Best BuyWarranty costs

I bought a laptop it was stolen. When I talked to a girl at Geek Squad she told me I can be reinbursed the cost of the warranty I purchased. I purchased the laptop Sept 14, 2019. I got 2 calls on my answering machine telling me I can come in to get my reinbursment. I went all the way in to Winnipeg on Oct 8, 2019 and was refused the reinbursment after explaining my situation to 5 people. I have purchased many items from this store on St. James and this is how they treat a good costumer. I live 20 minutes south of Portage la Prairie and don't make trips to Winnipeg every day cause it costly. They wanted the same bank care but I got a new one on Monday because my grandchild bent my old one on the weekend and it wouldn't work when I tried to use it the day before. My bank took my old card and it wouldn't work anyway if I gave them that card. I want the reinbursement I was promised and I will NEVER GO BACK TO THIS STORE.

Oct 09, 2019

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