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Without make sure the number of passengers on board

This post written is to remind and warning everyone.

I bought my ticket at the station at Larkin and select Billion Star Express bus from Larkin to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan(TBS).
Although the bus arrived 15 mins later, I don't mind with that as many other buses have the similar issue. The bus was new, comfortable and spacious as it has only 27 seats. After picking passenger from Larkin, they were headed to Skudai to pick the other batch people.

After 2 hours of the journey, the bus driver stopped by at Caltex Ayer Keloh North Bound- Gemilang. That time approximately 8.30pm. There are not many of the vehicles at the station. The bus driver didn't announce how long he would stop. So, I went ahead and confirm with him before I get down from the bus. He said bus would resume in 10mins.

There's the moment when my nightmare started. The bus driver just leaves me out at the petrol station. I definitely sure that I was in the washroom less than 10 mins. At that instant, I'm loss and frighten when there're less than 5 vehicles. No car willing gives me a ride as I could understand that they are also concerned their safety and I just a stranger to them. No buses stopped there as well. This station is a just a place where people would just stop to refill their petrol and go to the washroom.

After 15mins, I saw a bus stopped by for passenger for washroom. I went approached without hesitating. Thanks God. This bus is also going to TBS as well. At that moment, my way back to KL has solved. The next problem was to get back my belonging on the bus(Billion Star Express). I searched the official website. There are several numbers provided but mostly cannot be get through even the hotline as well. Only able to gotten through the agent of Billion Star Express Penang. In the end, got a number of 011 with the name of Encik Dark who able to get trace of the bus.

Finally, the bus that gives me a ride arrived TBS at 11.00pm. Billion Star express arrived earlier. When I walked toward the bus, obviously the bus driver knows I'm the girl that they leave out because I was with hat, mask and with bright long sleeve cloth when I get down the bus. I questioned him, how can you go without confirming the number of passengers. I even questioned him, before I get off, I ask you how long you will stop. You answerred me 10mins. He noded his head.

This action of the bus driver is irresponsible.
-Have you even think that what will happen to person suffer?
Perhaps, I am traumatized!!!

I feel cheated


Billion Stars Express

bus stop many place not as per advertise

I am now onboard the billionstar express route Tbs to larkin & pasir gudang. Plat numbe KDW2311. Bus supposely depart on 7 pm but delayed one hour. on 8 pm we finally departed but the bus driver not directly go to Larkin as supposely. Instead the bus driver taking a detour to Kajang and stop at many place in here which I didnot know the reason of it. This is the first and the last I used your bus due to this problem Please fix your services.

poor bus services

The first time I buy billion star ticket, and this would be the last time also, very disappointed about the services and also very irresponsible company. Bought ticket for 10.00pm, wait until 11.30 then only the bus come. Furthermore, I pay more to buy the bus ticket from peneng to golden mile complex in singapore, the billion star driver only send us to jb sentral, after that ask us to wait at platform 15 or 16, when we reach the platform we only know there is no more billion star bus come in, we have to take transtar bus, but most important is the transtar only go to woodlands, outram park, then what for I pay more to buy the bus ticket to golden mile?

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    Kitty GekGek Feb 01, 2020

    I think we ride the same bus, I from butterworth. Timing 10pm changed the time to 11pm without any notice, and keep stopping at some station. Some stay about 45mins. At the end ask us bring out all of our luggage at JB kastam, and the bus never came back anymore . Suppose to take 9.45hours but I reach SG about 11am. Take around 12hour from Penang to Singapore! Very terrible!

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inconsiderate bus driver

On 27Jan2020 driver of AKK 6815 from Penang to JB 9:10pm trip ignored my request for toilet break even though we've been on the road for 4hours plus.
It's terribly upsetting that a customer is treated as if he's purposely making the request to "delay" the trip.
The company needs to look into the services provided and at least have basic manners when communicating with others.

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What kind of punctuality is this? No time management?! As scheduled 1159pm but it's already 0045am and still no sights of the bus! Please reflect on your service and time management, if this continues, you maybe might think of stopping to provide such bus services. You are totally wasting everyone's time.

Do you really spend time reading all these complaints? If yes, then why isn't there any improvements since your rating on Google is only 1 star. If no, what's the point of having this.

Do some self reflection and stop wasting your customers' time. We pay you to expect good service which you promised to deliver but yet we are getting a service only worth maybe 10% of what we paid.


Billion Stars Express

bus vip and service and facilities

I am writing this complaint feedback that I felt very disappoint and angry. I came earlier 10.45 as my bus ticket I had bought was 11.32. When I approached to the counter, that malay lady said it was too early. I went to the counter second time (11.00)pm, the lady told me it was not ready yet, I was told to be called when it's time. And yet I didn't heard any call until I saw many people queuing, I followed. 11.15 pm, that malay lady said the bus went off, another driver popped out and said all those going back to ipoh, penang, kk... Following location... Follow him. And so I followed him, I saw a very lousy bus I questioned him, where is my vip bus that I had bought, why the bus is not matched that what the ticket has indicated. The driver gave me a [censored] answer. Public holiday what can I do?, I spent 120 dollars to purchase a ticket for a long trip and what yr company had returned back to me. I bought a bus ticket which had the facilities, wifi, usb all those and now I am sitting a lousy bus that has nothing inside that yr page website has mentioned? Please do me a refund as it was not fair to me! others spent cheaper than my fees and they are sitting same with me !

bus vip and service and facilities
bus vip and service and facilities

Billion Stars Express

bus driver very sleepy

Bus driver scolding passengers for waking up him after stopping for more than an hour and driving ridiculously on the road after that with lack of sleep. This causes the passengers to travel in worry and feeling not safe at all (bus from Shah Alam to JB Larkin. Bus delayed from 9.30am to 10am and it's 3pm now but still haven't reach to any destination. Bus driver told us that he had lack of support and hadn't sleep for a week.

bus delay for 2 hours and didn't send us to final destination

We booked 27 Dec 2019 (8 am) bus from 1 Utama to Pasir Gudang, Johor.
The bus arrived at 10 am (2 hrs delay) and they combine 8 am and 9 am passengers in the same bus.

Furthermore they pick up more passengers at TBS. The bus was fully loaded and 1 passenger travel without seat.

In the end, they did not send us to Pasir Gudang Terminal and forced us to get down at JB check point near Singapore.


Driver in plate number VAB 7211 left us, with my pregnant wife, in Malaysian Immigration from Hat Yai...

bad services

我23.12.2019搭凌晨12.30的巴士从新加坡golden tower回tbs 没有巴士号码通知 巴士迟到, 很不负责 我24.12.2019再从tbs回sg ok巴士依然迟到 巴士直接去到jb...

delaying for one hour and more

I took a ticket from penang sentral to ipoh, the bus arrive at sharp 8pm . By right i should reach ipoh at 10pm, when i book the ticket it shows the duration of 2 hours . But then the bus delay the time more than 1 hour at nibong tebal to pick up other passenger . This is really waste of time . I reach ipoh only at 11.30 pm, it shows that the delay of the bus to arrive at ipoh is 1 hour and 30 minutes late . Please improve your transport service .

delaying for one hour and more

Billion Stars Express

late come, and the bus is broken

My bus supposedly to come at 7:15 and it arrive only at 8.

Plus the bus had problem in engine, which make it only able to move in 60km/hr. Why the bus can be so broken. I bought 7:15 bus and I can only reached klang sentral around 5-6, what is the point I buy 7:15 bus and it is more expensive than 10 or 11 pm bus.

This just waste my money and waste my time, when I buy 7:15 bus I expect to arrive ealier. Now I can only sit on a 50 to 60 km/hr bus all the way to klang sentral from Singapore. Then what's the difference if I buy a 10 pm or 11 pm bus? Which is much cheaper. Pleas check the condition of bus before using it.

Last time when I book with billion star, the bus came 2 hour late as well. I don't know what happen to this company is service, but I must say this is the worst I had taken. I only taken this bus service by this company twice and both face problem.

Make sure Billion star take care of customer rights, and check your bus before you use it. You just lost trust in customer.

I am totally disappointed with this bus service. I would never recommend my friends or others to take this bus service anymore. No explanation no solution for example an extra bus. What a bad service

The bus number is 6678.

Date taken bus: 6th December (supposedly 7:15 am) from lavender mrt (in front of McDonald)

coach service from berjaya time square to singapore dated on november 30

AVOID booking from this coach company.
I have booked for their service to Singapore from Berjaya Timesquare at 1230pm but only arrive at 130pm. This was on Saturday, November 30.
There are 6 telephone numbers (3 Malaysia numbers and 3 Singapore numbers) stated on our booking confirmation slip but only 1 can be used. The customer service, a Chinese man was totally not helpful at all.
Can you all just imagine, boarded the bus at 130pm and arrive in Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint at 1030pm with smooth traffic? The driver had several stop just for the sake of smoking. And per smoking break took about 30 minutes.
Not only that, when we were at the JB immigration checkpoint, the driver picked-up ad hoc passengers who are working in Singapore. And each adhoc passengers he charged for RM2 per head.
The bus was also very dirty. Got flies and houseflies. USB charging port not working. Driver not helpful. He can just stand there and see my daughter carry the heavy luggage to be placed at the luggage space.
This will be my first and my last time booking with Billion Stars and I am going to submit this complain to all the travel portal so that everybody is aware of what they can expect to receive from Billion Stars which has NO STARS at all.


We had faced very terrible experience on our holiday at last deepavali day recently. Me and my husband planned to go to the KL for the first time and we are so excited about our trip. Then we planned the trip and bought the ticket from Billion Star Coach bus on online. That day 26.10.2019, we suppose to take off the bus on 12.15 am but we can take off only 2 am due to the heavy traffic on long holiday .
We do understand that kind of situation but we didn't expect for the worst case. They arranged us for one bus to send to the singapore immigration from golden mile then we have to change the another bus after passed through the malay immigration. But their driver cant make it on time and then he stucked at malay traffic so we had to wait under the building around 3 hrs. We started feeling furstrated and once the driver came, he didnt check the ticket and just get on all the passengers who has the billion star bus tickets . Some persons dont have the seat no and they just issued only the bus ticket from billion star :3 . So everyone try to get on the bus as much as they can because they felt tired and they want to reach their destination in their mind. we also thinking the same thoughts. we managed to get two seats but it was far away each other and the seat which i got was spoiled. we don't have a chance to think or choice as we didn't know the another bus when can pick up so I had to put the luggage in front of my seat during the whole journey from malay immigration to KL. When I reached to the KL, my legs were getting swalloen :'( . We hopefully not happen on our return trip but our wishes failed and we faced the worst experience than before. On the return day, we managed to reach the meeting point ( which can find on website ) and waiting the bus.After 45 mins, we were getting worried as we were not sure that is the meeting point or not. There was no staff, no office and nobody pick up our ph also ( ph nos express on their ticket ). We asked around the other bus staffs and luckily they are willing to help us. A few mins later, one bus is coming and then we realise that we are not alone and some people are waiting ahead of us and their bus time was earlier than us . and the girl asked us that there was 2 seats left but separate one and if we want to wait another bus, she not sure when it will come. So we had to accept this seats . After a few hours driving, the driver stopped at one of the petrol station in Malay around 1 hr. after that another bus accompanied with us and another double taker bus also came.The driver told us to change to the another bus. They combined two bus into one bus. This bus sent us to the malay immigration. There, we luckily managed to pass through the custom early and waited around 20 mins on the bus . And the driver told us that he cant wait the other passengers as the police from there were chasing out him. We didn't know that is true or not. But there was only 15 out of around 45 passengers can make it . We told him to wait for them also no use . Once he crossed the bridge and reached to sg immigration, then he announced us that was his ending point. WTH !!! The bus suppose to send us to the golden mile, lavender, & etc . Why he didnt tell us earlier and just suddenly announced.
We felt so unfair and angry so that after we passed the singapore immigration, we called the office how to arrange us. That time, we really didn't have any idea how to go back home from the checkpoint . The staff gave us some bus numbers but they had no idea when can the bus arrived. Luckily we checked the grab and we can manage to rent the grab. We took the grab to their office with our own money and explained them the whole situation. Their response is really disappointed to us. They told us that they didnt know the bus who sent us from malay petrol station to sg immigration. They dont have the record of this bus . And they said us that we can't expect for the best service on the long holiday and if we feel unpleasent, just wrote down on the complaint letter. We bought the ticket, early booked and paid extra for VIP class, is this useless ??? Nobody have the responsibility ? They ruined our trip and they didnt say nicely why ??? Hopefully this review can help a bit to change their service and attitude. We really not dare to go to KL by coach bus and we hopefully nobody will not face the problem like us. Thanks you for reading my story :)

about the bus and the driver

I'm really very disappointed with your stupid services which I n my husband bought ticket from billion star...

worker and customer service

Bus arrived on time but the trip was delayed due to certain circumstances Worker Problem 1) Checked our...

worst service

I bought 1/11/2019 2.45pm Duta to Sg Nibong . Driver late almost one hour then rest at R&R 15-20 mins that's I understand. But I bought ticket is direct to Sungai Nibong why the bus go to Butterworth terminal drop passengers after that stop somewhere 5 mins and it's already 9.25pm I havnt reach my destiny. I would like to have refund. 1/11/2019 is not a Public Holiday or long weekend but I take more than 7 hours to reach my destiny that is too much. I would like to have refund.

arrogant driver

Driver that drive bus billion star TBS>Pasir Gudang trip at 1pm from TBS (wear blue collar shirt, Fat body) is so rude and arrogant when dealing with customers..
He speaks hars words when I (passenger) want to go to the can I go to the toilet when the doors are fully closed..and both driver went outside to rest and fuel up the tank.
I was scolded why didnt go to the toilet earlier even though the doors are closed.
They continued talking in the bus and talking bad about passnger.(the fat one)

He said, the bus is theirs and passenger should follow them ..

bus service

26th Oct 19

I booked my ticket through Easybook. My bus was suppose to come at 12.15am on 26th Oct. When arrived at Golden Mile, the staff said we do not need to change for a ticket as we have everything printed out on a piece of paper. He said he will shout the bus number then we can board from there. Please note that they did not state any bus number on the ticket. After waiting for an hour, there is a bus that came but its not under billion stars. Found out there are people waiting from 9pm trying to board the bus. The bus was from Transtar. The first bus was really full so we waited for the next one. Waited till 2.15am, the bus came and when we wanted to board, the guy told us why we did not change the ticket. We explained to them that the staff told us that we do not need to change a ticket. So he said we still need to change. After changing, we managed to board the bus. Reached the JB custom at 3.17am, the person who drove us told all of us to bring all the bags down as there is another driver that was coming to fetch us. After clearing the jb custom, we waited for 3 HOURS for the bus to come fetch us. Tried calling the number stated on the receipt but no answer. Everyone were very impatience. The bus finally picked us up at 6.30am. So basically I was waiting from 12.15-6.30. Reached KL at 12pm. Which otw to Berjaya Time Square, driver was smoking in the bus which is very inconsiderate for small kids.

28th Oct 19

Our bus was suppose to be at 3.45pm. Decided to reach early to change for tickets. Read from the ticket picked up was opp BTS. So went there to changed but ended up it was Grassland company. The lady told me Billion Stars was opp (Infront of BTS). Crossed over to BTS, asked other bus company everyone seems to hate Billion Star Express lol. We founded out there isn't a booth for Billion Stars. My friends & I couldnt risk the chance for missing the bus again so we decided to buy a ticket from another bus company for RM70 each.. I doubt I'm able to get my refund back. lol

1) If you happen to be stuck in Johor Bahru Custom for more than an hour, just take a grab from Jb to Lakin, all the bus will be waiting there. Buy a new ticket and hop on the next bus available.