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A Aug 14, 2018

So I had the experience of coming back to my hotel and the key not working. Then getting accused of smoking in the room quite loudly in front of other customers. I run businesses and do a lot of worldwide travel and normally book the best western hotels whilst I conduct my business. So after vehemtly saying no I have not smoked in the room I then get the cleaner down there producing a photograph of cigarette butts in my bin which I had placed there from my bag as I had been out smoking and do not litter. So then I state my room really does not smell of smoke and that had indeed been smoking the smoke detectors would have gone off. The cleaner stands there nodding her head like I am lying I am absolutely furious at this point and the girl from reception then accompanied me to my room to indeed confIrm what I said and Been accused of was not true and there was no smell of smoke as stated as it didn't happen! I do not appreciate this treatments when I have spent thousands worldwide with your chain of hotels and I really do not think I will continue to support or recommend your chain to my very large network of contacts after this deeply humiliating experience by a cleaner!

Angela Dee Salter
At the best western hotel Groningen

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