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Biolife defers donors if they contact there employees v.I. A. Facebook when they find out there last name is, and we werentt even at there center, well thats why facebook has privacy tools to prevent unwanted people contacting them, use them, thats why they are there, for your protection, and ernie schmidt the center manager doesnt have good donor relations at this center, along with adam bruening. Dave is about the best manager at this center, he talks with donors and friendly. Ernie schmidt been letting go employees left and right this oct 2010, all because there short handed, when they requested f.M. La to take care of a love 1. Well treat there donors better, if it wasnt for the donors, they wouldnt be in business. They are only keeping employees that treat donors like crap, and lie to us 24/7 who they are like raven mcfadden,. Since they do see are medical records everyday, when we donors dont know who they are. Its my right to know who has access to my records, and speak when im donating


  • Yo
    yoyo12 Jul 27, 2011

    The reason they are so unprofessional is because they are working in entry level positions, some of them have never worked in the medical field and the only requirements for employment are highschool diploma, so you are at the mercy of young uneducated children basically. The technicians (people who poke your finger)are trained on the job as are the phlebotomists (people who stick you with the needle for donating). Cleanliness and operating procedures are actually followed very precicely according to state and center regulations, so that is not to worry. Just don't expect to encounter highly educated medical professionals when you go in for your donation.

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  • Jo
    Joknny Feb 28, 2019

    @yoyo12 same with me, showed me the cloudy end of the tube finger blood drawn into, said shows fatty foods consumed, it always looks like that. It's the design of the tube!

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  • Li
    lICK31313 Mar 21, 2012

    After I did routine questions& tests I was set up to donate plasma. As soon as the machine kicked in and started to separate blood and plasma I had immediately noticed that the bag collecting plasma was not the normal ‘apple juice color’ but that it had a decent amount of blood in it. I then told SEVERAL different employees that it appeared to be abnormal. Even after looking at the bag they had dismissed the color AND MY CONCERN for the abnormal factor. When I was being taken off the machine an associate had told me that it was going to have to be discarded because there was so much blood in the bag. Right before I got off the donation chair I was told that I was going to have to see a nurse to address the questions that I had. When I got up from the chair I was told to follow an associate to the check out screen. NOT ONCE had they had any kind of concern about me WALKING or STANDING at the touch screen to log out. After I logged out I was told to sit down and wait for a nurse to come and answer the questions I had. I was called into the nurses office was told that I was going to have to wait at the center for 30min because I might be lightheaded. I had then asked if I had a family member come and pick me up and I was a passenger in the car if I could leave. (Thinking that the only reason that they don’t want me to leave and drive a car is because I would be lightheaded.) I verbally attempted to rationalize why I couldn’t leave in a family vehicle if I wasn’t driving because of ‘lightheadedness’ and honestly got frustrated because I didn’t understand why I couldn’t leave if I wasn’t driving for being ‘lightheaded’. After I sat in the waiting room and told my husband that I didn’t think that I should drive and that he should come and pick me up AFTER I got done with my 30min, I had different lady pull me into her office and begin to explain why I couldn’t leave. Reasons like blackout pass out, lightheadedness &dizziness and had verbally recognized that I was OBVIOUSLY upset at the situation. She asked me why I had gotten that way to begin with. And, I had told her that it was because the nurse hadn’t ever said that I might pass out, might blackout, or might be might be dizzy! And that I couldn’t rationalize not being able to leave for being lightheaded if I wasn’t driving. And, then confronted her about feeling like I was being pulled into an office and ‘getting a talking to’. I told her that if the nurse had originally told me that I might pass out, black out, or be dizzy that the reasons for keeping me there WOULD HAVE BEEN rationalized! I told her that I had called my husband and that he was going to drive me home after my 30min and she told me that if I left I was pretty much going to be banned from coming to another BioLife facility. After feeling like I had been done such a disservice from the faculty right down from telling the associates that something was wrong from the BEGINNING, to not telling me all of the symptoms that I might encounter so I could rationalize such a request and NOT HAVE BECOME so angry this entire situation could have been avoided!!

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  • Br
    Brent+b Feb 22, 2014

    Worst experience donating Plasma ever! Front staff lady was so rude I should have turned around at that point. The facilities were not maintained in a sanitary way. The technicians are not experienced enough, so they will likely miss your vein several times.

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  • Je
    jessie 07 Jan 16, 2015

    Hello, I just wanted to remark on the absolute disrespect I encountered at the Grand Forks location. I hadn't donated in six months due to a busy schedule at school so I had to do a physical again when I went back to donate. Everything was routine and went smoothly until the nurse went over my questions. Having done the physical three times before I answered as I always do. Except apparently this time something had changed. I had my ears pierced when I was very young and had allowed them to heal over in middle school. I also had my tongue pierced in middle school that lasted all of a month before I took it out and let that heal over, also. Since then I've been diagnosed with a nickel allergy and have not been able to get any new piercings or tattoos since early highschool some six or seven years ago. All of this I've shared with the nurses at each physical. According to this nurse however, the tongue piercing was not recorded and the miss accused me of lying to her. I explained to her that yes, I've shared this information many times, I do not know why previous nurses didn't say write it down or whatever. However this nurse did not want to hear my explanation and was very rude in her accusations and said that it was my fault it was not recorded and that she couldn't trust that my other answers were accurate and I would be receiving a permanent deferral from all biolife centers. I have been a faithful donor for over three years now and have told many people to go there and this is how I'm treated. Well, you can believe that I will tell everyone about this incident and the disrespect that the nurses show to the clients. This is unacceptable behavior and to receive a lifetime deferment is ridiculous to say the least. Good job Biolife, really showing what an upstanding company you really are.

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  • Mo
    morgantaber96 Jun 13, 2016

    I have had nothing but troubles every single time I have been into Bioflie . But today was the icing in the cake ! I went into biolife right when I turned 18, Had no problems . the after 4 months into I started getting treated poorly . I stopped going I am now 19, and wanted to get some spare money. I go in everything is ok, till I go into the physical . I pretty much got called a liar, along with being called fat. I always sat next to a guy that was 200+ pounds . I am no where near that weight . now you tell me is that fair . I have had a half butterfly tattoo since the very last time I donated Didn't sign papers to get my tattoo only have ever had to sigh a paper for one tattoo in my life ! When I left the older lady whit white short hair treated me like ### kept telling me I was way to fat, and that if I don't lost 50 pounds by 120 days ill be deferred for life . I walked out crying probably looking stupid But I have never ever been treated so poorly in my life . I have nothing good to say about biolife AT ALLLLL! I am in such discus

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  • Ar
    Armyveteran Jul 04, 2016

    I have been donating for 9 years at the Tyler Texas location.
    The center director is a discriminatory natzi.
    I reported an employee that treated me bad and since then they hated me. I got two bruises on both arms from another employee I was supposed to be happy about it, they held it agains me! I have an attitude problem. Then I got recently deffered permanently by this ### because I had a heated argument with another donor who insulted me. There is nothing wrong medically to donate, is a damn personal vendetta. On top of it HQ thinks is ok to be treated bad, talked down or dissrespected, but you have an attitude to stand up for yourself you get defferred. SHAME ON YOU BIOLIFE YOUR EMPLOYEE SUCKS!

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  • Da
    Dareal Jul 29, 2017

    Greensboro Nc yancyville has some nasty nurses who will lie on you. One lady works at the desk always coughing and talking. Says she has hepatitis but it not contagious. That's why shes been working there so long but they won't let her stick...Tangela you are jeopardizing alot of people.

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  • St
    strange critter Aug 22, 2018

    I donated regularly at biolife for almost a year never had any issues and I was always truthful I had got a tattoo and reported it then a few weeks was put on a non permanent deferral after 2 incidents the first one they didn't clamp the end of the tube while sticking me and my blood sprayed every where and the second the tubes leaked and I lost some blood so I had to take some time off from donating when I cam back i had to do another physical and mentioned that the tattoo wasn't showing on they're system and got told I was lying and that I didn't report it

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Gill Jul 26, 2019

    Biolife in Bolingbrook Illinois - poor training and customer service and patient care. Many mistakes including 2 time bled through rewrap. I complained to manager about an employee who joked about getting high over his lunch break. Also complained about poor training with a new employee who deferred several people inappropriately then magically was deferred for HIV reaction that end result was negative. Also heard of another patient who was permanently deferred after complaining. This is very concerning - thinking of contacting attorney general or other agency - would appreciate any suggestions - not sure who licenses them.

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