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R Sep 04, 2018

This problem has been ongoing for a year. Every time I use the internet it is either slow (extremely slow) or not working. I have had several technicians to the house. They have identified the problem to be the line between the Bell station and the neigh hood in which I live. They have checked the house numerous times and each time, they conclude the same thing, nothing is wrong or non functional, nothing in the house is contributing to the lack of service or slow service.
I pay internet service for speeds up to 5.0 MBSP. However, the speeds I have are typically less than 10% of what I should be getting, (around 0.2 MBPS to 0.4 MBPS). They have acknowledged that because of the line degradation, I will never get 5.0 MBPS. Because of the line issues, they have turned down the speed to at most get 2.2 MBPS. When they fix the problem, I will get fleeting moments of speeds up to 2.0 MBPS. But the next day, it is back to 0.2 MBPS. I have copies and records of the issues from almost a year.
I have been very patient with Bell, and have been very understanding with their situation. But they have never tried to resolve the problem.
I am wits end, and unless Bell will take concrete steps to resolve this, I will take this matter through other channels.
If you could help, I'd greatly appreciate your assistance.
Thank you,
Robert Andrews

  • Updated by Robert_Andrews · Sep 05, 2018

    Since this last writing, Bell Canada called to inquire further, they again confirmed line degradation. And they said "Engineering will not fix the problem. It is not worth it to them." I called the billing department and asked them why I am paying for service up to 5.0 MBPS when I am only receiving 10% of this? I can understand paying for full service if the speed was 75-80 % of what they advertise, but 10%? They put me on hold and then 3 minutes later, disconnected the call. It is time for Plan B. Any good lawyers out there?

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