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Their chec k timesare getting to be a joke. They say get there when appt scheduled and then site and waite 30 minutes?? Then too their spee, what isthe protien acceptable. Mine was 6 and I was defered for another test. Geesh when they rest and it is 6 has been okay in the past. How I wonder, as they have lost my chart in the past and been frantic to find. They made me waite to get the results on 12-16-08 as well. How I wonder, did someone screw up again and I have to pay for it?? I k now when they drew my blood the day of the test protien was 7.1. Have been told it drops a point when tested in the lab so am thinking it went to 6.1 but then the tech did not tell me. I bet someone screwed up my spee and now I have to waite 2 weeks and miss their great x-mas drawing because I missed my 5th appointment. What a [protected]@[email protected][email protected][email protected] have done for 3 yrs now, so gotten pretty wise to how things operate. This place was upside down last wek with reps being there and they screw up a lot!! Would they tell me they screwed up my spee I think [protected]@[email protected] it helps but is a major run around


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    glorimom Jul 28, 2009

    Because my daughter does not have her middle name or initial on her social security card she has been denied service. A social security card is not to be used as identification anyway. She asked if a Passport would be acceptable and was told no! How could this be right?

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