Big Bazaar / Future Groupfreebies and many other

Stop this pathetic service,

Since a long I had been a Regular customer of Big Bazaar, Around 12 to 15 k Every month I do purchase from Big Bazaar.

But Initially It was good and pleasure shopping with Big Bazaar Now its hell and think twice before going to Big bazaar Outlets.

Today I had finally decided not to go Big bazaar and even recommend others not to go to Big Bazaar because you are Looters and gang of Nuisance people.

I think since you became brand now you guys thing that we can do what ever you want and because people are coming and buying from you so you do whatever you want to do.

Your guys are not trained even dnt know how to talk or behave with the Customers, Your Manager just stand and ask you question rather than asking his Team, Stock not been taggged with badges and Yes Free bies God Know where these goes.

I had attached Bill of today's my last shopping with Big bazar, spoiled my day by your Team and badges on cloth was not even removed after paying and even when I came out from store your staff was laughing and more than that when I came out from the store the badge was not been removed from the cloth, what a humiliating.

Stop this third class treatment and service, dnt hire your staff from Bangladesh or even worst than that.Everything there is some issue and more than that charging 24 Rs for a bag? A Bag? what a loot and, what the hell is this?

Non sense-pathetic-third class and worthless services.

Thanx to lots and other store which treat their customer with grace and valued. And offer so good price point and deliver at home with very nominal charges.

So loss of Big bazzar is Lots gain.

I think the days of the Future group fall is arrive as their heads are full of proud and arrogance..

Not Regarded
Only some senior future group staff to call or respond this.


Oct 06, 2019

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