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This a not a complaint, but its a complaint... A Techie's bad {really bad customer service} experience with Big Bazaar. A software engineer from Technopark, here sharing his bitter experience with Big Bazaar, one of the biggest retail outlet in Trivandrum.

“Beware of Big Bazaar cheating?

Now a days even a small retailer will replace their goods, if it seems to be not working. See the case when the dealer is Big Bazaar(One of the largest retail chain in India), Trivandrum. I purchased a 4 GB Transcend Pen drive from Big Bazaar (Kesavadapuram) on August 1st. At the time of buying they claimed that the product has 2 year warranty. After buying that I came to home and checked it in my PC. It was not detected by my PC. (Win XP OS ). Then I tried in another configuration and none detected that device. That day itself I came to Big Bazaar, Kesavadapuram with the bill and the box including the Warranty card and other packaging.

I directly contacted the manager who was in charge for the Electronic goods section. He said that he is helpless and they cant replace it with a new one. I argued that at the time of selling they told they will provide full service for the product. But he said they are not taking the service of ‘Transcend’ and I have to send that to ‘Transcend’ service center in Bangalore. I contacted other persons in their office and complained against this and everyone said the same story.

Then I went to Big Bazaar office at East fort(the time was around 8 pm). I told the matter to the security. He refused to let me inside with the packet and told me to come on the next day. There was a large crowd and I told this matter to people surrounded there. At last security allowed me to go inside and I met the manger there. I told him that, I just opened the pack and inserted the Pen drive to my PC but was not detected. That guy also told the same words.

Next day I registered a complaint to Transcend, US through their website ( . But they said that they don’t have any authorized service center in India and Big Bazaar is not a dealer of their product. But Big Bazaar claiming that Transcend has a service center at Bangalore. The address given by ‘Big Bazaar’ for the Transcend service was ‘Intellic systems, Bangalore’. I didn’t send that damaged item to Bangalore(I don’t want to loose the courier charge too)

My doubt is, Are they selling the genuine goods or duplicates? It is apparent from my experience, Transcend is not responsible for their products sold by Big Bazaar. So Please think twice while buying goods from there.


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Mar 10, 2011 7:28 am EST
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We already have 2 bitter experiences from them.. Once we purchased a shirt which was found damage later.. At the time of replacement they were bit hesitant and asking us why we did not check the product before purchasing! :) Now we bought a furniture piece, they had the full money before 2 weeks, delivered another poduct color, delayed around 2 weeks, the one which they delivered has no handle! :D

Mar 21, 2010 2:11 am EDT

PLease note Another Big Scam fromBIG BAZAAR. At cash Counters, when check out and you will pay either by cahsh or card. They nlindly deduct 1 rupee toward child welfare fund abd imagine if they deduct one day from all the customer, they make a huge lump some money.Big Bazaar is a cheater and also a day time biggers. Also note another scam. THis is when I bought Tomato Ketchup. I found out it was cheaper than anywhere and when check at home I found that it was not sealed and there was an bad odour. Then next day went again to biog bazaar and there I found out all the ketchup of onefamous brand seals were not there. Looks BIG BAZAAR itself is refilling them and selling back to customer at lower price. Please avoid shopping at BIG Bazaar.

Jun 19, 2009 11:38 am EDT

hi friend even same prob for me but they replaced it in banglore office its near to punjab national bank corporation circle, so u 2 try n c...

Mar 28, 2009 7:20 am EDT

i also had similar experience, recently i purchased a hand blender murphy richards brand having gaurrenty of two year . it failled within month and i was told by big bajar authirities to approch local service center for repair . at the address given by big bajar for local service center a small counter for repair of bajaj fan was available i doubt it was authourised service center for murphyb richards . they took defective hand blender and ask me to come after two weeks and after two weeks when i approched they had neither repaired my defective equipment nor given any replacement. i was told me they have indented motor required for repairing my hand blender and repair work will be under taken only after they recieve matterial

Mar 09, 2009 2:06 am EDT
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I shall share my experience with Bigbazar Kesavadasapuram.

They offer many discounts and most of the packs will have two barcodes, one the actual price and second one, the reduced price.

The counter person may use either of this and most of the buyers don't recognize this mistake and I had two instances where the actual price was charged and had to go back again wasting the fuel money for the discount only to make my self feel that I was not cheated.

I feel that they do this purposefully so that a percentage of the people give the increased price. If they wanted to avoid this they can paste the new barcode ove the old one which they dont do.

All of you check the bills before you leave the counter and make sure you get the discounted price.

Nov 04, 2008 6:52 am EST

thiruvananthapuram Big bazaar is also accused of manipulating price tag of sauce pan, 1 or 2 years before.

Nov 04, 2008 6:18 am EST

dear friend.. u better file a case in consumer court...

Oct 06, 2008 1:08 pm EDT

I also bought a 4 GB pen drive from Big Bazar Trivandrum. And it was found not working. I was also directed to send the same to Intellic systems Bangalore. I sent it but no further news.Don't know Whether I will get it back or not !

Don't buy any electronics from Big Bazar.


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