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Complaints & Reviews

denaing cylinder supply by forcing to buy new new pipe/tube from cylinder to stove

When telephoned for replacement of Bharat gas cylinder, The official in Agency insisted that new pipe/tube connecting cylinder and stove have to be purchased from agency in person, submitting many documents. Otherwise gas cylinder cannot be supplied to home. When informed our tube is new and also we have a spare new one at home, they said they cannot give, gas till we purchase new one from their office. So flatly refused to supply gas cylinder. Pleas do the needful to get justice and to get supply soon. In past many of these type of problems they created to us by over charging and not delivering gas cyulinder in time etc.
Complaint given by consumer No.10386, Swarna Bhavan, Cheppad - P.O, Haripad, Kerala, Pin 690507
Tel [protected]. contact person SASI DHARAN PILLAI.

  • Sa
    savita devi Apr 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got my last cylinder on 30 th april after one month and I had booked another gas cylinder on 23th april, (booking No. 4) but i had not receive gas cylinder till date. Its more than 23 days and have not yet received the cylinder. Till date I made more than 20 calls to the Raghvendra area manager but he not picked my phone I also contact to Pridershini Gas Agency(nearest service provider) and reminded them at i made a complaint in complaint book provided by Bharat Gas (complaint no. 4) . Its of no use, when ever I make a call, I get the answer "It will be delivered to you by today evening or tomorrow morning" but surprise it is not delivered.

    Every time Gas Agency creates problem regarding booking of the Gas Cylinder i am mentaly distrub very much. Please take the suitable action against Pridershni Gas Agency, Meva lal ki bagia, Naini, Allahabad. Please take action within 3 days otherwise i will put case in Consumer Forum.

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delivery of cylinders with not sealed properly

I am a consumer of Bharat gas(consmer no.32153). I got transferred from Bangalore to Noida. Itook a house in Gour Green Avenue Indirapuram(GZB). I went to Vishnu Jyoti Gas Sevice, Brij Vihar, Ghaziabad on [protected], for gas connection. After paying the required charges I was told that cylinders will be supplied with two days. Accordingly after two days two cylinders were supplied. At that time we could not check the seal. Two days back we started using second cylinder and noticed that the seal was tampered. I suspect that they are giving used cylinders or some part of the gas is taken out. So I request the vigilance cell of Bharat Gas to investigate and find out the culprits responsible for this. I must be informed about the steps taken by your organization in thisregard.

  • Vi
    vijaypal Jan 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Vijay pal CONSUMER NO-21199, AGENCY NAME-Rahul Gas Agency jangpura N.D.
    TELE NO-01124372374, 24372373
    My mobile No.is 919810025363

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delay supply

Dear sir,
I introduce myself as bhartat gas consumer since 15 years availing from M/s. JKR Gas Company, [Distributor Bharat gas] Salem, Tamil Nadu. I found no complaints till date, but for the past several months delay supply on minimum usage[bearing 2 elders+2 sons] on small family is untolerable. After supply of one cyclinder, the one month time for re-booking again 15 days to 20 days time is too much, totally 60 days waiting for getting another one is reasonable ? I came to the agency many times, the response is nil.
My consumpti0n No:-19928 -Booked on 29.12.2010 till date no supply is found. Please do instruct of speed-up the supply of gas cyclinder and watch overall distributor's reports. The other Bharat gas distributor in town itself is making supply within a week time. Though it is not on demand seasons.
T.MD.Jainulabudeen, Salem, Tamil nadu, [India].

non delivery of cylinders even after repeated reminders

I am a domestic Gas user for Bharat Gas, Consumer # 55121 under the name of my father Shri.M.K.Vasu, we had booked our cylinder on 14/Dec/2010 booking # 2216, even after repeated reminders I am still not able to get the booked cylinder till date.First of all let me tell you that Bharat Gas as a company advertises that it supplies gas to its consumers at specified time within 24-48 hours, sorry to say that this grievance is not even taken care and repeated reminders falls on deaf ears.The agency name where we book our cylinder is Ashok Gas Service, Sai Satguru Apt, Shop#B-2, SaiNath Wadi, Asalfa Link Rd, Ghatkopar(W) –84, the response from their side is pathetic and undigestable, their services which they offer is very poor, we never thought Bharat Gas would render such a pathetic service, this is not the first instance where we have come across, past experience where after booking the cyclinder we didn’t get it for more than 20 days and after going to their agency all they had to say was the cylinder was received by us and the same reflects in their records we showed them our consumer card where the deliveryman makes a note an gives a receipt, then they said that they would send it to us and it could be bymistake that they may have made an entry in their logs, this is not just one case you will find people complaining in their office daily, when after repeated reminders on the telephone when we got no response I made a point of visiting them and knowing what lies beneath(the truth), in fact I was amazed to hear the reason of non-delivery or late delivery of Gas cylinders-the reason was that their computers were stolen and they do not have any alternate database.I even spoke to the manager Mr.D G.Sawant who was so very rude, I just asked him a simple question “If the computers are stolen have we to suffer because of them as they did not have a security Guard to my disguise the answer he gave me was quick and witty he answered me that “if I feel this he cannot help me and I need to switch or look for an alternative(should I think that he was pointing that I should purchase the cylinder by paying extra(black marketing this is surely done by their delivery man)”So now I started cursing the thieves who stole the computers not because it belonged to me but like me there were many consumers who were complaining of non-delivery of Cylinders, OH! how I think I made a great big blunder of remaining a loyal consumer to Bharat Gas instead I should have switched to HP Gas services which really gives services till wee hours in the evening.

  • Ma
    Mann_123 Feb 08, 2011

    This is the worst and corrupt agency of Bharat Gas Agency in India. Thank God it is not global.
    So Rude...arrogant and proudy staff!!! Bharat Gas Being Public sector company, deliberately selects the worst of the available resources.
    I have no account how much they sale in black so called "ON".
    earlier they demand 500, now more than that becuase basic prices have increased from 325/-
    This is the reason it should be privatised...
    Corruption is fuelling the LPG gas supply chain...
    God saves us...

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delivery of expired cylinder

The dealer U.G. Gas Service had delivered the expired cyliner - the mark put on the inner side of the top handle of the cyliner was B-10 meaning the cylinder was not safe to use beyond June'10 & the delivery was made during the second week of Nov'10. When the said cylinder was taken for replacing the empty cylinder, the regulator was coming off as soon as the regulator knob was twisted to on the gas supply & then we observed that the cylinder usage date had already expired in June'10. We lodged verbal complaint to the Agency on 07.12.2010 & he replaced the cylinder.

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delay in reciept of refill cylinder

I am holding a Gas Connection bearing Consumer no: 3538 with BHARAT GAS SERVICE Holding dealer no: 244515, I have booked to refill my cylinder a fortnight back and was told by the service providers that the cylinder would be delivered to the address on the next working day after booking it.But till now i have not received any cylinder to my address and also there is no proper response from the service providers. I have been calling them from past one week and there is a similar response i am getting with the operators that refill cylinder would be send by the end of the day on the particular day.The same response i am getting from past four telephone conversations with the operator. I have recorded the conversation with the telephone operators of the particular gas dealer which i am going to disclose to the media about the issue and the problems which we are facing with it.

late & under weight delivery of lpg cylinders

I am a consumer having No. 11034 Dinesh Aggarwal of your dealer Preet Gas Agency, Giddarbaha District Muktsar (Pb.)
I have already lodged a complaint to your good self on 6th Oct-2010. The contents of the complaint are self explicit, but I am very sorry to say I have not received any response from your side. The irregularity committed by the agency is still prevailing. They are not providing us the refills at home delivery and under weight cylinders are still provided to the consumers and they are bound to take under weight deliveries. Even after more than 48 days I am still in wait for refill. The last refill was delivered to me after 75 days. Now you can will imagine about the working style and attitude towards the consumers, even your GM House is not responding the public graveness. and their answer is, ”we are not bound to respond about your complaints.” as per telephonic talks with Mr. Rajiv Sharma. So can I presume that these sights are just time wasting and futile exercise for consumers? If you are not in a position or lack of will power to readdress the Graveness of Consumers. I again repeat that I have get only 5 cylinders in this current year i.e. Jan-10 to till today. Hoping for the best reply!

  • Ag
    Aggarwal Dinesh Nov 16, 2010

    hope for the quick and positive response.

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  • Ag
    Aggarwal Dinesh Nov 16, 2010

    hope for the quick & positive response

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  • Vi
    vinod kumar dandona Dec 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Office: E-10 Sector 30-B Chandigarh-160030
    (Registration No. 3995 of 2008)
    Our Mission is to aware the public of their rights and get them justice from the administration so that they can live a happy life

    E-mail [email protected]
    Phone 0172-3079494
    Mobile 09876166985

    PHONE 9216565665 PHONE 9876166985 PHONE 9876572740


    LPG consumers are being cheated by the dealers and distributors. They are being charged for the full quantity of LPG where as Gas delivered is much less.

    In this regards Shri L.K. Khurana Chairman, Vinod Kumar General Secretary and Shri Nidhan Singh Secretary of Happy Life Development and Welfare Society Chandigarh met Sh. Mahavir Kaushik, HCS Secretary, State Transport Authority and Controller of Legal Metrology (Weight & Measure) Chandigarh.

    Vinod Kumar General Secretary of the society point out that the society is getting number of complaints from the residents of Chandigarh for underweight supply of Domestic Gas and society has taken the serous view of this and wished to start a joint drive with Weights & Measures department for checking the underweight LPG supply.

    Sh. Mahavir Kaushik, HCS assured that their department is with them for this social cause and further added that he himself or the concerned inspector will be present at the spot when called, and take necessary legal action.

    Society has also have purchased an electronic weighing machine (scale) duly verified by Legal Metrology (Weight & Measure) Chandigarh.

    Today we started at about 11.00 AM from sector 47 and continued checking various sector of union territory. Sh. Mahavir Kaushik, HCS and the Inspector Sh Kamal Sareen were also with us.

    The detail report of seizure of cylinders is as under:

    S.No. Firm Name Shortage
    1. Sabarwal Gas Agency HP dealer 550 grams
    2. Sabarwal Gas Agency HP dealer 570 grams
    3. Punia Gas Service IOC dealer 260 grams
    4. Premier Gas Agencies HP dealer 550 grams
    5. Premier Gas Agencies HP dealer 500 grams
    6. Premier Gas Agencies HP dealer 400 grams
    7. Premier Gas Agencies HP dealer 700 grams
    8. Premier Gas Agencies HP dealer 700 grams
    9. Premier Gas Agencies HP dealer 650 grams

    Sh. Mahavir Kaushik, HCS stated that this drive will remain continue.

    We here by request all the residents of try city to phone us at PHONE 9216565665, 9876166985, in case of short / underweight supply so that the concerned dealer can be booked.

    (Vinod Kumar)

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non receipt of 2nd cylinder

Dear sir, 31/10/10
Ref: Consumer No- B-14824 (Bharat Gas)
Sub: Non receipt of my 2nd cylinder

Complaint against:
Bharatiya Gas Services (Distributor code- 431709, Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Ltd.)
Shop No- 2, Ganga Ashram, Court Road, Ranchi-834001

Complaint by:
Sabita Dutta
K.P.Enclave-302 A, Dipatoli, Bandhgari, H.B.Road, Ranchi-834009

Subject of complaint:
I am a consumer of Bharat Gas (LPG) since 01/11/1998, I applied for 2nd cylinder in the last week of July’10. I was called on 06/10/10 and insist to provide me a Water Filter worth Rs.1390/, which is out of way & I disagreed such proposal, and they ultimately refused me to provide the 2nd cylinder. I am ready to pay security dep.(1250/), refilling of gas(358/) & other related exp-(35/), but am not ready to pay the cost of Water Filter, which is not related to the matter.

Hence, I need your kind cooperation thus I can get the 2nd. Cylinder in the proper way and take the necessary action against the above distributor.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Mobile No- [protected]

  • Aj
    ajaykale21 Jul 27, 2010

    Hello Sir,
    I have booked Cylinder on 9th July, 2010 but uptill I have not recieved home delievery till date. Also I have not got any reciept from them. I asked to distributor about this matter they told me, Delivery is going of dated 12th July, 2010. But I have already sticked my order on given date. Staff of the dist. office is very negligiable. My DBC No: 307352551,
    Customer No. M/21704
    Please support me in this matter.

    (Arun Kale, 'Anant Padma Gangadhar Apt., Near Jubilee Girls School, Brahminpuri, Miraj-416410 Dist.- Sangli, State- Maharashtra)

    If you want to give any support then contact & reply me on my mail id:
    [email protected]

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delay in supply of cylinders






No.10/28 Second West Cross Street

Nethaji Nagar


Vellore-632009 Tamil Nadu.


The Marketing Manager

Bharat Petrolium Corporation



Sub LPG – LPG connection under the Agency “Sree Sai Enterprises, Gandhinagar, Vellore-6 -Tamil Nadu – Certain Difficulties faced in getting refilled cylinders-Regarding.


I became the consumer of Bharat Gas in 1984 vide Deposit Rt. No.

782640Dt. 21.12.1984 with consumer connection No.1440 under the Agency

“Sri Venkateswara Gas Agency, Vellore-1, TamilNadu and also got the connection of additional cylinder wef July1993.

I am very much regret to state that as a consumer of Bharat Gas, I

have experienced much hardship in getting the refilled cylinder every month for the past 15 years under the Agency of “Sri Venkateswara Gas Agency, Vellore-1. Now I have been under a new Agency which has been commenced wef February 2010, and allotted new connection Numbers such as 3754 and 4133, by which I felt that there will be some relief under the new Agency and hope that the difficulties experienced already for the past 15 years will be reduced and supply of refilled cylinders will be made at a Quicker Interval of time.

But I regret to note that the difficulty is still continues to be prevailed under the new agency also in getting the refilled cylinders. Thus we have a conclusion that we have been cursed only because of that we are the consumer of Bharat gas.

For instance, I have booked for cylinder on 16.8.2010 vide Receipt No 73. Due to non-supply of cylinder up to the date of 9.9.2010, I have asked over phone on 9.9.2010 for which one person replied that the cash receipt has already been issued on 3.9.2010 and the supply will be made soon. But the supply has been made only on 14.9.2010, after a great struggle, that too without the cash memo. and also not obtaining the acknowledgement from me or my wife. In another instance I have booked for cylinder on 5.10.2010 and assured to supply in 10 days. Due to non-supply of cylinders the agency has been enquired for which they said that cash memo. for the above connections issued on 14.10.2010. But the supply has been made only on 27.10.2010, after a lapse of 13 days. These are the sample instances that we are experiencing the same difficulties whenever we booked for refilled cylinder.

I do not understand whether the above Agency is thinking that the refilled gas cylinders are supplied to us on free of cost or whether they are thinking that the Consumers of Bharat gas are mere jokers to belief on whatever they say. The way of replies to the consumers from the above Agency are in such a manner.

We are also not able to change the Consumer Connection to any other company such as Indian Oil Corporation or Hindustan Petrolium Corporation which are supplying the refilled cylinders within a reasonable interval of time and rectifies the difficulties caused by the consumers then and there.

I, on behalf of consumers of Bharat Gas request the authorities of Bharat Petrolium Corporation to regulate the supply of refilled gas cylinders at a reasonable interval of time and ensure the great relief to the consumers like me.

So, Please do the needful.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully


  • Da
    Dalpatrajsinghvi Dec 31, 2010

    I was boo cyliender on 10/12/2010 at Dev Gas Service, Jodhpur but the agencies not provide it me till 31/12/2010 after 4 time reminder over phone & personally.

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  • Bi
    Binesh kumar tyagi Apr 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dely supply of LPG Cylinder
    Dear Sir,
    I am LPG gas consumer, I come under with M/s Biri Gas Service, Sonepat-131001 Haryana who are the distibutor of my area, My consumer No. 28297. My problem is after booking they have not supply the gas immediately .I have been provided with two cylinders. Presently i booked the gas on 09 April 2011, today is 17 April 2011 .In the last month they supplied the cylinder after 20 days after booking. When I tried to book the other cylinder last month, it was informed to us that you cannot do so because you received last cylinder few day back. When contacted telephonically that it not a fault on my part, they assured me to supply the next cylinder in time, but all in vain.Most of the time their phone found engaged. Other consumers are also have the same problem where other supplier of the other company are suppling in time.
    Please take corrective measures... Binesh kumar tyagi 658, Sector-12, Sonepat-131001

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Swami Sep 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Always General People No Home Delivery,
    Ever Home Delivery Only Officialdom, Journalist, Powerful, Rich People.
    Repeater Complaint But NO Reconciliation
    I am Pankaj Swami,
    My Mob.No.09982042001

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Swami Sep 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bharat Petroleum,
    BHARAT GAS (LPG)-Rajasthan,
    Ever NO & NO Solution.
    Always Home Deliver Only On Officialdom, Journalist, Powerful, Rich People.
    NO Never Home Deliver General People & Always NO Never Solution.

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  • Sh
    SHIMALI Dec 14, 2011

    My Gas connection no. 418950
    Gas Agency is Veenit Gas Agency, BHEL Bhopal
    Complaint : Delivery is very very poor. They delivered gas cylinder after 25 days. Families who have Bharat gas suffering very much.
    28, R.K. Enclave Bhopla

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delay on gas delivery and blacking gas of our booked gas

Please look into matter on urgent basis,

One of bharat gas agency dipsikha gas & gadget.
Address: 103, n s road, harinavi subhasgram 24 pargana(s) westbengal kolkata 147. this deler very much delay on gas service delivery & also blacked gas of our booked without our knowledge.
This is doing one of there delivery boy uttam

replacement of gas cylinder

I am an authorised user of bharat gas cylinder. this cylinder is normally which is supplied by bharat gas authorised dealer (shree ram, kharghar sec-20 near jalvayu vihar, navi mumbai). there was a manufacturing defect in cylinder due to that regulator could not fit. my wife called the office at about 0930 hrs. after one hour they send machinic to check the cylinder. machinec found that cylinder has manufacturing defect and he said I will inform the office about problem and you dont need to call again to office and cyclinder will be come within half an hour. after waiting one hour again called to office again asking what is your cosumer no. and reply was dont worry you will get with in half an hour. again awiated for one hour I approached the authorised dealer for replacement of the cylinder staff in office is behaving rudely. got same reply you will get soon after calling again and again severel times delivery boy replaced cylinder at about 1630 hrs. after a long stuggle. about poor service and behavier of staff action should be taken against them. due to manufacturin defect and poor service of deeler could not cook food till 1700 hrs.

late delievery

i have booked gas on 5.10.2010 but today its16.10.2010 an there is no response about this.After that i booked that also 3 times again but thare is no response again here M/s anand ga9is service badarpur mandi road
new delhi-110044.kindly take action against their lazy employers.

shri veer vsingh
cons no.6233

  • Ra
    Rahul Roy Dec 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My gas slender leakage

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  • Ra
    Rahul Roy Dec 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Rahul Roy Tomorrow please come and help

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non-delivery of gas by the dealer - vishnu jyoti gas service, a-6 hig duplex, brij vihar, ghaziabad.

My consumer No is V-9299 and the dealer is Vishnu Jyoti Gas Service, A-6 HIG Duplex, Brij Vihar, Ghaziabad.
I had booked for a cylinder gas on 21.09.2010 and was told that it will be delivered on 25.09.2010 i.e. Saturday. I kept on waiting on Saturday but in vain. On making enquiry about non-delivery, the dealer after trying for long, picked up the phone and in very rude and indifferent manner responded that it will be delivered on Monday. I told him that I had specially requested for weekend and there will be nobody at the residence on Monday. To which he curtly replied that "it is my problem" and banged the phone on my face.
Thereafter i have been trying to call them throughout on Saturday and Sunday but no body took the call despite the phone ringing.
This problem has arisen earlier also. The dealer behave as if they are obliging by taking the call or supplying the gas cylinder, which they do at their whims and fancies.
The modus operated by these dealer is that they deliberately don't supply the gas on the requested day/time and make it a point to deliver when no body is there at the residence, so that they will mark it delivered and sell the same in black market.
Even today also I have been trying to contact with the dealer, the phone was ringing but no body has bothered to pick the phone.
Please see to the complaint, because the gas is an essential service and these incorrigible persons cannot take the consumers for ride.
Thanks and Regards

cylinder booking&delivery

Cylinder booking&delivery. sir, my consumer no 4780 vijayalaxmi nagar, chinna kodungaiyur, chennai 600051. chennai north. for the past one year this problem continues. after booking cylinder (after 15 days) again we have to call&also cylinder is not delivering. because of this we are cooking by wood&making our family mental torture since both of us going to office. kindly consider this matter as serious and make the problem solved permenantlt. thank you.

  • Pa
    pawan1978 Jan 06, 2012


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non supply of domestic gas cylinder

I have booked my domestic cooking gas at excel gas service at vashi, navi mumbai on 15 09 2010. my consumer number is 30970, but as usual, this dealer has not supplied me the gas cylinder till this date ie 09/09/10. although it should have been supplied within three days of booking. his modus operandi is, he sells all the domestic cylinders in hotels at double of cost. and whenever you contact him personally on his agency (he never picks up the phone to avoid contact), he says your house was locked hence delivery man returned. although my house is never locked. his delivery boys can be seen very easily distributing domestic gas cylinders at hotels in vashi area he is very notorious in blackmarketing in cylinders. most of the clints are sufferers. I feel he greases some bharat gas staff, that is the reason, no action is taken against him. will bharat gas will help me in delivering my cylinder immediately and take necessary actin against this dealer by cancelling his agency, to help the haplass consumers?. thanks. s. k trivedi

  • Ga
    Ganesh Borkar Sep 21, 2010

    I am having a single cylinder but I am using a single cylinder for 3 to 4 months. when I book a cylinder for refilling, I am getting a delivery after 10 to 15 days. so you are kindly requested to look after this matter.

    Ganesh Borkar
    My consumer no.50771
    My cell no. 9892408877

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  • Ra
    raj kar Oct 14, 2010

    vashi excel gas service is ###less service.boking cylender after 15-30 days not coming.all three lines are busy if ringing not pick phone.staff is ###less talking time pass on phone.very bad service.very dirty service.kal ka vada cylender ane ka nahi irda.all cylinder delivary boy are lachkhor he want extra money then delivary very fast without booking.

    My consumer no.50766

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  • Su
    sunita.d Apr 07, 2011

    vashi excel gas service is very bad service.boking cylender after 30-45 days not coming.all three lines are busy if ringing not pick phone.staff is talking time pass on phone.very bad service.very dirty service. customer service people behaviour is very bad, they didn't listen customer request.

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  • Va
    vaibhav manchekar Mar 16, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i booked my gas on 27/02/2012 and not get yet.when call for an enquiry on 16/03/2012 they told that your booking is not registered and is registered now, but my both cylinders will be empty.

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  • Jy
    jyoti shetty Jul 16, 2013

    i have been book cylinder last 25 days before yet i have not received it ...my reference booking no is 48140213. so please do it needfully as i have got only one cylinder

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delay in refill delivery

To 08/09/2010
Bpcl, crc
Ece house, (basement)
28-a, kg marg
New delhi 110001. (india)

Sub: - complaint against friends gas service, delhi - (code – 113600)

I am a customer of bharat gas with friends gas service, new friends colony, new delhi having consumer no 20477. above mentioned distributor is cheater and absurd, because everyone in the locality is having dispute with this agency.
When I got transferred from chennai to delhi I went to the agency with all necessary documents, but they insisted to purchase some cereals and refined oil from them. after all since then every time I face problem in gas booking i. e usually phone hang-up or prolonged ringing without response. every person is sitting over there assumes that he is owner of bharat gas and talks in very unparliamentarily language to each costumer.
Recently I am trying to book gas for last 7 days by phone, every time I am getting new booking number. but still gas is nit delivered to me. I also registered complaint twice at bharat gas website with reference numbers 97279 and 97381, but did not get any response from them.
This was my painful story and I am sure that every one has similar story. finally I tried to knock your door for help, perusing your selfless interest to solve the problems of the customer taking this issue sincerely.

Thanking you


Dr usama akram, ([protected])
Research officer
Ministry of health & f/w, govt of india

F-127/2, abul fazal enclave-ii
Shahin bagh, jamia nagar, new delhi-110025

Email: [protected]@gmail.com

  • Vi
    vishu maluja Apr 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    fuddu service by bharat gas
    our consumer no. is 3473

    cell no. is 9888735800

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  • Vi
    vishu maluja Apr 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    bharat gas has a very ### service in malout
    our consumer code is in bharat gas service 3473 with name of parveen lata

    my cell no. is 9888735800

    hay bharat gas

    if u have some shame so do anythink to save ur shame

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delivery of gas supply

delay in delivery of lpg gAS

I, S.K. MathurP. consumer of Bharat LPG bearing cons. No.10522 of Sagar Gas Services, Banswara (Raj) [protected] made complaint on 04.09.2010 for non-delivery of gas & poor service by the said dealer.

I booked for gas on 02.08.2010 but till date no LPG was provided by the said dealer inspite of several reminders. It is most harassing that the said telephone was always kept busy and rarely one could make contact after trial even for several hours. This is too much harassing by the dealer being appointed by Bharat Gas Authority.

It is very much astonishing that no such information is received by me about the action taken by the authority on basis of said complaint.

Hope, this time you will take suitable steps to eradicate this problem for the benefits and satisfaction of LPG consumers.


Heera Bag Colony

M: [protected]

  • Ha
    Harish kumar123 Mar 13, 2011

    Dear sir
    i m ashok kumar satying in n-572 mangol puri delhi-110083 as i have booked my gas on 3rd march my booking no is=6984223 this my consumer no is=23152 this but still i didnt get my lpg gas even i had made a remember to these gys and they also dont pick the phone i was keep calling to the agency but no response yet my agency name is pankaj gas u block mangol puri -110083 so please take an action against the same the service giving by the agency is very poor & pathetic so please start work on it
    thanks & best regards
    Ashok Kumar

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poor and irregular service

Dear Sir,

Our consumer id is 33482 and it has been enrolled with Rashmi Gas Agency. This time we have booked (No: 6883) over phone for refill cylinder on 15th July 2010 but we couldn't receive refilled one till today ie 27th Aug2010. This is not one day or one month as we are facing this kind of irregular and irresponsible service every time. Once the delivery boy rashly replied as there are 1000 complaints from customer if I complain again I could be 1001 but there wouldn't any improvement or realization. The manager is just says for the moment as he delivers but the result will be similar. Kindly look into the issue and take action accordingly as completely dissatisfied as a customer.
I approached KFCSC but they have give contact numbers of Bharat Petroleum Corp. When I am trying to contact those numbers I am getting response as they are not in use. I’ve also complained on the portal (www.ebharatgas.com). Where does a customer need to complain….?
(S/O Sri. K. Balaiah)

  • Sa
    Sanat kumar Pazdhi Oct 03, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    Please check the availbiliety stock of Rushikulya Gas in Berhampur, Ganjam, Orissa, the distributor is harshing people . My consumer No3120, Sanat Padhi, Sastrinagar . Berhampur . During the year 2010 he was supplying refilling cyliner with in 7 days now they are complining that company is not supplying insufficiant supply by the company. Please Examine

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  • Sa
    Sanat kumar Pazdhi Oct 03, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    Rusikulaya Gas Berhampur has not responding to the Custer . According to him he has hand in B.G. Authority as well as Sub Collector, Berhampure no body can tuch them. My cosumer No. 3120, S Padhi, Sastrinagar-Gosaninuagam, I have registered for refilling on 4 or 5.9.11 but got the refilled cyclener on 29.9.11. Please examine the fac t.
    Sanat KumarPadhi

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delay in delivery of lpg cylinder

Dear sir

we have every month delay in delivery of lpg cylinder I here by request u to solve the problem as quick as possible

We are located in

Plot no.5/18, gate no.7, n. c. c., malwani malad (w), mumbai - 95

  • Va
    Varsha Gupta Mar 07, 2011

    i have Bharat gas cyileder and we have facing lots of problem like not fill the cylender in proper time, and right now once a again facing same proble, we booked and got the registered on 22/02/11 and the reference no-6865275 anme of Varsha Gupta, so i am kindly reqiuest to you please see such type of proble and resolved as soon as posiable, for this supports we always greatfull to you, thanks for your supports.

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  • Mo
    MOHANODG May 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Booking reference is 8276647

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  • Mo
    MOHANODG May 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Mo
    MOHANODG May 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    M/S ANAND Gas Service,
    Distributor- Bharat Gas,
    87/1 G.T.Road (W) Shrirampur,

    Sub: Complaint against one certain Shri Sameer, the delivery boy of Bharat Gas in the Baidyabati locality.

    Dear Sirs,
    This is to inform you that I, Smt.Sampa Thakur, w/o Shri Broja Mohan Thakur am a consumer of Bharat Gas under your dealership and my consumer number is AG-11652. I would like to inform you that on 1st February 2011, the delivery boy ‘Sameer’ of Baidyabati locality came to my house to deliver a new full cylinder of gas against my booking number 321 dated 04/01/2011. Sameer has been delivering gas to my house since 21/04/07 till date(Xerox copy attached). On 1st Feb, as he was completing his formalities of checking the cylinder and so on, I went out to fetch the gas book. Taking this opportunity he switched the cylinders and went back with the full cylinder, thus leaving the empty cylinder. However I realized this as soon as he left. I immediately went to your local godown handled by Shri Subash. Subash immediately called for Sameer to our house, where Sameer meekly denied having done anything wrong. Having found no remedy I went the same day to your office at Shrirampur to lodge a complaint against this incident.
    However I was told by one of your employees (Shri Deepak) that there were no such complaints against Sameer so far. But when I wanted to submit my complaint he refused to make a receipt copy of my complaint. What I don’t understand is the fact that if no complaints are taken then how will there be any complaints against “Shri Sameer”. Furthermore when I pressed matters a little harder, I was told that Sameer is not an employee of Bharat Gas, which shocked me totally. I demanded to meet the proprietor or someone senior, but I was informed that nobody was available.
    Therefore sirs, I have no other option left than to send this complaint by speed post. Furthermore I have some very serious questions about my safety.
    Firstly, please confirm whether Sameer is an employee of M/S Anand Gas Service or not?
    Secondly, If not whether the gas godown at Baidyabati is an authorized one or not?
    Thirdly, if Sameer is not an employee of M/S Anand Gas Service, then how come he used to deliver gas cylinders in my house since 21/04/07? I want to know who is responsible for such irresponsibility.
    And finally, why your employees at your office at Shrirampur did not take my complaint?
    I would like to request prompt and fair action in this regards. I would like to further request you to acknowledge the letter.

    With regards,
    Sampa Thakur,
    W/O Shri Broja Mohan Thakur
    270/2 G.T.Road Baidyabati, Hooghly,
    Consumer No.: AG-11652.

    Copy to:
    LPG Business unit,
    Bharat Petroleum Corporation limited,
    Plot 31 Prince Ghulam Md Shah Road,
    Golf Green Kolkata-700001
    Ph: 033 24293190
    Fax:033 24293195

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not booking by phone

The agency of Bharat Gas M/S Geetanjali Gas Service Sharda RoadMeerut not booked any refling booking last one year by phone due to all ime of woking Hrs. the receiver of phone is OFF and before &after working Hrs phone is found noreply the phone number is [protected] please be infrmedme I will do in this matter.
During verifiction fom BSNL above condition found is correct in r/o saidphonenumber
Arun Kumar Tyagi Connection numbr 19832
My Mob. [protected]
Emil [protected]@gmail.comd24>

  • Vi
    Vijay kumar singh Dec 31, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am already. Online register in bharat gas booking ;but my password and login id. not send my email addresss than how can i online refill booking. Without login id and password my gas clinder My cusumer id is 4549and connectin name vijay kumar singh. And vill jinpura; p.o - dhobiakalapur; ps-bihta and mobile no is 7250791101 email id is [email protected]; connection agency name is vimal kamal in bihta

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