) new from WalMart, and it NEVER worked properly. The Blacj & Decker replaced another bagger I had that was made in France, and which worked perfectly, but for which bags were no longer available. The point is that I am familiar with how vacuum baggers are supposed to work, and the B&D never performed as advertised. My second mistake (the first being the purchase of a Black and Decker product) was my continued attempts to make this piece of garbage work until the one year warranty expired. When I contacted Black and Decker, they were unwilling to even look at the machine to determine if it was defective. My advice: steer clear of Black & Decker. It is an inferior product, and their service is non existent.

the blender died several weeks ago...

I made a spur of the moment purchase of a B&D blender and a B&D coffee maker b/c a $20 rebate was offered...

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