Citiliner Customer Care Service


29 Lepus Road, Crown Mines
South Africa - 2025

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 116 118 000(Customer Service) 5 1
+27 873 520 352(Reservations) 2 0
+27 137 532 100(Mpumalanga) 1 0
+27 313 349 702(Kwazulu Natal) 1 0
+27 214 184 326(Cape Town & Western Cape) 2 0
+27 538 326 040(Northern Cape) 1 0
+27 437 439 284(Eastern Cape) 1 1
+27 514 471 558(Free State) 1 0
Shop № 1, Old Mutual, 17 Samora Machel Drive, Nelspruit

Kwazulu Natal
1 Jeff Taylor Crescent, Mashabalala yengwe Avenue

Cape Town & Western Cape
Long Distance Bus Facility, Old Marine Drive, Cape Town

Northern Cape
121 Bulfontein Road, Kimberley 8301, (next to Civic Centre)

Eastern Cape
Windmill Park, Moore Street, Quigney, East London
Free State
60 Park Road, C/o Park & Burger Streets, Willow, (next to Municipal Swimming Pool)

Citiliner Complaints & Reviews

Citiliner — bus johannesburg to bulawayo

Why is it that poor/inefficiient citiliner buses are thrown to bulawayo route for exorbitant prices above going market prices ahead of best quality buses in terms of models and...

Public Transportation  · Jan 03, 2020

Citiliner — unfair treatment

The bus refused to compensate me. My wife and son bought tickets on the 10th of December 2019 for them to travel on the 13th December2019 from Polokwane to Harare and they wanted...

Public Transportation  · Dec 18, 2019

Bus Fare to Terminal Port Dickson — services about bus fare & no manner driver

653062 Driver ID : 1094 (NDC568) I pay him RM4, waiting for him to give me back the changes and ticket (btw the ticket price is RM3.60 Terminal Seremban to Terminal Port Dickson). When i...

Public Transportation  · Aug 09, 2019

Citiliner — citiliner bus to harare to pretoria and from pretoria

I booked a bus to Harare on the 24th of july 2019 from Bosman Pretoria . Firstly the condition of the bus from the seats are nolonger comfortable as in adjusting, the charging...

Public Transportation  · Jul 31, 2019

Citiliner — citiliner service

I'm not happy with the way I was treated in one of the citiliner buses, I was allocated a seat only to find that the seat was given to someone else who boarded the bus before me...

Public Transportation  · Jul 14, 2019

Citiliner bus — less than a star rating

Very unhappy and will not use Citiliner again, I will stick to what I know. I had never used the citiliner bus before but I decided to give it a try. In all the three times that...

Other  · Nov 18, 2018

Citiliner — problems with online booking from citiliner's website & no customer service

I've been trying three times since the past weekend to book a Citiliner bus ticket online from Paarl to Pretoria for 2018/11/26 on Citiliner's website. The process including the...

Public Transportation  · Oct 31, 2018

Citiliner — grossly poor service by citiliner (kokstad to midrand line)

Last night (Sunday, 28 October 2018), I boarded a Citiliner bus (Service No: CUJ1636; Issuer reference: TCTKD3DK) from Kokstad Wimpy to Midrand. The bus was supposed to leave...

Bad Business Partners  · Oct 29, 2018

Citiliner — almost caused accident drive like taxi and show gun sign to head

285573 Good day Today at 14:15 a Citiliber bus that was passing through George cut infront of alot of cars due to roadworks. When we were next to the bus and took a picture he showed a...

Travel Agencies  · Oct 16, 2018

Citiliner bus — bad service and attitude towards

15 July 2018 i'm so disappointed, the bus was supposed to arrive at 23:05 and it arrived around 00:30 I was so cold standing outside with two kids ... it took another hour for the...

Public Transportation  · Jul 16, 2018

Citiliner — late arrival on 22 june 2018 bus ref [protected]

Good day I would love to lodge a complain, last week friday 22 june 2018 my son embarked on a journey from queenstown to johannesburg (midrand) bus reference [protected]. The bu...

Bad Business Partners  · Jun 26, 2018

Citiliner — talking too long to depart

Citiliner couch 1st it was at Montrose where we spent almost an hour waiting for a driver, now we waiting at Park station to depart to Pretoria, again waiting for the driver now...

Public Transportation  · Jan 29, 2018

Citiliner — speeding on a dangerous road

We were driving 100 km/h on the R40/R527. A Citi-liner bus (DC82ZC GP or something to that extend). The bus came flying past us. The bus is suppose to drive a maximum of 100. It...

Citiliner — refund

Sir/Madam I know you are inundated with enquiries and complaints and do not wish to add to your load, but after the third fiasco in 3 weeks and no response I would like to put...

Citiliner — unacceptable service

I travelled via Citiliner from Cape Town to Port Shepstone on 5 May 2017 at 18h30. The bus was delayed by 2 hours and the driver played extremely loud gospel music all through...

Citiliner — Verbally abused by driver

On the 18th of June i caught the 16:45pm Citiliner to Cape town from Durban station. Let me Clarify firstly that when i called the call Centre i was told i would be catching the...

Citiliner — Bad service

I travelled from Ladysmith to Johannesburg by Citiliner on the 28th March 2016. the bus was supposed to depart at 11:55pm. It only arrived in Ladysmiteh an hour and 15minute...

Citiliner — Product/Service Complaint

To the Ceo My name is Duwayne Naidoo, I made a booking on the 09/02/16, Citiliner bus for my Fiance, 9.15 pm Durban to Jhb. I book often with Greyhound and feel your service wa...

Citiliner — rude and arrogant Driver

I am very sad and disappointed in the service your drivers are giving one named Mafukidze to be precise, who was driving citiliner to Harare on the 17th of December 2014. My...

Citiliner — Useless bus service experienced yesterday

The coach from JHB to DBN supposed to leave at 19h45 from Midrand depot, only arrived in Midrand at 21h00. I made numerous calls to their offices where their call center staff...