SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews — they should have more real profiles taking in account their high prices!

In fact, anti-scam policy is better even on despite the lower prices, apparently the majority of their women are real, they don't refuse to talk to you on free... — total joke, chat is not what it seems on this site!!

Is this site for real??!!! How is it that you can have a conversation, and get abused by individuals!! It chat of this site? How is this possible? All profiles are of different...

Online Dating Services  · Sep 13, 2019 — no one should tell me what I may chat with girls about! you have lost me as your client.

I had fun naughty chats with 3 girls, the next day I couldn't find any of these ladies' profiles. The answer from the site was: they were removed for improper behaviour (sexual... — no more email?!?

634597 I don’t know why but I keep getting these emails about, like, “we have some woman for you” is there a way I can stop receiving these emails, I get them like everyday and I don’t... — Fake people

I want to warn anyone! Don't use this website! This whole business is just a scam to take your money. There are beautiful women on Dream-Marriage, and I have conversed with many... — Fake!

Don't use this site. You wont find true love here, they need only your money. There are many beautiful girls here, but they all are fake. Well, these women are real, but chatting... — The website stopped to work, but they continued to take membership fee

I became a member of the website, and they took membership fee from me each month, but recently this websites stopped to work and no one warned me... — People, be warned

I registered on the website I paid for my membership on the website for a year. It was mentioned that the membership fee was $50 per year. Only later I... — refuses to delete the profile of the MARRIED dating scammer

I reported a MARRIED dating scammer to and they refused not only to delete her profile, but even to investigate her, pressing me hard to release a source of my... — I would never use them as they are to well know for the scams they pull

I would never use them as they are to well know for the scams they pull as is proven from other posts by reveiwers, I also found when researching site to deal with russian bride...

Dream Marriage — women are being paid to chat with men

Hello to all the men out there! I have been on this site for two and a half years. I have been to the Ukraine 3 times now and met ten women from dream marriage .com. Did you know...

Dream Marriage Agency — Scam Site

This is a total scam site. How can so many beautiful women be on this site with hardly any average looking ladies? They say they have jobs, but are always online on this site... — 3-Day Trial

Even though they say 3-Day trial, you better know when its the last day because you should cancel before the end of trial period, its mainly Ukraine girls or Russian Girls, one...

Dream Marriage — Fraud

We recently recieved a letter by Ficka & Associantes regarding an outstanding balance from some company named Dream Marriage Global, Inc. Neither do we know who or what this i... — Total scam

This company pretends to represent mail order russian brides. They charge u hundreds of dollars to even get the actual email to any of the ladies. My friend spent thousands to...