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When I purchased the computer, purchased the warranties for soft ware, hardware. I renewed during the 30 day grace time, and almost immediately 2 of the USB ports stopped working. Took it to Geek Squad who informed me I didn't renew the warranty for the hard ware (Black tie), and gave me the number to call. I called, placed on hold while 'Jamie" searched several times and finally told me they "chose not to renew the warranty for the Black Tie" therefore I would have to pay. Why did they not renew, or tell me they weren't? Asking innocently, did they know the ports were about to go-after a year-and therefore saving them costs?


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    th!sman Jun 03, 2016

    It's not uncommon. That is the going policy of most stores. Take the credit - sell it discounted or make sure it has no expiry. You can even have a friend give you cash after the use it. Yeah an inconevenience but ...

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    Jane1678 Jun 03, 2016

    Where to begin!! Best Buy has lost yet another consumer and I will be sure to tell my friends and family all about my return experience, advising them NOT to shop there. Store has horrible refund policy. I bought a tv stand and returned it 34 days late. Their policy is 30 days tops. I can understand the policy being a shorter time period on electronics but furniture? Come on! When I called to be sure that I could return the product I was on hold for 15 mins before getting some one to help me. I was then told they would go ahead and let me return the product, even with it being 4 days past the warranty period. I loaded tv stand and headed off to the store. Got to the store told them that I was told I could return the product but I have learned the hard way there was a catch. They would not refund the money on my credit card. One rep told me that it was because it was a online order they wont credit my credit card. I was ticked off told them I wanted a manager. Manager comes over and says we are already letting you return this item over the warranty period we cant refund the money on your card. You can have the store credit ONLY.. I explained to the manager I was told over the phone could return it, nothing was mentioned I would have to exchange or get a credit . If I would have known I had to deal with all the trouble of being placed on hold, returning a heavy stand and then getting lied too. I would have just kept the product and sold it on craigslist. The furniture was of good quality but it just didn't work with in my my living room . I argued with them then they told me they would leave my complaint with corporate and that I will have to call back the following day for the out come - since corporate was gone for the day (how nice) . I have a feeling I am going to end up with this store credit of 370.00 bucks. I have seen all the posts and I know I will be stuck with having to buy something from them. So not happy

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