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Billion Stars Express Complaints & Reviews

Billion Stars Express / bus service

Mwmw Mm on Feb 10, 2019

My ride was from ipoh amanjaya to johor bahru larkin central. The staff in amanajaya request me to print out the email as I was booking online and it should be include the ticket print out fees but he request me to other counter to print out the email and charge me rm3. This issue wa...

Billion Stars Express / bad service

sky887 on Feb 1, 2019

Ticket ID : 5698506 Invoice No: MY-2493705 For Order No: ORSCKRBA Invoice Date: 26 Jan 2019 Cart ID: BUS92021ba1c0b64210 Date of Incident : 1st February 2019 i had booked bus ticket from, pick up point at one utama. bus delayed at 1.5 hours. Scheduled bus time...

Billion Stars Express / I want complaint about billion star service

Jfang on Jan 21, 2019

First when i buy the ticket from online they show me a lot of facilities like TV can charge phone and something else. Then when i boarding the bus what the fxxking cheated by online alrdy OK that is fine i try to chill and find my seat so my seat have been sit by ppl alrdy and they very...

Billion Stars Express / rude and impolite service

KaniaKania on Jan 12, 2019

I booked 2 tickets online from easybook and chose the Fairies Enterprise from Ipoh to KL Sentral. When I arrived at Amanjaya Terminal, I couldnt find any Fairies Enterprise booth. Then I asked the information service and was directed to H4 booth. The lady at the booth asked me to print the...

Billion Stars Express / luggage damage - letter required

Irfan on Jan 7, 2019

Hi, I brought Billion Stars Express bus ticket online via and While coming from Singapore to KL, Malaysia on 19th Dec 2018. My luggage bag was damaged. In order to claim insurance for luggage bag damage. Need confirmation letter from bus company. I have already emailed you...

Billion Stars Express / irresponsible and not sending me to destination

ThanksMum Confinement on Dec 29, 2018

Bad service ever!!! - confuse pick up point. My ticket pick up point is at Transtar office, French Road, Sg. But there was no bus there. I walked around the complex to find the bus and any passenger like me. There was 2 people waiting for the bus too, we were anxious until we to call the...

Billion Stars Express / irresponsible service

Kharyen on Dec 23, 2018

Bad Experience on Billionstar Express (16/12/18 9.30pm Penang-Singapore) 1. My ticket was 9.30pm from Penang to Singapore but the driver starts driving at 10pm+ 2. The driver stops at TBS for more than one hour to wait for another batch of passengers. 3. I booked my ticket on

Billion Stars Express / punctuality of bus

CJac on Dec 15, 2018

Bus delayed 2.5 hours without any notice!! We have wasted 2.5hours at Golden Miles tower. No apologies or compensation at all Make multiple stops doenst matter. Make the passengers get down at one utama just to WAIT for another bus to continue sending us to Klang Sentral! Really no...

Billion Stars Express / irresponsible and bad arrangement billion star bus service

clara135 on Nov 30, 2018

I didn't get into my bus on 1/12/2018 at 12.45am Date of Incident: 1/12/2018 Client number : 84840896 Description of the incident: I had booked bus ticket from, bus company - Billion Stars at 12.45am, pick up point at Kitchener Complex. I was reach the said pick up point...

Billion Stars Express / time and management *t

hakimi on Nov 30, 2018

What the F billion star.. my ticket from larkin to seremban 10.30pm but 1 hour still waiting. the bus billion star WWA8865 arrived around 1035pm n i believed that trip go to seremban but one of fatty guys stop me from entry n let other passangger who using a illegal ticket to go first...

Billion Stars Express / I m here to complaint about your service counter

JoJosoong on Nov 29, 2018

Dear sir or madam, In this 21 century, service is very important as your counter service is so unfriendly and with black face and treating customers unrespectful when customer walk in . And your bus timing are not in time as the time promised and I m here not to ask claim for money just...

Billion Stars Express / rude and arrived staff.

Mortal on Nov 27, 2018

Billion Express Bus Rude, Arrogant Staff at office in unit #01-52B, Golden Mile Tower, Singapore. The photo attached staff's name is Mira. I was there on November 26, 2018, Monday morning to make some enquires. She greeted me with a loud voice, unfriendly tone, rude, and arrogant...

Billion Stars Express / delayed and break down

delly dillz on Nov 25, 2018

I would like to complaint about Star Billion Express bus bound for Singapore. Im now still riding on the bus, 25th November 2018 5pm bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) station for Singapore. Firstly, got to know that the bus is not direct to Singapore, it will stop at Larkin station in...

Billion Stars Express / bus delayed, delivering parcel, unexplainable stopping when all passenger fall asleep, pick up customer at custom for personal profit

Maobus on Nov 12, 2018

1. Bus didn't reach pick up point on time. 30 mins delayed. 2. Bus driver make multiple stop and each stop more than 15 mins a. First stop is within 5 mins of bus departed to deliver parcel for around 15 mins b. Second stop within 15 mins from second stop where the driver and assistant driver...

Billion Stars Express / the billion stars bus wvp 6622 air conditioner, malfunctioning causing wetted seat of most of the passenger.

Yee Min Eunice on Nov 9, 2018

When I board bus at 7.00am on 10th November 2018, I found the floor is wet. When I sat on the seat, it was totally wet. When I voice out to have solution, the side driver mentioned all the seat is like that. I was u satisfy. 1. Why our billion stars express changed to other bus service...

Billion Stars Express / 我要投诉,2nov2018 10:30 pm bus

淑君白 on Nov 2, 2018

我开始买的时候我在golden mile complex 哪里买票那个untie说10点票有是最后,我说ok我给了$120后来,我在9.30pm走过去确认下bus 号码结果那个年轻的马来女生告诉我(不好意思我们10点的车已经满了,没有位子了,我换一张去tbs然后转战去ipoh给你,可以吗?)我说(不好意思我没有去过tbs,请问有没有直接去ipoh的)后来,他给我了10.30pm的票,我就在黄金大夏那边楼梯等。。。 等到11点我就去问,他说在coming soon 然后我在等到 12:48am 我说做么还没来!那个马来婆说车走了,我说蛤,你没有告诉叻!那个马来人是劲是带一条鱼的金链 他很没有礼貌的告诉我说!我刚告诉你了在这里等! 我说:我刚刚明明就是拿着票和她要车号码,他都在一边和一个马来婆讲话一边给我写号码!也没有告诉我在counter前面楼梯等,什么都没有说!这里那么多start 公司! 我是第一次坐billion start expre...

Billion Stars Express / we were not picked up to continue the journey

Peiris on Oct 29, 2018

We boarded the bus from KL heading to Singapore on the 29th Oct 2018. Close to the KL border, we were asked to board another bus and no reason was given. At the Singapore border, when we came after immigration - it took us just under 15 minutes - the bus had already gone. The five of us and...

Billion Stars Express / I am complaining about bus delayed

Lim1989 on Oct 27, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company on October 27, 2018. I was take a ride of Billion Star Express from Penang to Ipoh at 8.15pm... Got to told that I have to stopover at SG.Nibong for taking another bus. Fine, I'm ok with that. But...

[Resolved] Billion Stars Express / badly service

Bell Bell Clm on Oct 22, 2018

Customer service manager Billion Star Express Terminal Bus Exspres Sg.Nibong (PG) October 22, 2018 Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing today to complain of the poor service I received from your company on October 19, 2018. I was take a ride of Billion Star Express from Penang to Kuala Lumpur...

[Resolved] Billion Stars Express / not sending us to destination

RainMaker JD on Oct 18, 2018

My ticket id is 29166781. From OneUtama to Singapore Golden Mile. The bus plate number is AHD6855. The bus suppose to drop us at Sg but when pass through Jb custom, he u turn and drop us back to Jb custom saying he cant get through Sg custom. Want us to take the bus back outself. I want a...