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Best Buy Queens NYbusiness style of best buy


Customer service representatives (2 Jung women) jumping around them windows jelling outside to me: You ###ing beach, hooey ###!
In addition, one security guy (the very tall one) calling me White-###ing ###.
I come to exchange color wrongly giving to me from BB (Best Buy) employee and then:

(About my relation to BB)
I am writing this letter to you as I believe that Best Buy in Elmhurst location in Queens NY has done very unfair things to me on March 21 2009 about 7-8 pm eastern time.
I was one of the best customers that Best Buy or any company would love to have. I fed Best Buy for years. I am a “Gold chicken or gold goose” from who the Best Buy collected income.
I probably spent I can say with them buy now approximately $ 8000 and I intended to be customer for life. I never really had any positive experience with personal who works there but only negative experience.

In my past, as soon the Best Buy opened in Elmhurst Queens I purchased many things from them and I did not care how much it cost I just wanted it to be the best.

By now, I owned things I purchased from Best Buy and all from one, the Elmhurst location as is fallows:
(Approximate pricing)
Two door refrigerator ($2000)
Desktop computer set (2000)
Complete music line and speakers ($800)
Video recorder ($650)
Cannon printer scanner fax and copier ($400)
Plus extra ink for printer (180),
Photo and regular papers.
Two shredders (150),
2 house phones (170)
One phone with answering system (200)
Cell phone and all best matching accessories ($?)
Iron (70)
Surge protectors (several) (320)
Gift toys (150)
Kitchen gadgets (80)
Movies and CD-s (50)
(Window air conditioner (1200), had to return sellers mistake
And more.

The reason of listing all of it is that I expected the Best Buy to treat me nice, as some of them would recognize me as a valued customer or just buy checking my purchases on BB computer.

I always desired to be treated nice as some of them may recognize me as good customer, but in spite I was never treated with care and no one ever show interest in helping me in choosing right product besides my positive attitude bringing in and excitement of thinking I will found new something to buy that I need. At any time in Best Buy I found only irritation
They show no interest in helping but some of them acted bothered with technical questions. Any time I would ask for help they would answer one question and then run away from me to help someone else while I am left waiting not helped and I am the one who buys. The are meanwhile helping different people for to long, just like I don’t exist while living me alone so I would loose my time for too long not being attended and trying to get them back to me to finish helping me. They will continue to help new comers, I am here who is buying, and the others leave. Workers in Best buy are not nice to you, not pleasant, not helpful but mostly rude, impolite and it would not matter that you are customer and nicely asking for help and assistance to buy right product. I thought that besides not caring they might not be really product educated so they run away when you ask some questions. Customer service rating is not zero it is 100 % the best in being rude, impolite and uncaring.

There are people in industry that they would do anything to make you them customer like I were to them. Even to pay you for it or give you some coupons o discounts. People who care and know about them products, people who care, and they are polite. So being ignored buy Best Buy personal in helping and attentive I just went to another company and purchased my new computer ($1100) from company who gave me instant attention and looked me as a customer as well explained differences.

(What has bin done)

I remember when I brought that printer, fax, scanner and copier I did not know what ink I needed with it and I don’t like to be short in anything so I asked one of BB sale person to give me all complete and what I would need: to select for me best film, paper for pictures, regular paper and as many inks that I could need for long time and at least 3 - 4 times replacement so I don’t have to comeback any time I need new ink to buy. Therefore, I went home with many inks he provided me and told me to buy (appx. 14 extras).

This Saturday 03/21/09 my Canon Pixma MP530 needed change of ink. I grabbed for my blue ink And I noticed that sale person gave me wrong package The one I need should be 8C and one that sale person gave me was 8 PC. One letter difference, the same package.

Therefore, I took my 8PC, went to BB Elmhurst, and took from the shelf another 2 to buy (magenta and yellow) in case I would need in future and the right blue 8C.
I went to register and told to cashier man: Hi, I want to buy these two (magenta and yellow) and I want to change this blue to that blue.
Casher says: You have to go to customer service first.

I went to customer service line and small height younger women with long brown hair ask: What you want? (just like that).
I said: I would like to purchase this two and exchange this blue for this blue.
She said: Do you have receipt?
“I don’t have with me but you have my receipt in computer under my name” I replied. She pulls out my account and then she said: “Yes I see, you purchased many of those but we wont change it because it was in year 2007!
(Then I remembered was end of 2007 November/December.). Then I say: I don’t think would be a problem : First is giving to me buy your coworker, secondly is not opened, also it is same price and color and the only difference is one letter.
She said: No and I said I want to speak with manager. She called manager buy phone and speaking with him buy phone she said: “She want to change it, since 2007 and we can not exchange it, right, we just can not exchange, right with smiling ignorance.
Young slim 5’7” Irish looking guy comes out and I did not have a chance to say or explain anything yet he nervously and aggravated stated leaning to me: “Let me just let you know that we WONT exchange it to YOU, so to save your self a time and mine JUST LEAVE it is not going to be happened.” No greeting, no concerns, no trying to be polite or understand neither he nor her but just like I am not theirs customer but something dirty or very bad enemy.
Then I said: Please let me say what I wanted to say how it is happened”. He just says: You don’t have to say anything, I told you don’t waste our and your time, I won’t change it”.
However, sir, I said I just discovered this morning that was wrong package because I brought many on that time and some of your sales people gave me wrong number. However, this is same package and same price, please.
They both was rude and talking down to me like talking to garbage and the tone of them voice was I don’t care He kept talking against and not reasoning but Injudicious.: “I am not doing it what ever and you can call corporate if you want, OK?”
The tone in his voice was more hurtful then his words and ironic laugh from short long haired costumer service rep like she works in gipsy market and not in Best Buy.

I was so irritated. People, who do not care for customers, do not want your business. People who down talk to me cheering them triumph looking to me as ignorance. This is how they treat you after being good customer for so long, just for eleven dollars to be fair exchange. I needed fair exchange and they being rude to me yelling and talking down to me.
I said OK I will call corporate. He drove me very upset unbelievable. I do not want to be aggravated even more then I am now to call corporate.
In addition, for my own money. I paid for product that should be right product. Then I said: I will change it my self!
I could not care less for cost of 11.99 but I felt I just was wildly robed. If he said OK and that I need to pay half price extra, it still would be ok but not right.
I exchanged packages my self and they jumped on me. Since are the same color, package and price, which would be just fair swipe. If they do not want, I will. I placed on them shelf mine 8PC (that they give me as mistake originally) and I took with me 8C which I originally needed to get from them.
I changed it my self. Package for package, same price, same package, same color in one letter difference 8PC for 8C. I am fighting for my rights.
The customer service guy went furious. He called security and one big 6’5” black muscular security guy started pushing me to side speaking: “Come with me White ###ing ###. Come ###, here ###.” I said: You calling me ###? He said: Yes ###ing White ###: the name suits situation: You have two choices To pay for this now and sign that you never enter Best Buy again anywhere and if you do ever enter BB it will be trespassing, or if you don’t, you can go to jail right now. I said to him: I would not pay for it because I paid for it already and I want exchange that your people in BB did mistake.

Here is customer service guy next to him, long haired long tongued women from customer service specialized in low class behavior and trash tongue brought hers coworker girlfriend same like she is, and bunch of other best buy personalities. I said to big black guy I wont go with you to any of your behind close doors. He was pushing him self very close to me calling me nasty names, then I pull out my cell phone to call police.
When 411 asked for Best Buy address, no one wanted to give address and the answer of each one was: We do not know. Meanwhile public was watching this ugly seen that they made me look as I First class thief.

Police eventually comes and even I called them they spoke first with them. They said I wanted to exchange something from year 2007- with exclamation, and that I switched boxes.
At the end I was compelled to sign not to walk in any Best Buy ever and was compelled to purchase extra package of blue ink keeping mine that they wrongly gave me which I brought to exchange (now useless). Best Buy enemies wanted to eat me so I asked police to be with me until I exit.
When reaching downstairs I discovered in spite I paid for the new package they actually did not gave it to me. That package was missing in my Best Buy bag. Now what I paid for they retained for them and holding what I paid for, robbed me again. They made me pay for it and retain for them use again.
I went back up not walking trough them door and from outside the door I sew one of a bit nicer fallow who works there asking him to give me back my paid ink probably laying still on the register. He passed to me but said could not find receipt for it.
The longhaired and long dirty tongued short customer service representative girl and her similar looking and same long dirty tongued girlfriend started to jump from inside the door yelling trough glass to me: ###, you still here, it was not enough to you. You want me to call police back to you to put you to jail! Ha, ha, ha, ###! Hey, ###! ###! HA, ho. Go home ###ing ### and do not show up here again ###. (Those are Best Buys “Customer service representatives “and workers” of Best Buy).

This is Best Buy in Elmhurst. Do not want your business, or your money. For eleven dollars, that fair exchange should take place for good customer to maintain business. In this economy, they loosing good customer.
Customer service did not do them job but no sense for reasoning no sense for care or understanding, customer service that don’t know for politeness and nice vocabulary and the most of all customer service representatives who are well qualified to be disqualified from any possible work available. It is a shame.
Real customer service should be “CUSTOMER SERVICE”, with ability to reason.

Guy from customer service did not have niceness or friendly talk to customers but just the unique way how to aggravate customer and make customer become them enemies. He did not have sense for reason knowing it is the same product they carry, it is unopened package, and it is the same price. This is not 'CUSTOMER SERVICE OR CARE OR REASON'
He set up wrong tone speaking to me and spoke to me down and impolitely, he spoke to me aggravating and challenging. He set up tone much different then friendly customer service care should do especially with good customers as I was to them.
I never had any discount from them and I did not look for any.
For my own right and for my money to get proper product.

In soonest future I need to change my laundry washer and dryer and dishwasher which Best Buy showed they do not need my business but sending me to another companies.

I sent this letter buy e-mail to Best Buy CEO Mr. Brad Anderson and I email to [protected]
I found on them website asking them for apologies. There is no answer from them.

It should be fair exchange.

I felt abused mentally and physically and endangered buy big security guy. They made pressure on me as if they will beat me endangering my private space around me and pushing me only in one small space walk surrounding me and closing my space buy them. Big security guy was brushing rudely him shoulders against me and pushing him self/chest toward me.
I felt very insulted and downgraded. For the other people eyes, they made a picture as if I was I criminal. I want to be compensating for it. I carry with me big hurt in my heart and insult in my mind that they planted. I felt rudely abused and misjudged. I cannot forget how much damage it has bin made on my soul, heart, and mind. It lasts with bitter feeling. I felt also that they thrown hugest amount of dirt and mud and made me dirty in front of others that will stay with me for the rest of my life. However, I was always clean and now they did attack on me. Attack on my soul, mind and heart. It is real trauma. I was so upset and it lasts.


  • Ob
    obie154 Nov 22, 2009

    Sonja, I am sure you're a very nice person. However I only have some things needed on this matter.

    1. Please learn grammar.

    2. Please get some common sense.

    3. (Most Important) Please get professional psychiatric help, you obviously have a brain disability to understand you can not buy something from any retailer and then decide to return 2 years later because it was a wrong item given to you.

    4. If they did sexually harass you, you should have filed a complaint immediately with authorities, but as for BB calling the police on you, I'm pretty sure they called and the police were dispatched to BB as being an "EDP". Police Terms... Emotionally Disturbed Person. I'm pretty sure if you would write online about a $12.00 screwup that was eventually your fault for waiting 2 years before trying to exchange, I am quite sure you were at the store screaming your head off and acting irrational which is why the Police were called.

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  • Al
    Al K Oct 08, 2009

    I just want to correct myself and agree with the gentlemen above too, if they deliberately did not place the ink you were forced to buy in the bag, that's another story too.

    0 Votes
  • Al
    Al K Oct 08, 2009

    If I'm reading this complaint correctly, You had something sold to you in 2007 and tried to exchange in 2009? I'm sorry but no such store honors policies like that. I am not an employee but worked for many stores in the past. I understand you were given the wrong product initially, but why did you not take care of it within the first 30 days back in 2007?? And if I understood correctly, you left the old unopened package on the shelf and proceeded to take the one you needed after you were told it wasn't going to be exchaged - That's theft, It doesnt matter how right you think you are and thats probably why you were asked to sign a statement that you will not enter another best buy. It was an 11.99 item and if you didn't take care of it within the alloted return/exhange policy, then there was nothing more they could do for you. I don't think that 11.99 ink was worth the police trouble and embaressment.

    And if you were sexually harassed, thats a completely different story and as the person before me said, that should have been brought to the attention immediately.

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  • Da
    Darien Red Sox Sep 16, 2009

    If I were you I would take Best Buy to civil court fore Abuse. The PD when they were there should have arrested the security guard for sexual abuse for the things he said to you. Many of these big chain stores don't care about there customers and that's why they end up going out of business like Circuit City. Instead of stealing the items you should have just filed suet in small clams court to get your $11 back and watched the judge on one of those Court TV shows rip BB apart.

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  • Da
    David Jun 12, 2009

    sorry sir learn mamaner first, he is right if it was ovr a year its ok you could have said to him nicely nor listen to his problem. you dint even ask his side of opinion and just jump into conclution..

    the girls do they even fit to be in customer service position.. just because of managers lie you only all th egood workers get bad names too..

    me personally i had worked with bestbuy for 3 years its been always my part-time job.. i rellay love helping customer.. until last year i got a manager liek you he force me sell product servic eplan to every customer even if i spend hrs with customers and if they said No repeatedly i have to convice them to by it even through discount..

    i am person i dont like forcing customers i will tell them if they think they want it they will get.. so me and manager got into argument about it.. knwoing that manager i know he gonna fir eme so i end up walking out of bestbuy..

    your district manager has to do ramdom unannounce checks..

    0 Votes
  • Go
    gomakemeasandwich Jun 04, 2009

    Good God, learn English.

    And from what little I read of your post, you're probably the only person pissed at Best Buy that actually doesn't have a legitimate complaint, which is a difficult feat to accomplish.

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  • So
    SONJA Jun 01, 2009

    From Sonja:
    This is reply to ABCD who posted comments which I believe is BB young manager replied on my complaint.

    Regardless of exchange policy there is customer service to override policy in case that customer were given wrong product number buy Best Buy employees. It is not customer fault.
    To me does not look like stealing for anything that someone has paid for. In another words when customer pays for product that is not consider stealing for I have paid for my product I come to buy.

    Explains the simple thing that you (call it “Cust Serv manager“) had in your hand and were holding product that I paid for while I wanted to take another one what supposed to be right product, that I paid for, at the same price. I left to you -gave you unopened package paid from me already - for the one that I supposed to get at first place, at the same cost. I took nothing that I did not pay for. Product belonged to me for I paid for. In addition, you are the one who gave me wrong anyway. I did not take both, I paid for one and I took one and the one you retain in your hand that was wrong for my printer I gave you and left to you. Therefore, there was no any extra value that I wanted to take with me. Equal fair swipe - exchange I was entitled to. Then you got angry for it. You caused situation with your “customer service skills”. “Skills” for challenging customers and rudely mistreating them for them own money that they trusted you at first.

    In smart business would be: Just give her exchange and apology.

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  • Ab
    abcd May 27, 2009

    You are retarted. You tried to return something outside of the return policy and then just decided to steal when you didn't get your way. Learn how to spell/speak.

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