Bell email services abroad

I am in France now and trying to get my email as i usually do when log in with my wifi at my apartment in France. No way to get e mails for many days now. I tried your on line services and the issue was beyond their ability. So they file a request to the tech dept. I was called later on today to tell me that Bell new protocol is NOT to allow access when abroad except when roaming and on web mail. I tried roaming for emergency reason but i do not like to use roaming because it is expensive and i have my private and secure internet connection at home in France. I have been using to access my emails for 7 years at least so why the sudden change? Also, i am very disappointed to find out after three sessions of chating on MyBell and many time wasted to find out this. Bell never announced this to me to inform me and now i will be 3 weeks abroad without accessing my emails. Very disappointed and angry with this situation. Hope you can understand my frustration and looking fwd to your positive response. Tks. Nabil Arbache [protected], [protected]

Oct 07, 2019

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